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  1. I'll be doing the exact same thing in the near future...going from 7x.010's to 7x.012's. I'd be very interested in your opinions after the switch.
  2. There you go raining on my parade. I liked @dripley's OE seal better.
  3. That's pretty comforting info for me. If mine makes it anywhere near yours I will consider the gamble a win. If I end up having to pull the tranny before then I'll have to revisit the decision again.
  4. That's pretty much how I roll as well. If I were paying for it to be done I would have a different view. But since it's my own labor I can afford to roll the dice. I didn't change my rear seal when I rebuilt my trans either. So far so good on the original at 205k.
  5. I was considering that too when I did mine. How tight did you torque them...stock specs or tighter?
  6. They are good people and they took care of me. They got about $5k out of me but I overbuilt...got the bulletproof package with billet everything. Flawless thus far.
  7. Brand I couldn't say one is better than the other but I run a Goerend. A billet single disc would be more than fine considering the weight that you are pulling and the mods you have. A stall speed equal to stock or only slightly higher would be ideal. You should also upgrade the valvebody to increase line pressure to help your new TC. Other cheaper mods to ponder if you upgrade the valvebody: Borg Warner governor solenoid, billet accumulator, billet lever, billet strut, billet anchor, billet servo cover. These are all optional but are weak spots with higher line pressure...and can be done without disassembling everything except for just removing the valvebody. An aluminum deep pan would also be a smart investment.
  8. Yeah I've ran into that one before. Not all ferrels will work in all compression fittings. I was trying to piece one together out of the messy drawer at the hardware store and mismatched one brand fitting with another brand ferrel...not a good result. I would have never known if the hardware store guy didn't explain that to me on the second trip. The more you know...
  9. Those kinda worry me on an mechanical gauge with no isolator setup...the compressions just seem much more reliable to me. I had push fittings on my air bags and couldn't get them to stop leaking. 90lbs when I parked the truck at night...10lbs in the next morning.
  10. I was going to say probably a bad torque converter. Lockup solenoid sounds OK but possibly a bad connection at the lockup solenoid? Here's a pretty good diagnostic write up on here by our fearless leader...
  11. Lol...isn't that the same technique that she uses on you?
  12. Does she have a sister by chance? I've never met a girl who wanted to be anywhere close to getting her hands dirty...outside of the bedroom anyways.
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