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  1. Has anyone cryo'd their input shaft? I'm sure this is a cheaper alternative to billet but someone mentioned it and I'm curious.
  2. Just a quick tack with the wire feed welder, no need for gloves. I'm always adding metal to my wedding band.
  3. These are all great suggestions Mucho thanks!
  4. I know there's a universe of 6x9's out there but it looks like the speaker depth needs to stay around 2-3/4" or less. I'm not seeing too many of those.
  5. I was wondering what everyone has been using for 6x9 front door replacement speakers? I have a 2001 with OEM stereo (not Infinity). Not looking for anything fancy.
  6. I'm replacing the wheel hubs/bearings on my 2001 2wd 2500. What are the torque specs for the big nut? Thanks!
  7. Hey Mike, You hanging in there? You're still in our thoughts and prayers. As for the opposite sex, I watched my buddies go thru their relationships and divorces. Seen the toughest guys I know cry like babies when their wives cheated or left. I didn't want any part of that 3 ring circus in my life. Single was easier. The change for me is when I got involved with a local church. That's where I met my wife. I would have never found her in a bar or club (been in plenty of those). Let's say I've lived a pretty rough life. I got married at 40. GLAD I WAITED!! I'll be 60 this year and very happy. 4 kids of our own now.
  8. Mike, My family of 6 will keep you in our prayers. Wish I was closer to help. You've saved me cash and frustration over the last few years.
  9. I'm thinking the bottle jack as well. My biggest concern is a safe spot to put the pressure without deforming the pan or gasket. I do appreciate everyone's input on this! I thought about that but found some new OEM's.
  10. I'm going to replace the left and right mount with new OEM's. What is the best way? Is there a way to get a bottle jack under the motor or pan flange and do one side at a time? Or do you have to use an engine hoist and lift from the top? Any tips?
  11. The pics help. Thanks. I like the idea of 2 sending units.
  12. Thanks for the info. I see needle valves at the hardware not being too expensive. Same thing as an adjustable snubber?
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