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  1. What do you guys think? Does one have an advantage over the other?
  2. For my driving style, this may be the ultimate tune for my setup. I feel like I have the best of both worlds. Power and economy. The truck has more than enough power for a daily driver. And I'm very anxious to check mileage on my next trip. And thanks for the turbo recommendation. Do you know of a turnkey kit available out there? I'd like to make the swap as painless as possible. The HY needs to go. It now holds prime just fine. Perhaps the injector 0-rings were the problem. They were very flat, therefore the old injectors had no resistance when removing them from the head.
  3. Update: Injector shop built me some 150hp's. New BD nozzles (has 8 holes). Popped at 320. So new sticks, O-rings, O-rings for cross over tubes. Downloaded Moparmans Economy Tune. I haven't driven it much but I'm super impressed. Lower EGT's than my 100hp's. Quieter, smoother idle. I parked it nose uphill and I'll check it this evening to see if I've fixed the lost prime issue. However I am hopeful! Now, I've got to upgrade this HY35. Suggestions?
  4. Fuel Injection shop says my injectors are very worn. They pop under 230 bar, terrible spray patterns. Also remarked how flat the O-rings were. There was no resistance when I pulled them out. These are the DAP 100hp VCO aftermarkets. Have less than 20k on them. I'm shocked they wore out that quickly. All that said, can worn injectors and O-rings cause loosing prime?
  5. You know, I wondered about something failing in the pump causing it to loose prime. I just checked the cross over tube O-rings and feel like they are fine. So the pump seal could be suspect.
  6. Thanks for the help/suggestions guys! Close friend manages the local diesel turbo/injection shop and I'm sure he'll have what I need. Going to drop off my injectors to have them pop tested and evened out. Might as well since I'll have things apart.
  7. I've got maybe 20k on mine. Replaced the CT O-rings at the same time I dropped in DAP 100hp injectors.
  8. Thanks dripley. I'm also curious if "spirited" driving increases pressure on these and can cause failure?
  9. Any way to test the cross over tube O-rings, short of pulling the tubes?
  10. I've been loosing prime lately. * Park nose downhill, starts fine - uphill, hard to start * Pressurized the return lines from tank filler neck, no fuel leaks visible (did hear a hiss from the top of fuel module - guessing take vent) * Checked all inbound and return connections, everything is dry (replaced sealing rings/grommets for banjo fitting in back of head and tee 10 months ago) * Oil level is fine So at this point I feel like all external fuel lines/connections are sound. I drive like an old man most of the time. However the other night, I turned the quad up a little and got on it for a few seconds. The next couple of days I notice the hard start issue. Questions: * Would getting on the throttle blow out a crossover tube or injector O-ring? * Can you have a faulty O-ring and not get fuel mixing with motor oil?
  11. Has anyone cryo'd their input shaft? I'm sure this is a cheaper alternative to billet but someone mentioned it and I'm curious.
  12. Just a quick tack with the wire feed welder, no need for gloves. I'm always adding metal to my wedding band.
  13. These are all great suggestions Mucho thanks!
  14. I know there's a universe of 6x9's out there but it looks like the speaker depth needs to stay around 2-3/4" or less. I'm not seeing too many of those.
  15. I was wondering what everyone has been using for 6x9 front door replacement speakers? I have a 2001 with OEM stereo (not Infinity). Not looking for anything fancy.
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