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  1. How much is that set from Cummins directly? I might go ahead and get that if it's a good deal.
  2. Alrighty, sounds good! Thanks guys!
  3. Sweet! Your help is very much appreciated sir! I'll definitely post some pics after its done and during the process!
  4. So just dip a finger in it and get it somewhat wet is the goal?
  5. Locktite or anything?? Would just dipping all of the bolt beside the top of the head of the bolt work? Or just use a finger?
  6. Thank you sir!! This is personally my first time doing anything big to an engine, outside of injectors and the little things.
  7. Will I short out and not do a quality job if I reuse them if they're in spec? I'm just worried about blowing the head gasket and having to do this all over. Also I have a Central Power dealer I believe about 45min. away from me so I might hit them up. Well, I'll have to ask my brother since it'll eventually be his truck and see what he wants in the end.
  8. Aren't studs like $600? Its not going to be high horsepower by any means.
  9. Very helpful thank you! Where can I get one of these gauges??
  10. How much does surfacing cost and how long does it take??
  11. Does it need to be surfaced and if so where can I get that done at??
  12. Oh ok, do you know where to find upgraded ones or new ones??
  13. After coming up with different ideas on how to put this 02 motor in my new-to-me 99, I somehow stumbled into an extremely good deal on a 99 motor with 293k. Guy that still owns it (as of 7/11 I have not picked it up yet) took the head off to check the cylinders to make it his race truck, but decided to do something else. Moral of the story is it needs a new gasket and I am wondering how many times you can reuse the bolts, can I save some money and reuse them? Or is it better to just go buy some ARP or upgraded bolts. Anything helps, thanks!! TL;DR: How many times can I use the stock head bolts because I'm cheap.
  14. TheGreatWhite

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    Not mine- but my uncles and its for sale. 1999 Sport with 207k. Has a potentially built auto (judging by the rest of the truck), 3pc DPS Man., AMS Oil Relocation, this it was a FASS since it was noisy as hell when I turned the key on, AFE Cold Air, BANKS High Ram, Non-wastegated Hx35, Electric Fans, Heat wrapped piping (kinda ghetto in some areas), 4" Straight Piped, Perfect interior, Sunroof, Full set of banks gauges, woodgrain dash? Kinda looks homemade. Truck has little to no rust. Should I trade my 03 silverado for it?? What do you think @Mopar1973Man
  15. TheGreatWhite

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    Work Trok. Had to build a gate for my grandpa so I had to rig out the old girl for a couple days. Ended up busting my fuel cap off sadly. I love this picture but also hate it cause the dent looks huge in the fender.