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  1. to warm up the tranny fluind you can set your park brake put it in neutral and that engages the tranny pump to circulate the fluid..what is nice about the edge juice with attitude is you can monitor the temp and the engine load...high idle there is a load...and the 3 cylinder indle yesterday when i was mointoring it at 34 degrees out was about 40% engine load!!!sweet huh? yeah that is nice!! the edge juice has the oftware for the high idle and the 3 cylinder idle doesn't it? i remember looking at one that had all sorts of mods as well as the idle features......i think i have another plan, i'l
  2. My truck sat for about three months before I got it rolling again, now that I have it up and runnin, my tranny intermittently decides to stop shifting through the gears, it will lock in second and not want to shift through. If I drop in neutral and then put it back in drive it seems to take care of it for at least a little while. the fluid and filter have about 3,700mi on it but the bands have never been adjusted (a auto trany guru I am not) its been in the low teens to the negative single digits and the truck has not been up to full operating temp since I got it running (I still have to put a
  3. well, i'm glad i could give you guys something to laugh about!! you guys have no sense of adventure!! at least my way could on occasion lead you on a wild chase around the neighbor hood trying to figure out where your truck ran off to..... on a more serious note, how exactly would it harm the trany? i mean we have all sat at a stop light for a few minutes, most of us probably do it several times a day so for the guys with autos how would it be any different from having the truck in drive with the parking brake applied? i sat in it for about 4 minutes this morning with it in dri
  4. Yeah, I know it isn't safe but I was just toying around with the idea and possibly thinking of making a better braking system, still in the design phase but thought it was a good idea.Great idea ISX!:ahhh:Who needs a generator???
  5. i just went out and fired up "Blue" (my truck) its about 8deg out and its gunna take a while to get her warmed up, so i was thinking, rather than a mechanical high idle mod, what if i put the engine under load? would there be a problem with simply applying the parking brake and dropping it into drive? (aside from having the vehicle running and in gear without anyone in it...... but i would be in it so that is a non issue, the only way i would consider leaving it unattended would be if there was a safer system or if i could devise a safer system other than the parking brake) seems to me it woul
  6. this is awesome guys!! great work. thats what has me hooked on this site, everyone thinks outside the box and tries new ideas, most of which may seem very unconventional but once you do a little reading, the amount of research and the knowledge of these trucks you all posses shines through. again, great work guys and keep it up!!
  7. well, this post has gone a completely different direction from where i started and i realize that, I'll do a writeup on swapping HO and SO pumps but wanted to wrap this up and let everyone know what happened with the VP pump swap......i got the HO pump installed last night, i would have posted something yesterday but i had a friend come and give me a hand, by the time we were done we were not sober enough to take it for a victory lap around the neighborhood, my wife drove us. the truck is fully functional with the high output pump, that is the ONLY thing i changed, i didn't even change the o r
  8. okay....wait a second here, i havent really looked in depth to the fixes they have on the market for the KDP, but i have read up on the damage that can result from this thing.i have read about the pin falling out and grinding through the case, this would be steel pin vs. pot metal aluminum case scenario. the second, pin falls behind the case, moving through the inner working parts of the engine tearing its way through rendering it completely unsalvagable, this would be the "oh crap, im screwed" scenario....looking at the pictures below, this solution would only keep the pin from falling fowar
  9. Michael..am i right in thinking this is the updated case..by updated i mean post KDP problem i have heard of SOME but not many people having KDP issues through 01 and i beleive i have even heard of a few 02 trucks having KDP syndrome (i have an 01 and have been procrastinating looking into fixing mine, i think i'll break down this week end and fix 'er up) i think everyone with a 2nd gen cummins has to worry about this. correct me if im wrong, but dodge tried to fix this problem by side punching the pin or pressing it in a little tighter or something, but never actually took the time to put in
  10. i did see a few complaints on swapping SO pumps to HO engines but not the other way around, the problem people were having is the SO pump wasnt pushing through their injectors (HO had a higher pop pressure due to more fuel flow, at least thats what i got from it all) and was causing the truck to idle a little rough but everyone said smooth sailing once they opened up the throttle and when they put a fuel box on and jumped the fuel supply or swaped out injectors they said the thing ran like a raped ape, no problems with using the HO IP on an SO Cummins tho.....i guess we will see, plus the litt
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