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  1. Sorry I been Mia for awhile, been busy as all hell. Truck update . She is back from frame shop , had a few kinks in front horn. Everything is lined up minus a passanger hood hinge. Front end is together minus finishing touch on my 4th gen bumper. I'm putting the body lift on before I finish the bumper. Lights are done for now. And waiting to exchange leakey gear box out for new one. Throw rims on and take it in for wheel alignment... I have still have along ways too go. But I've been real freaking busy. I'll get pics here soon I'm gonna take some 1/16 steel and do some work on that silly *** gap. It's getting painted anyway. And I'm not cutting off the corners of the bumper too move it back . I'll loose too much rigidity. It will look good after I get my hands on it lol
  2. Thotsmasher


  3. He said 3k for the truck..I dont think that's too bad for a 12 valve with 112k on the truck. Be a nice motor set too the side for a swap. Idk. Guess it comes down to how much more sh#t do I actually need.
  4. One of our drivers asked if I wanted to buy his 91 1st gen 12 valve ,2 wheel dr 112k on the truck ..what's it worth . Full power pretty clean . And he all ready did alot of maintenance on it. He has a few of them . I guess he found a 1ton dually he wants .
  5. Still need to put my 3inch body and all new body mounts on. And I think my tires will lift it just a tad bit more too. This winter will be the compound set up....maybe lol. Hell your truck is pretty tall too dude lol. I like it ,I like it alot lol Anybody else have no life and likes to troll the bone yards on the weekends lol. I did just pick up 2 more rust free fenders though for 50 bucks .🤷‍♂️
  6. 1st time she's been out in the day light in a few months...smh .
  7. Well said...but I think if I was married I dont think my wife would allow 4k worth of rims and tires as my coffee table in the living room though..😂🤣💪 Ofcourse I could put them in the garage but I what fun is that. Pmd...lol I actually have a 41 ford fire truck that would love that 6.0 come to think about it🤔
  8. In the driveway..you are a mvp lol. I bought a standard sb with a 316 just for the bed . Its mint and black . Gave 600 for running driving 4x4 sb. But a gasser. I never seen a sb ctd either!?
  9. Bullet...I've owned 6 ford 6.0s. I get them very low miles. And bulletproof them. Never once had a problem besides injectors. And that's with hot tunes ,bigger injectors turbo and ect ect towing 15k 20k at 80 90 mph for 3 or 4 states at a time. I love 6.0s best motor ford made, I have a 03 right now I use for work only. They sound amazing, pull hard and run harder. I'd like to put a built one in my 2nd gen 😏. I know that is gonna spark a fight lmfao..Just have to catch the 6.0 young like a wife and mold it. And oil changes religiously Lol. It will never let ya down. And very nice short bed dude ...hard to find the short bed 4x4 dodges .
  10. Spraying bc/cc over it yes..the liner fades after a while. It's actually funny..I travel state to state for work. And kid you not ,you have chevy girls, ford girls ,dodge girls. I call them Mud Crickets And they stick by it if your driving what they like your truck is getting you laid lol.I was in bucksport Maine for 2 years and I had my 06 P stroke ,Trust me that was a ford state lmfao. This is right on the penobscot river in bucksport. Beautiful out there.
  11. Passengers side is 90% done . Did the herculiner on rockers and a lighter coat on inside of doors . Inside of fender for further protection, yes the plastic liner is going back in .The whole bottom of truck is getting zebart after it's done. Finally started on driver side yesterday. Been real busy and lazy. This stuff is like talking to your ex gotta work yourself up to want to do it...lol. But it's getting there
  12. I had same problem.. come too find out my speakers in front doors locked up from all the moisture in my rotted out doors lol. So no more sound. New front speakers ,jb welded amps on back of new 6x9s all was well.
  13. I have a couple extra dash bezels in my closet ready for a double din lol
  14. Door is on, new rubber all the way around.. still need to line it up totally. Had to change door harness . Non Bose amp system plugs are different then mine .. and a shot of my double din install I did .
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