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  1. sooxies

    Air Bag Recall

    Yes get it done. My buddy just had it done on his 08 half ton
  2. I painted my exhaust with that same stuff. Worked great! No rust at all going on three years.
  3. 3 gallons of Valvoline 5W-40 is $50.14 on Amazon. Cheapest I've ever seen it.
  4. I buy oil and filters on Amazon only because I get free shipping and usually no tax. I keep an eye out at Walmart for engine oil if the price is better (sometimes is). It just all depends. Geno's is an excellent company to deal with.
  5. sooxies

    Fuel leak

    I'd buy it @James merritt Here is a view from a different angle in regards to that area of the fuel system and also a link regarding replacement.
  6. sooxies

    Powder Coating Wheels

    That's pretty pricey. There's not much competition where I am either so it wasn't a situation where a single business can charge whatever they want.
  7. sooxies

    Powder Coating Wheels

    My cost was $60-65 per wheel (can't remember exactly...that ballpark) for blasting and coating.
  8. sooxies

    Powder Coating Wheels

    Yes. Factory 4th gen's but not 2nd.
  9. Mine just started doing it since the temperature has been dropping. No issues for the past couple months with the heater disconnected.
  10. I'm having the same issue. California truck...98.5. Grids disconnected and throwing the P1291.
  11. I think he referenced Mechman alternators? Double check... https://www.mechman.com/alternators/dodge/full-size-truck/5-9l-diesel/1988-2002/ Contemplating on investing in one. Keyword "invest". Only have done minor researching but I have yet to find a bad review on them.
  12. I have the same darn problem. Just annoying. Slip yoke and/or bushing in the output shaft I'm betting on. Vent checked out fine.
  13. I like watching this gentleman's videos from time to time. ...and Cummins interestingly states in their FSM for the ISB:
  14. I've also load tested both of my batteries and they still show 98% even being 5 years old. I religiously keep them on a float charger if I knowingly am not going to drive the vehicle (vacation, etc.)