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  1. Yes it definitely takes a lot of talent, patience and knowledge to build a good transmission. It would be nice to be able to watch a pro build one. I don’t think I’ve found any good ones of them getting put back together
  2. Found this on YouTube this morning, usually just watch his videos for fun. But today I decided to look for a 47re specific one that he did and found this! Very informative video and quick tear down
  3. So I was messing with my scanner just figuring out how to use it more, it doesn’t have check engine light. Even though I do have a speed sensor code. Anyways I did an all module scan and this showed up...(along with 3 ABS codes)....Can’t seem to find anything on it. Does anyone have any clue what it means?
  4. I think I only removed #1 from one of the sets because I couldn’t get my wrench to fit at the injection pump for number 2 without removing 1 or 4. Which is odd because the second time around I got them all off without removing any separately. Must have not tried hard enough the first time!
  5. I do not, I took them off when I did the injectors. I think I left one on each to help keep them together. Was that a bad idea?
  6. Finally found it Looks like I should have done a better job putting it back together after the injectors! Btw that’s not soapy water. That’s fuel
  7. I have not yet, but I will check out that article and do that. I was hoping it’s just the radiator since I had already ordered one from rockauto and my current one doesn't leak coolant, just whistles at me when I turn the truck off out of the crack. I had the intake horn off and changed gaskets so it could also be that I didn’t torque it down correctly. The old ones seemed more like cardboard, and the new gasket was more like aluminum coated or something, much thicker. So is it possible I have to torque a little more then spec? I was going up a small grade when it sounded like a blew a seal fr
  8. Okay so I just got done with a 20mile drive to feed my horses. After tightening the #3 fuel line at the injectors, I haven’t had any issues with rough running, idling or leaking... Man it was spraying everywhere before though. Also I think I have a pretty big boost leak. Unless my 1/16 inch radiator crack whistles with boost?
  9. So just got home. Pretty dark so I can’t see much. But fuel is everywhere! Checked all the lines and they seemed tight, before I check more tomorrow, does anyone have an idea on what could have happened or where it’s coming from? It’s wettest between 2-5 injectors. And the vp I believe the #4 line was wet but I was thinking it may have just dripped down it. Also I hear a high pitched whistle that sounds like a boost leak, but I did just find a crack in the radiator that’s whistling at me, so I guess I’m getting that tomorrow too. I did clean all my fuel lines today since I didn’t when I change
  10. .just pulled up to a light and it’s idling at about 680rpm. Even in park. Sounds like it’s missing....what did I do now ??? P0501 is the only code pulled from PCM. i also have 2 ABS DTCs It also sounds really rough while driving down road
  11. My new ones are at about 11% and 750 ..The stock old ones I had were idling at about 900rpm with 0% load at idle When I replaced them.
  12. Here’s a pic of my stock injectors at 336,000
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