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  1. It probably would be the relay sticking on the board. Wonder if this could be replaced on a component level instead of buying a board. When the wife gets up I'll go check it out
  2. My 5'er is a 2008 Gulfstream. Single 15k rooftop AC unit. Went camping last week and temps were high but ac cooled fine. I have a 50amp hookup in the driveway and the wife sometimes sleeps in the camper when she gets off night shift so the kids don't wake her. Noticed the other night when I cut the AC on for her that the compressor was still running after the temp had been reached and the blower shut off. I turned the AC off at the thermostat. Compressor continues to run for about 20 minutes , shut off for 5 and started running again. I cut it off at the breaker. Tonight I went to turn it on and the compressor started running as soon as I turned on the breaker, thermostat still off. Its never done this before. Last summer the thermostat was replaced because the ac (as a whole) wasn't shutting off and it was freezing up. Replaced thermostat and it worked fine until now. Any ideas?
  3. So the boots didn't show up today. Go figure. I did have to drive the truck a couple hundred miles today for a meeting and noticed some weird things. I have not done any custom tuning yet. I have been using the stock tune and @Me78569 's fun/daily tune. This started after the quad install Sunday. Never happened before. Occasionally the truck will stall going from reverse to drive. Its happened a couple of times, just bogs down and dies. Always restarts. Today after an hour interstate driving I had to run in a rest area. Came back out and the truck took a few seconds of turning over to start. Turned over normal speed, starter is fairly new. Stopped for fuel and same thing. Got back to the shop and it sat for about an hour and started fine. If it sits longer than 15 minutes it's fine. Truck has a raptor 150 lift pump. When key is turned on fuel pressure spikes to about 20 like it always has and goes back to zero before the wts light goes out. I have not tried pulling the LP fuse and starting nor have I tried the cold water on the VP. I really hope the VP isn't dying on me. It has around 100k on it and has always been supplied by the raptor 150. Fuel pressure at cruising speed is around 16-17.
  4. I'm pretty satisfied with how the truck is doing. I guess time will tell.
  5. Thanks for the tips. New boots should be here tomorrow. Ordered from silicone intakes.
  6. Got the boot back on today. Passenger side to the intercooler. Pressurized the system and it blew back off. Had to fiddle with it for a long time to get it to hold. Still going to replace them all as they are awfully soft. Haven't had a chance to do any custom tuning yet. This thing is way more powerful and way cleaner than the edge was. On the 4th gen the inside pad was completely gone. Piston had escaped the caliper and destroyed the rotor. It got a new caliper and rotor and pads to get it to my uncle's shop and he's doing all 4 corners tomorrow.
  7. So I installed the quad today and it wasn't that bad at all. Using the stock tune I turned it up to lvl10 and went for a test drive. The first ten minutes were a BLAST! Extremely smooth. When the wiretap kicks in it definitely threw me back in the seat. Smoke and egts were much better than with the edge ez I removed. On the way home I romped on it one more time and blew an intercooler boot at 45psi. Oh well, it was fun. On a different note, we came back from camping today and had a hell of a trip. Was pulling out 37' fifth wheel with the wife's 4th gen. About an hour and a half from home I had to brake hard. Heard a pop and the pedal got soft. Truck was still braking ok with the exhaust brake and service brakes. Had to stop by my work for something and noticed brake fluid pouring from the right rear caliper. Dropped the camper and had someone come pick us up and take us home to get my truck. Thank God we own two diesels with gooseneck hitches. Will be tearing into the 2011 tomorrow sometime.
  8. I bank with a local credit union. I had them turn fraud protection off because I travel worldwide with very short notice. Haven't had an issue since.
  9. Dave I'm going to be replacing my front bumper soon and will gladly donate my old one to the cause....lol
  10. Just did mine. Wasn't bad at all besides that stupid tape.
  11. Mine look very similar. No idea why it's not seating.
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