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  1. No absolutely not! The power is great compared to my 01! It just kinda blindsided me cause I wasn't aware of how different the C&C's were compared to a normal 3500. It's got a crappy tune on it so I am getting EFI live soon but I need to find the serial and other numbers on the ECM for my tuner since I guess C&C's are a little different to tune. Do you happen to know where they would be?
  2. So I recently bought a 2011 C&C truck not knowing that there was quite a bit different between a C&C and a normal 3500. I knew they had things such as longer frames and the aux switches and stuff but I wasn't aware they are actually detuned compared to the normal trucks along with a different transmission, the Aisin 68rc. Does anyone know anything about these transmissions? Can you tune them like a 68rfe or are the more like the 69 and tune themselves? Can they hold any power, as I am getting EFI live (not very hot of course just to wake it up from its stock 305hp) and don'
  3. Perfect, no play, free spinning. It's a sealed unit so it's all there still.
  4. I have not but I plan on draining it. It's a pretty good amount of rotation in that clutch...
  5. Ok well that would make sense. Every day to work, there's a decent bump in the road that is always hit and about 50% of the time it'd cause my transmission to pop out of 4th gear. Does that mean full rebuild?? Yeah I was talking to a buddy that had one, he has a 2wd one he wants $2500 for.... No idea how much it'd be to make it a 4wd, but he said the same thing about how pricey they are to rebuild, but this one is rebuilt....
  6. Well, @dripley @NIsaacs @IBMobile, we pulled the tranny out today and lemme tell you, the bearing was making some noise, but that wasnt the problem I don't think..... My input shaft has a pretty healthy amount of up and down play and has ruined my center shaft (lack of a better word) of my clutch..... Seeming how I can spin that center piece about 2-3 inches and it wiggles around. Other than that everything looks healthy! So heres the next questions: -I have a connection to get a good NV5600, will that bolt up to my transfer case with no problems, and can I use the same shift
  7. So NAPA sells SFK correct? When I look up clutch relief bearing it comes up with 2, a $130 one, and a $106 one. Which one should I get? The Napa bearing is the $130, BRG is the $106 one, and that's all I'm seeing...
  8. There we go that's the name, Aetna! So should I be ok with a National Bearing or go with SKF? Is SKF the company you're referring to that had some issues?
  9. What would you recommend then? I was just gonna try whatever oriellys had, being it's a $57 bearing, figured it was pretty stout.
  10. I've had that too. I caught it today so I'm hoping all is good.... It was something with an E? I've never heard of them before. Figured I'd go with a National Bearing Company throw out bearing.
  11. Yeah the guy even told me they bought them in bulk, and spin and feel every single one, which I find hard to believe but oh well....
  12. Just got off the phone with them, yeah they aren't gonna do anything. Basically just said woops sorry.... Amazing.
  13. I plan on calling South Bend and seeing what's up, granted by now it's out of warranty, it's still highly annoying that a premature failure has occured although I was driving it wrong. I'll definitely be checking it!
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