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  1. 3.2L which includes 0.05L of friction modifier Also, please note that last paragraph...
  2. It helps me as well. Anyone wanting to this...always dilute it. Straight vinegar is hard on your teeth and it can cause very mild diarrhea.
  3. sooxies


  4. Quite true...but there's never an issue finding a buyer
  5. I can definitely attest to loose wiring causing wacky issues and they can be far apart from an interval perspective. Hope all is well.
  6. This has been a known issue....I follow Bill religiously.
  7. FTE sounds great with a 5/6 speed. I seem to have good control in regards to how loud you want it to be (accelerator pedal). Windows up all i hear is motor/road noise. Make sure to mount it right off of the downpipe. There were some good thoughts in this thread...
  8. Yes get it done. My buddy just had it done on his 08 half ton
  9. I painted my exhaust with that same stuff. Worked great! No rust at all going on three years.
  10. 3 gallons of Valvoline 5W-40 is $50.14 on Amazon. Cheapest I've ever seen it.
  11. I buy oil and filters on Amazon only because I get free shipping and usually no tax. I keep an eye out at Walmart for engine oil if the price is better (sometimes is). It just all depends. Geno's is an excellent company to deal with.
  12. I'd buy it @James merritt Here is a view from a different angle in regards to that area of the fuel system and also a link regarding replacement.
  13. That's pretty pricey. There's not much competition where I am either so it wasn't a situation where a single business can charge whatever they want.
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