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  1. Sure will give you a little whiplash if your turbos spooling hard! Mine happened at 15psi I could only imagine at 60psi!
  2. I had one blow on my after I swapped my cracked 53 block. I had a bad clamp and I knew it but I thought if it came off it'll be fine, and sure enough I blew it off twice and oh my Lord it scared the crap out of me, thought I blew something up and honestly was about to cry cause I was blowing so much smoke and I thought I ruined my week old motor!
  3. Probably best, St Louis is not a good city.
  4. Oh I'm talking Okie-ville, Kansas, and Missouri. Oh boy is it bad...
  5. You obviously haven't spent much time.in the Midwest... That's nothing.
  6. Gorgeous truck!!!! Don't worry about the tip! Suck it back up in there and it'll look fine! I have 2 will be 3 trucks with 10in tips. Here's a good pic of my head in one of them
  7. TheGreatWhite


  8. They're that way in Norway as well?! My rear end likes to party as well, but instead of lights, the axle doesn't stay put and likes to bounce around a lot (bad axle wrap). Traction Bars made out of tractor third links loading....
  9. $17k CAD is roughly $15k USD and your truck is incredibly nice and very low miles so no, not bad at all! Especially since the front end is taken care of now!
  10. Gotta admit, I did that the first time on my oil pan and it even leaks, so that's getting fixed at some point. Like I said, you live and learn!
  11. Here in Kansas $17k will get you a clapped to hell 2nd Gen and maybe a compound set that's incredibly sluggish cause everyone is a certified YouTube mechanic and, "knows what they got."
  12. Both the motors I built I haven't used anything with the plenum gasket and the intake/grid heater gaskets and they seem to be doing fine? My gaskets have held up to 29psi so hey I'm doing something right. My tappet leaks a smidge too but once I get money I'll probably get a Keeting Machining Tappet
  13. Haven't done one before but if it's a paper gasket I'll try that Permatex spray stuff, seems to work extremely well from my oil pan experience
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