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  1. So I just got in the truck to leave work and noticed that my turn signals are not functioning. My windshield wipers will turn on with the multi-function switch, and my hazards work. No turn signal indicator is lighting up on the dash no audible click from the blinker. Any ideas? What to check first? Well I found the cause of the problem. The compression fitting on the back of my fuel pressure gauge was leaking. Ran down the line into the interior fuse panel. Fantastic. Closed the needle valve to prevent it leaking any more for now.
  2. I'm using an HY style non divided gasket. I bored the wastegate hole to 7/8" all the way through the divider, then milled out about 1" of the divider. Its all at my uncle's shop getting beadblasted today. He is ceramic coating the exhaust housing and output and powder coating the compressor housing. I told him to surprise me on color so it may be interesting. Going to rebuild the center section today some time.
  3. Housing in the mill drilling the wastegate hole to 7/8". How much should I take out of the divider? Should I continue this hole straight through the divider?
  4. I'm going to go by today and see if my mechanic uncle has a pressure tester and will test it tonight. When the head gets pulled I'm considering having it o-ringed just because compounds may be in my future. Any downside to this? Should I go ahead and install new Hamilton springs? How torn down does the head need to be to go to most machine shops? I'm assuming completely bare. I haven't had any luck finding a local shop either @dripley . I found one but it had mediocre reviews and most of the negatives we're talking about how it took months to get parts back. I need fast turnaround.
  5. I'll check tomorrow on the wetness. I'm not losing any noticable oil or coolant between changed. Arp studs are a definite when the head comes off. How hard is the exhaust manifold to get back on? Heard it's a bear.
  6. When it bought it a 160k it already had an edge EZ. Still on it. Well hopefully @dripley has found us a machine shop!
  7. The crusty yellow line. No oil in my coolant and I recently had my oil tested and it showed no coolant. Just going off the visual. It's not wet but is slightly greasy.
  8. So Im in the middle of swapping back to the HY while I rebuild the HX and the sun caught the back of the block just right and I see this. I'm guessing it's the head gasket. Agree?
  9. If you already have it in vector format it's super simple.
  10. Not only is it windows, it's 32bit windows 7 "ultimate". Most likely a chinese clone. Finally getting the hang of it!
  11. These 17's bolted right up. Center caps worked fine also. I reused my original lug nuts. The newer ones are metric.
  12. No idea. I've never seen hand written Korean. Seems a lot less boxy than the typed version.
  13. I can't read it but I can speak it some....I've spent entirely too much time there for work!
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