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  2. I've got 03 ram 5.7 alternator was burnt on the back of it. Unplugged fuses and relays voltage went down to 9.2 from 12.2 can't find the drain even unhooked alternators all the wires .help Scott
  3. Doing roadside service is getting hard and harder to do best that's why they are getting towed to shops for repair now and hold until payment is made in full
  4. Well he didnt get his money back he wanted for 2 month to contest it
  5. The driver sign the recite and I sent a email copy to him to they got up to 1year to dispute it
  6. It was all fix 3000 dollar bill customer approved it and used his credit card over the phone and then wanted square reader to take the money back .he said he didnt approve charges . But I had pics of truck at my shop pic of my sign was in pic and his name on his truck and dot number. I ask why he was ask for money back and he told square he didnt approve use of his card the only why I got information was from him and couldn't prove if the same thing was wrong and I didnt fix it he just told him he didnt approve me to use his information on charge
  7. Only codes was for regen also thing wasn't service right ccv filter plugged air filter was bad and fuel filler never been change. I've got a scan tool on a tablet from all data
  8. Came in wouldn't Regen. Checked out found code for nox sensor . So checked out replace rear on still wouldn't Regen so put old one back on rear replace front and drove still wouldn't regen so replace rear nox sensor on rear drove and it started.to regen
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