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  1. So was your rear sensor not showing any signs of being bad besides the buzzing? Like was your tach working and everything?. The only problem I can see with mine is the clip for the plug is broke and that's it.
  2. Would it be possible to take the module off and still drive the truck? Or should I yank the one off my 2000 that's also broke and send it to them and swap them when I get it back?
  3. Sweet thank you sir! Are they still open with all this happening?
  4. Thank you! Appreciate the help and knowledge!
  5. Why have an "abs" option then? Not saying you're wrong it's just strange! Could the constant humming be a bad module? I've read that could be the case.
  6. So when I bought my 01 3 years ago it came with the ABS and Brake light on and although we figured out the brake light being the entire pedal assembly was bad, we never could figure out why the abs light was on and why the module would buzz when plugged in. Fast forward last may doing axle shafts, find out the passenger side hub sensor had been cut somehow, so we replaced that and tried to plug it back on with a buzz still occuring whether the truck is on or off. I gave up on it as I had more pressing things to fix on it. Well quarantine has got me itching to fix something so I figured I'd dive in, and plugged it in and busted out our Bosch scan tool from oriellys, and all I get is "not detected" instead of "no codes". Would this be a bad module? I can't find anything else abs wise that is bad, all the wires are still connected where they're supposed to be. The rear speed sensor male plug's clip is broke but it stays in the sensor and I have a speedo so I don't think that is the problem. If anyone's got any ideas let me know! Thanks! TL;DR Scan tool yields "not detected" for abs codes yet light is on and module is buzzing constantly whether truck is on or off.
  7. Might be stepping up injectors, as when I turned in my old injection pump on a core, it was insanely rusty, and upon pulling the filters after 12k miles, there was a healthy amount of rust in the water filter. So that begs the question, are my injectors shot if my pump was rusty? What do you think @Mopar1973Man?
  8. I ended up throwing on the hx lying around, but I have ran into some other problems..... What originally went from a VP swap and tappet reseal turned into a full blown reseal job, and had everything off that needed sealed, now the truck won't get out of second, and something's eating the belt . Only thing in the belt drive we changed was the tensioner pulley and we threw on off a 97 12v cause my wheel was a little stiff. VP is an old VP that was off my old motor that was new when we got the truck (53 block problems) and the old one showed signs of giving up, now I have no idea what's going on. Throwing some codes last I check, 0500 and 1693.
  9. Staying with .009. Haven't thought of stepping up outside of after I ppump/ compound it.
  10. So I found out my 2001's turbo is full of oil and not very happy so here's two options: I have a replacement hx35 to throw on Or A Smeding 62/64/14 I can throw on it. Truck has 100hp sticks, a Quadzilla, Airdog 150. What would your guy's recommendation be?
  11. Guess I had a brain fart, I meant to include I was going to buy it off rock Auto cause it was cheaper, I don't know why I missed that info....
  12. I was gonna order one off rock Auto cause there seems to be like 4 different sizes. Didn't know if someone had the size offhand or anything.
  13. Anyone know the size of the rear passenger ebrake cable for drum brakes is? I'd take it off and measure it but seeing how this truck is my daily I can't really take it off and measure it or I'll be without. Anything helps, thanks!
  14. It's not like I'm dumping fuel or anything. It's actually pretty hard to get it to smoke. It actually kinda blows a faint light haze at idle. Nothing drastic though.
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