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  1. I will Check out the MM3 options. I live just south of Charlotte, NC. This is going to be my wife's truck for the long haul. I do not plan on trading it in. If she ever gets something new it will probably become mine. I'll admit it's hard to get back in my 2001 after riding around for a weekend on air conditioned leather seats!
  2. So I just bit the bullet and bought my wife a 2011 3500 laramie crew cab shortbed 4x4 It is bone stock with 71k miles. I want to do the DPF and egr deletes ASAP. There is so much out there for these I am overwhelmed. I want tuning that includes trans tuning for longevity. I do not want to turn up the power. What are my options?
  3. Yep the one in 3rd gen works. It's almost exactly the same.
  4. These were the lights I used : YITAMOTOR LED Light Bar 2PCS 18W... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01A6TNWHW?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share I used existing holes where the hood meets the grill to mount them. Ran wiring through the stiffener channels on the underside of the hood. Brought the wires into the existing light enclosure and soldered them to the contacts for the factory bulb. The factory switch inside the bulb housing turns them on and off. the only issue with them is clearance to close the hood. The lights have to be rotated down parallel to the grill to close the hood, but it's super easy to do. The brackets they come with pivot.
  5. I completely agree. I did it because the factory light was so useless it may as well not be there. It was just enough light to make incredibly angry.
  6. Underhood light mid using the write up in the tech section. Love it!
  7. Manimalmother


  8. Getting a little better with it. Learn something new with it every day.
  9. Anyone happen to have an hx35 compressor wheel laying around?
  10. Got the turbo back off and it appears that I didn't have the snap ring fully seated. Shaft spins perfectly fine. Coincidentally, here's a screenshot of where I was when it let go
  11. It was probably caused by whatever dummy rebuilt it.
  12. We'll test drive was an absolute failure. Half a mile from the house I heard something let go. The noise it made sounded like a boot getting blown off. I shut it down and pulled over. First thing I saw was the large snap ring holding the compressor housing on had let go. Then I pulled the bhaf off and saw the damage to the wheel. Not sure what happened first, but she's toast.
  13. Turbo is back together and going on right now! On and running. No test drive yet.
  14. I'm just doing what DAP said to since I have a mill. Lol
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