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  1. I completely agree, seems redundant, unless the MM3 is modifying the Juice's tunes, but I do not know enough about the setup to say for sure what it does.
  2. I follow Lees Diesel on IG and he's got the MM3 stack on his 01 and absolutely loves it.
  3. Well good news boys! It seems that it shut off due to a loose ground wire. So I reattached it and tightened her down and everything is all minty now! Did a little rewiring like Mike recommended and we're all good! Thanks for the help boys! I will do some digging into the ground wire mod, as well as some new batteries because upon further inspection, they're from November of '15! They hold 12.3v a piece at startup. We'll try and run them for now until my 6.7 rebuild is done, but new batteries are in order. Thanks a ton fellas!
  4. Wish I knew more about electrical engineering to know what I was doing.... Lol
  5. I'll probably end up getting one of those tools, do they read milliamps too?
  6. I mean it was only $65 and it was out of the box so honestly I have no idea if it's from china or not.
  7. Would an LED light bar draw too much and cause this? I use it frequently in the morning on my way to work after I hit a deer 2 months ago....
  8. So with it routed like that, can I jump my truck without disconnecting my module or should I still do that anyways?
  9. I'm talking like your power wire from your quad to your battery. Did you use the factory loop or do you have something else?
  10. I need to see if we even have those kinda shops around here anymore... I guess next question, how do you have your power wire to your battery? Just the loop that goes on the clamp for the battery post?
  11. Has a brand new alternator that's 6 months old, and I did have to jump it the other day but I did unplug it till I got it started. Truck always sits at 14v+ at startup and while running so alternator and batteries are fine in my eyes. I'll check AC noise after work.
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