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  1. I just went through this on my wife's truck. What year is yours? Are you not using a canbus interface?
  2. The guy I'm using does all the engine machine work for the counties fire apparatus and heavy equipment. He quoted $400-$450 for clean, inspect, deck, and as he put it a "valve job". Does not include gasket. I will be buying the gasket and the studs seperately. This is also me pulling the head.
  3. Check out my turbo install thread where I milled the divider and enlarged the wastegate hole on my hx-35
  4. Thermostat was the culprit. Changed it Friday and drove the truck all weekend. Sits between 190-200. What a pain in the *** to change though. That EGR crossover tube makes everything difficult to get to.
  5. Well I put this off for a while but started smelling coolant this morning in the drop off line at my kids school. I had to run into work without looking at it but came out at lunch to a pretty good puddle under the truck. Pretty sure it's coming from the back side of the head. I called an engine machine shop in town that quoted me $450 to clean, inspect, and deck the head. Does this seem about right or does it seem high? They do not offer O-ringing but send stuff to a shop that does.
  6. I didn't mean to open a can of worms. I'm going to give the napa a go as I can just pick one up locally!
  7. I thought the Cummins thermostat was the go to? It is for 2nd gens right?
  8. Truck is my wife's 2011 3500. Lately I've noticed that the coolant temp never gets above the low 180's. Ambient today was in the 60's and driving it never got above 174. Truck has 80k miles and is bone stock. Possible stuck thermostat? Or something else? Heat blows nice and hot.
  9. View Advert 98-02 power heated mirrors Takeoff set of factory power heated mirrors. I replaced mine with tow mirrors. Clip on mirror extensions included. Advertiser Manimalmother Date 09/24/2019 Price $50.00 Category 2nd Generation Dodge Ram  
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    Takeoff set of factory power heated mirrors. I replaced mine with tow mirrors. Clip on mirror extensions included.


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