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  1. cajflynn


  2. Get a new ccv filter from amazon. Super easy fix for that.
  3. Dead pedal was a way of life with 24v. I don't remember ever seeing codes.
  4. I adjusted the valves a lot. One head gasket. Lots of leaky valves, broken exhaust manifold gaskets, injectors, and stuff like that. Nothing on the bottom end other than the tappet cover leaking. We did put the big cam in it. That was for fun and had nothing to do with the old one being bad.
  5. I was having all kinds of regents issues. Constant regenning, loss of power, no regeneration, etc... I replaced all of the sensors in the exhaust and it works 100 times better now. I had a scanner and I could see all the sensors working but I changed them anyway and it really worked out. BTW, no codes.
  6. I replaced one in my 2016 with 300k miles on it. Looking back, I should have fixed it 50k miles earlier.
  7. Don't try to blame me for wrecking the injectors I gave you. You need to put some miles on your truck if you want it to last! PSA. Don't ignore injector problems. Bad injectors ruin motors (at least three different times for me.)
  8. I like to think Delo and Fleetguard are special products.
  9. Delo on my 2nd gen. Don't care on the 4th gens.
  10. I used to test blowby by removing the oil cap and set it back down on the fill hole upside down. If the blowby was so bad the cap fell off, the motor was done. If the cap didn't blow off, I kept going and checked it regularly.
  11. Nice to meet you too. I haven't been here in a while. It's nice to see everyone still marching on. My 01 was never rebuilt.
  12. Because my 3rd gens all had injector problems. I blew quite a few motors after an injector or two got stuck open. My 4th gens have been far more reliable.
  13. That truck is a 2016 with 270k miles on it. I had a 06 and 07 that lasted about 500k each.
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