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  1. yes it is stock . but it dont act as bad as you describe . I will try to find good trans guy in my area , just want an honest opinion. would you sugest buying a rebuilt trans or having some one rebuild it, should I just replace torque converter and have trans flushed and adj or replace all of it?
  2. 2011 2500 6.7 68rfe 191000 miles my trans will shutter like i hit rumble strips on road when under heaver to moderate load , does not happen all the time. could this be torque converter clutches ? truck is stock. I checked did not hit rumble strips
  3. ok got out of 2011 2500 diesel locked the doors and walked away. looked over at truck half hour later back of cab light was on went over doors unlocked and windows are down. had key fob in pocket but did not touch any buttons on it, door locks only button on it. closed windows, manually locked doors and walked away again looked back a while later same thing again. left key fob in house has been alright sense then . any ideas whats going on?
  4. thankyou I will do this sounds like I can learn a lot about my truck
  5. I don't have any gauges just got the truck last week. was concerned about hours and miles planning a long trip don't need any problems
  6. 2011 2500 6.7 186000 miles 4900 hrs. should I be worried about the in tank fuel pump quitting on me ? what to replace it with?
  7. thanks for the information I will look into both I lost my lift and injector pumps, once already don't want it to happen again!
  8. would like to install lift pump pressure gauge on my 2000 2500 5.9 diesel, any suggestions on a gauge kit would like electric so to be able to have gauge in cab. fuel system is stock except fass lift pump.
  9. thanks for the response I will look at all those things , see what I find
  10. seal surface has a mirror finish, is there anything in the od. unit that could cause this ?
  11. fluid leaking between tcase and trans . have change seal 3 times ,cleaned surfaces, replaced with double lipped seal, still leaks yes I checked tcase seal not leaking from there. had trans rebuild after 220000 miles never leaked before rebuild. any Ideas to fix it besides sealing flanges where they mateup ?
  12. changed out vb if that means anything ! just rechecked resistance and it showed open all the time lock and unlock conditions ran up and down several times . guess I ll buy new converter ? does Mopar1973man work in a local shop?
  13. resistance read 0 all the time so I checked voltage drop, I did the alt fuse removal test with field wire pulled as will no change in lockup.
  14. OK I hooked my meter to the orange / black wire and drove the pickup several miles my meter is showing 14 volts in unlock and .18 in lockup, power go to 14 as soon as I let off throttle the converter stayed locked until I stopped and shut key off, startup it was released. putting in neutral and back in gear just killed engine, but only done this a couple of times out of about 10 lockup and stops. also check my ac voltage at alt. showed 28-30 volts
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