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  1. Haven’t done It since I’ve owned the truck. And I’ve put over 150,000 on it. Going to do this tonight, just bought new gasket and feeler gauge. Very detailed instructions, this should be easy!
  2. Just looked it up and some guy said it doesn’t work for Cummins turbo diesels. Something about it going to the bottom even with the filter out
  3. Installed new edge Ez since my last one quit working. Now I have a problem where it goes into limp mode after too much boost I think? What’s causing this? Stuck wastegate?
  4. Okay so I’ll just use this one until I need to wash it for the first time then swap to BHAF. Would I have to buy the stock intake tube as well? I just looked it up and found one on Pure Diesel Power for 39.73$. A lot cheaper then my K&N https://puredieselpower.com/dodge-products/bhaf-replacement-high-flow-air-filter-94-02-dodge-5.9l-cummins.html#/product/3299
  5. Thanks! Never heard anything bad about S&B until now. Although my turbo looked filthy. I switched to a k&n filter in the S&B box after I cleaned the turbo and it’s stayed clean since.(about a month ago) Definitely going to be switching to the BHAF because I’m sure the K&N isn’t much if any better.
  6. Mine does, came disconnected one time and I noticed excessive oil coming from the vent tube. Couldn’t figure out why until I saw one day it was disconnected. must help in the ventilation process? I have an 01 though
  7. Any chance the ignition run fuse would cause this? I’m sure you checked fuses anyway. Just throwing out ideas
  8. Yes everything is in great shape except the driver side seat has a tear in it from wear. And the hood has a small dent the size of a quarter up towards the windshield
  9. The main reason I’m asking is I’ve had 3 people make me offers...all 3000$ Or lower. Does that seem right? Or is it too low. If that’s what i should expect I’ll just keep it as another parts truck for my new 01
  10. So I’m looking to sell my truck. I found another 01 with only 168,000 miles. So what I’m asking is how do you price a high mileage truck like this? It runs great and has no issues. 316,000 miles tho. Overhauled transmission at about 270,000 raptor 150 s&b cold air intake edge ez
  11. Thanks guys, put in a 190°. Sitting at just under 190 now. Seemed to warm up faster this morning as well. I’m happy about that
  12. About an hour drive, it’s a 2001. I have no idea what temp Thermo it is. I know I hve never seen it go over 190 unless I’m going up something steep with my horse trailer. Even then just barely. Maybe 195
  13. Okay thanks, I just wasn’t sure if that was an okay temp to be running frequently.
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