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  1. TheGreatWhite

    CA "Camp Fire"

    You guys have probably heard about that super train that California is funding that's horribly over budget right? Is it a coincidence to anyone else that the fire started near, and by now has traveled through, land that the program was trying to buy for this train yet the people there didn't want to sell? What are the odds of a fire just convieniently wiping that area out completely? I saw this idea running around on the internet but you know what they say about believing stuff you see on the internet. Just some food for thought!
  2. So last week my clutch went out and so I bought a new clutch for the truck (Southbend Single Disk Feramic clutch if anyone is wondering) and I threw everything onto the truck up until reinstallilng the transmission itself. Just got done packing the throwout bearing and input shaft (high temp wheel bearing grease) and I realized the clutch is in the truck and everything already and I don't want to take it out again to get greases in the splines since I was told there needs to be grease in the splines of the input shaft and to use the clutch to spread it in the splines and I assume get some in the splines of the clutch as well. Make sense? I hope it does because my question is do I need to lube the splines of the clutch when reinstalling the transmission if I lube up the input shaft good enough? Anything helps, thanks! TL;DR: Do I need to lube the clutch splines at all or will it work just to throw some grease on the input shaft and install the transmission?
  3. TheGreatWhite

    Banks Monster Ram with Ppump 24v

    Yeah might need to get a 12v one I agree. I'm in the process of accumulating the parts to do the swap myself and I'd like to possibly get a new intake while I'm at it and I was wondering, could you possibly buy a twin ram intake like a lot of guys run on a 12v? Or are the lines not set in that configuration?
  4. TheGreatWhite

    Screeching Noise From Rear of Truck

    Ill have to do that test at some point! Mines only a year old. Definitely in the playbook to buy that dana 70 disk conversion, I watched our buddy replace mine last year and honestly I couldn't replace them. Its overly complicated in my opinion. Might have to pop the drum off while cleaning my tires just to check.
  5. TheGreatWhite

    Screeching Noise From Rear of Truck

    What could it be though? That is the question.... I can get it to do it for a split second going forward, but going back seems to be more consistent. I did my drums last year and there was something wrong with my park brake in that I do not remember.... The lines themselves are brand new but something was wrong with the drivers side that I do not remember.
  6. TheGreatWhite

    Screeching Noise From Rear of Truck

    Well of course when my dad gets here and I try and recreate it to show him and get his opinion it doesn't happen.... Could it be something in my drum brakes??
  7. TheGreatWhite

    Screeching Noise From Rear of Truck

    Like ujoint in the driveshaft or on the axle.
  8. Noticed today that I have an almost screeching sound coming from the back of my truck, but the weird thing is it only does it consistently when I back up, only rarely when I go forward and it doesn't do it but for a split second. I notice though when reversing, it only does it under a load. Like if I am in the process of fully engaging the clutch, or when I'm in reverse and using the gas to go faster backwards, BUT if I hit the clutch while doing any of these it seems to stop, even if I'm still moving. I thought it was the pilot bearing but I jumped out to check and see if it was warm and it wasn't warm at all. I'm stumped here and its a horrific sound and I'd like to get to the bottom of it before I break something on the way to school one day. Anything helps as always, thanks!
  9. Hell like I said earlier, I was using a bit of heavy duty 10w-30 due to a slight oil leak (stupid I know, I didn't realized it till it was all gone ) bit as far as I can tell its still running the same and running great! It might be time for people to take a step back and question these types of things.... Don't you think?
  10. Couldn't have said it better my friend.... Dads 95 went 300k+ miles with my dad on Walmart and Oriellys oil from the day he bought it, and there was never any metal on the drain plug and he changed it religiously at 10k. Now on his 03 he is using the same oil BUT running now at 30k on an oil change, and we are the firm believer that the longer the change the better the mileage. Before the custom tuning he has now (which I wont go into, I've blabbed about it enough) with a smarty was getting 22mpg, and the last time he changed his oil, right after we did it (btw still no metal on the plug or anything) he started getting ~18mpg out of the truck. Call us crazy but theres definitely a connection between weight and how long its been on a change.
  11. I'm 15k on oriellys 10w-30 for heavy duty tractors, and a fleetguard filter and I'm getting pretty decent mileage going 70mph everyday from school and home, which is around 80 miles.
  12. My dads friend with an 04.5 is experiencing his blower not working anymore. The way he described it to me was it used to work when he would go and start the truck up, but after you start it it would stop working, and now it doesn't work at all. He said this all started after he replaced the thermostat, but I doubt that has anything to do with it. I will not that he did replace his resistor about a month or 2 ago so that is not the problem. Any help is appreciated because we are all in the dark. Thanks!
  13. TheGreatWhite

    3rd Gen Leveling Kit on 2nd Gen?

    Alright will do! If I need a new set of control arms, it'll give me an excuse to make a really cool pair of them too.
  14. TheGreatWhite

    3rd Gen Leveling Kit on 2nd Gen?

    You're right! Just like with my trac bar with my 99! The stock one was broke after we got it and it has a 3in. lift on it and the guy wised up and bought an adjustable one for it. My girlfriends cousin put a 3in. level on his Ford and broke his trac bar and put major stress on his axle and now its in the shop for some major repairs due to him not knowing what is going on.
  15. TheGreatWhite

    3rd Gen Leveling Kit on 2nd Gen?

    Yes you are very much correct! Coils are the plan in the near future right after I make some traction bars because my axle wrap is horrendous.