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  1. Hit a bump today and all these parts fell off. Weird.
  2. My fifth wheel is heavier but it gives my truck a workout. I'm more concerned with what the pin weight is going to be on that half ton
  3. So my brother has an early Ecoboost F-150 with the maxtow package and 5.5' bed. He just traded his bumper pull camper in on a 37' fifth wheel that weighs 9100lbs dry and empty. Am I right thinking he is out of his mind wanting to pull that? He says the truck is rated to pull 11200. I'm not buying it.
  4. That's what I'm thinking. No idea where to look though. It is a nice site having them both back in the driveway. The wife's 4th gen got some weight reduction last week also and is running like a top.
  5. The only issue I have now are my wipers don't work. Fuse is good. Weird.
  6. She's alive. I was only available to work on it at night after work and it took me a couple of days. After lots of fuel line bleeding I finally got her started yesterday afternoon and drove it home. Big relief.
  7. No worries man. It's just my luck. I had limited options on proceeding. Every other genuine Cummins head I could find from reputable places was around 2k, considering my head couldn't be used as a core. All the other heads I found were promax castings which are said to be terrible. All in all I am about $700 into to this one since he refunded half my money. That is including the plugs and misc things I purchased.
  8. I finally got the head yesterday. I had to drive 11.5 hours round trip to meet him to pick it up. Problems: The head wasn't o-ringed The hosebarb for the heater hose was broken off in the block. The forward dowel pin had been left in the head when he decked it, so it was cut flush with the surface. It was FULL of metal from being shotblasted. He offered to give me half my money back which I accepted. Good things: The valve seats look nice. It has tophat valve seals. It generally appears that the work he did perform is good. Now on to getting it ready to install. The first thing I did was remove the freeze plugs from the top of the head. I tapped all 11 holes for M24 plugs. I was extremely surprised at how easy the freeze plugs were to remove. Next, I removed the 6 3/8" freeze plugs from near the exhaust ports. These had been problematic on my first head. To remove I drilled a 1/8" hole in the center of each. I then used a 1" long self tapping sheet metal screw with a washer on it. I screwed this into the plug until the washer was against the block, then continued turning and the screw pulled the freeze plug from the head. I tapped these 1/8 NPT and installed brass pipe plugs. I used a cold chisel and hammer to split the fitting that was broken in the head. Took about an hour to get out. Was a PITA. I used a punch from the top side of the head to catch the lip of the dowel and drive it out. Easy peasy. I then chased the threads for the exhaust manifold bolts to remove debris and paint. These are M-10x1.50.
  9. So I still don't have a head. It's been a hell of a time. This may be long winded but I have to type it out to fully understand it. Tuesday, February 11th I purchased the head from the shop in Ohio. Said it would take three days to ship out. Monday February 17th "Head ships" notice the quotation marks. Friday February 21st Head has still not arrived. Seller states he can track it to Virginia and it disappears. Seller states trucking company can't find it. Monday, February 24th Seller states he is working on another head and will overnight it to me the next day for delivery Wednesday. Wednesday February 26th No head. Thursday February 27th Seller states that head is tracked to South Carolina and I can pick up at freight terminal if needed. Will let me know Friday morning where it is for pickup. Friday February 28th. Got call from seller this morning that the head was located in Kentucky and he was driving from Ohio to get it. A few minutes ago he calls me and says that two of the valves are damaged and have to be replaced and he is working on that now. He says that he is refunding half my money now and is going to meet me halfway tomorrow for me to get the head. I doubt that it's actually going to happen. I've given this dude the benefit of the doubt for over two weeks now. I understand that stuff happens but a lot of this seems far fetched for me. If it's some other excuse tomorrow I'm going to file a claim with Square, which is how I paid him. Ready to have my truck back.
  10. So just for grins I decided to further inspect my head. I don't have mag particle equipment here but I do have dye penetrant we use for inspecting weld. I can only find 2 cracks with the dye pen, and they are small. Cannot visually locate any others. I'm thinking this head is repairable.
  11. Picked up the head today. Cracks in every exhaust seat and some of the intake seats. Found a reman Cummins head from a shop in Ohio. Magnafluxed, valve job, decked, and o-ringed for $1200 to my loading dock. Pulled the trigger this morning. Also bought everything to delete my wife's 6.7 today. It was an expensive day.
  12. I'm going to pick it up lunchtime tomorrow. I know D&J performance says that some cracks are acceptable and want pictures before they accept it as a core. Will know more tomorrow.
  13. so the new shop just called and said the head is full of cracks and can't be repaired. awesome. apparently first shop didn't magnaflux it.
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