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  1. Thanks Hag. I'm not seeing anything odd with the sensors so I feel pretty good about those. I'm trying to understand the dynamics of why my truck will start immediately, run for a second or two, then die like the fuel was shut off. Just seems odd for a no fuel to injectors situation. When I had an air leak, you would crank for 7 sec then start. This feels very different. I'm going to do the clear fuel line trick when it warms up this weekend.
  2. Thanks guys, I don't run an electric pump with the Fuel Boss so bumping the starter doesn't help. But the stand alone mechanical pump has been fine for several months. I tried the block heater with no difference. However my garage stays about 48-50 degrees. My VP may be original. I bought the truck with 140k so I don't know the history before that (however the old man I bought it from said it was original). But I've always suspected a short VP life after finding rust in the banjo connections on the pump when I first bought it. Truck must have set for while. The "start then die 3 times" thing has got me kinda puzzled. When I had the suction side leak, you would have to crank for 5 or 10 sec and then it would start. Very different from what I'm experiencing now. I'm going to do the clear fuel line trick and see how that goes
  3. Appreciate the advice! I've read the Blue Chip guide several times and I've done most of the checks. Several months ago I had a siphon/hard start problem from inj. and crossover tube O-rings, but this acts differently.
  4. Grids have been disconnected. Truck is garaged so cold temp isn't an issue. WTS light operates normal. AC noise in check with new diodes a year ago.
  5. Thanks Dave, I've read their page several times. Other than making sure the tank connections are healthy, maybe doing the clear fuel line between the filter and VP would help give insight. The truck has 166k on it, VP is original. I've wondered if the VP has an internal air leak?
  6. I have a suspicion I may have VP problems. But no codes with a good scanner. I know these pumps can be tricky. Truck starts immediately and quits after a second. Try and start 2nd time - does the same thing. 3rd try, finally starts and stay started but runs rough for a 7 seconds then clears up, runs fine. Drivability is normal . Point nose down hill - no improvement. I installed a Fuel Boss about 500mi ago and it has been great. Cleaned pressure valve in pressure line (included w/Fuel Boss plumbing). New crossover tube O-rings and injectors 1500mi ago. New return T O-rings, new banjo washers. Triple checked pressure and return line for leaks. The only thing I haven't done is lift the bed, check draw straw V and connections at the tank. I have several tunes downloaded for the Quad. There are some that the Quad doesn't like (surging, VP gets noisy then quiet). I thought that was kinda strange that the truck didn't like those. However some tunes work fine. Anyway, this is my dilemma. Anyone have the same experiences?
  7. I never considered Summit for a pulley. Good find! Would be nice to have, just in case.
  8. What's the procedure ? I'm guessing just pull the bottom pulley and pump mounting bolts. Then tilt the pump down to get the drill chuck on the shaft? Do you need a 3/8" or 1/2" drill? Spin clockwise? Or do they make a pulley you can put on a drill and use the belt to prime?
  9. I feel your pain on this style drain plug. Probably the worse design I've ran across. The only thing worse is to not have a drain plug in your radiator . Maybe.
  10. Thanks for the update! I'm getting ready to order some myself.
  11. Bled the pressure line at the sending unit. Pressure takes a second to build now. Everyone, thanks for your help on this.
  12. Spoke with DAP this morning. They doubt balance was effected but asked to have it shipped back. I'm fine with that. They have been very helpful so far.
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