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  1. -Valves were done, obviously I can do it again. -Injection pump is not even 5 months old -Wheels soon freely, even replaced the read ebrake cable in February and if anything the tires are too aired up. I'm down to thinking it's injectors or my flatbed since it seems it would cause a lot of drag, but not as much as I'm seeing.
  2. Set valve lash a year ago, and it wasn't that much off when I did... 800, like Mike said. I probably should have specified, 12% load at idle with a/c on.
  3. Well I figured it was the injection pump since it sat open in a shop for at least 6 years, but I bought a brand new pump and nothing changed. Has to be injectors, which I put in in Feb 2018. 6-9% at 800. A/C on I've seen it up to 12 at idle.
  4. Yeah see that's why I've been scratching my head. I used to get 18-19mpg with my smarty and my 100s and then it started dropping and got to 16 and then I got the quad and it dropped all the way down to 14-15mpg and I kid you not no matter what I do tune wise nothing changes.... Could be injectors, but I'm not sure. Once warm it kinda has a catch in the idle, it's not bad, but still a catch.
  5. Gotcha, thank you gentlemen! I'm at work so I'll toy with it at work. I know I bumped it up but I didn't want to bump it up too much before consulting with the experts!
  6. I've got my current tune on 2 and I'm staying in that 20% with it creeping up towards 30% sometimes so we'll see how this tank does and I'll go from there. Where would you recommend me start on the timing? 14*?
  7. It can get up there, keep in mind I'm pulling constant grades, and it's a dually with a flatbed that hangs off about 8in both sides...
  8. If I went up in injectors would it be wise to do so with a turbo as well?
  9. See I've just got stock pop pressure, and now that I have a new job, should I maybe bump up to 150s and a higher pop? I've still got stock head bolts and all, haven't done much to the motor but I definitely want a bigger turbo. As well as my oil temp is ~4* cooler than coolant temp it seems.
  10. I've tried just simply googling it and it'll just pop up pigtails but of course like every manufacturer they have to have their own proprietary clip for every sensor, and my local salvage yard hasn't gotten a 2G in for awhile (which is good, but bad in this case )
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