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  1. Okay so I’m a dummy. It ended up being a bad solder on my part from w-t wire mod. Bumpy road caused ground wire to detach. On the road again!
  2. So I started my trip back to Colorado and did not Get very far. About 100 miles. And when slowing to a stop for a gas station the truck died. It will not start again. Any ideas? No codes... Also no tach on dash and no bus message
  3. Did you try erasing them and seeing if they come back? After I installed my ecm it popped up with a bunch of codes. Most of yours and then some... Cleared them and they haven’t came back and drives like new. Sounds exactly like what happened to my truck as well( stumble and died) when the ecm died. I believe not doing the W-T wire mod in time caused that for me though.
  4. Yes almost instantly. I’m assuming it had to do with my ECM since I replaced it today the code has not showed back up.
  5. https://arestechnologies.com I got it a lot sooner and cheaper then other ones I tried finding. It was about 600$. Just gave my vin and had them overnight it. They said usually 2-3 days until it ships but they had it shipped the next day.(I had ordered it at 8-9pm) shipped by 11am the next day. And I got it this morning. It Apparently has a lifetime warranty as long as you send your old one in as a core.
  6. Replaced ecm and fixed it i think. Drove about 100 miles today with no problems and took away p0237 code after quadzilla install
  7. Replaced ECM no problems so far! Also got rid of my p0237 code after my quadzilla install
  8. Got p0237 code after installing quadzilla adrenaline. All connections are good. Map sensor was replaced less then 2 months ago
  9. I’ll give them a call. All grounds are good and I’ve cleaned just about everything I can.
  10. I noticed something else unrelated maybe someone can help me with..unless it’s ecm related as well....my IAT is always in the 150s. I’ve been in Arizona for a few months and outside temp is in the 90s, sometimes 100s. But even early when it’s in the 70s outside my IAT is never under 140
  11. Replaced my in tank pump when I did the mod to it. Top had a crack and screen was very dirty. I had the same issue as you. Only after I installed my airdog. It was pulling fuel out of the in-tank pump faster then it filled.
  12. So yesterday my truck kept cutting out and having no throttle response. And no wait to start light. Does this mean ecm? No codes either. Already did w-t ground wire mod. Barely started after it died yesterday. Had to turn it over for 15-20 sec before it started back up to get me out of the middle of the road. Checking alternator today. If it is the ecm, can anyone recommend a good place? I’m looking to get one ASAP as it’s my only vehicle. I found this one from Ares Technologies, but i don’t think I know what it looks like because I thought I found it and then they gave me a part number for one 2 times as much.
  13. Didn’t have time to get it tested today. On way home today same thing happened but much worse. Lost all throttle response and shut off. Wouldn’t stay back up for a good 30 min. No wait to start light now. No codes. Finally got it started after cranking for 15 seconds I’m Thinking ecm?
  14. I will get the alternator tested. I already did the W-t ground wire mod. Trucks been running fine for a few days since I did that... until today.
  15. No codes. I don’t know my fuel pressure. I ordered a quadzilla adrenaline with a fuel pressure gauge that should be here Tuesday. I just drove 20 more miles back to work after this happened. And no problems. Kind of seems like it surged once or twice at 45-50. Really small nothing too noticeable.
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