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  1. ^ this tune Me. Would it be safe to change timing to 17,20,23,28,30?
  2. Got a question, so Is brokepainters stock dd tune look like a very good tune for a mainly stock truck? I would like to know because I've read alot of how I should tune towards my stock truck and his tune is quite different than what I hypothetically came up with. Would his tune be a good base for me to try and maybe adjust if and where needed for a stock daily driver/fun ride ? Thanks
  3. Finally got the quad hooked up. I had a short somewhere in my data link wires from ecm. I cut the wires just out of the ecm and spliced the quad to that. Success! 😁. Also to note. I was misinformed on the quad data link color wires. I said (B) blue and (A) green. The CORRECT quad data link wire colors are (B)purple and (A) pink. So the correct connection is (B)yellow/blue stripe to (B) purple. And (A)yellow/green stripe to (A) pink. Thank you for your guys help.
  4. I've looked at this diagram 10 times just noticed the A,B,C 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ I feel really stupid rn. I hope that is all I need to do is swap them wires. That would be fantastic lol. Will find out tomorrow! I just hope I didnt cause any damage connecting it wrong.. Thank you for your help and pointing out the obvious Me!!! 😅
  5. Can anyone confirm if my data link wires are spliced correctly? I spliced the wire from truck wiring yellow/blue line with the solid blue wire(B) in the quad data link harness. I then spliced the other wire from truck wiring yellow/green line with the solid green wire(A) in the quad data link harness. There was also a black wire (truck wiring side) but i did not wire that to anything. On the quad harness there was a 3 prong connector labeled A,B,C. A was solid green wire. B was solid blue wire. C was no wire. Also I dont think it has anything to do with what I have done but my speedometer does not work now. I really need to try and get this all figured out. I finally got the truck back after leaving it with a body guy for a ton of body work and paint the last 10.5 months and I really want to enjoy the truck before I have to store it for winter in 2 months. Thanks for any help!
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