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  1. That's very much the occasion I hope to catch and prevent as well. I have over $5k in my tranny so I want to know what's going on with it in real time.
  2. This was exactly my thoughts on it...and too late to prevent any serious problems.
  3. I took pics of my setup like @IBMobilebut can't seem to get it downloaded to here. When you temp it coming right out of the tranny you get the temp of the fluid at its hottest which is what I prefer to know. If you are blowing 300 degrees out of the hot pipe, your pan temp sensor would never let you know that. Meanwhile you have already cooked the trans fluid. The hot pipe is a more 'what's going on right now' reading whereas the pan is more of a 'what has been going on recently' kinda reading.
  4. OK...I'll take a pic and post when I wake up tomorrow am. It is similar to what @IBMobile just posted...the difference is that mine is closer to the transmission right after the line exists the tranny. IBMobile's is a little further down that same line closer to the heat exchanger. Mine no longer has a heat exchanger since I put the compound turbos in. But both are the same in regards to trans temp right out of the hot line of the tranny. I'll post a pic of mine tomorrow am.
  5. The best place to read from, according to your needs, is spliced into the front line coming out of the transmission. It is the hottest at that point...before it goes into any cooler. The ports in your pic are for pressure readings in different gears. I used to have mine hooked up there and it gave me lackluster readings. But now I have it spliced into the line mentioned above and I get very proactive readings now. I simply cut the line and spliced into it with half inch compression fittings with a Tee to screw in my temp sensor. I can take a pic of it tomorrow when the sun comes up if you would like.
  6. This is by far the best trick...except I cranked the motor and let the power steering do the work. I didn't even get in the truck...just stood next to it and reached in with one hand to bump the wheel. My brother is completely worthless so I did it all myself. I changed to the freespin lockable hubs so I'll never have to do it again...
  7. You'll like this setup...same thing I run and it rips. I hope that your tranny is ready cuz it will smoke anything stock.
  8. I googled Dana 60 front brake shields and all kinds of stuff came up from several different companies. Dorman was one of them...
  9. You really need to do some reading on the subject...search "dodgezilla", another name for it. Mike is only running it because it works with his exhaust brake and it was free. Otherwise it would not be his first choice. A hx35 can be converted to a hybrid with a 60mm compressor wheel for $300 and a 12cm housing for $400 and your free labor to disassemble and reassemble it. At that point you still have have a weaker (skinny) main shaft and a smaller turbo compared to other turbos that will spool the same, provide more air and support more hp...and it's still a used turbo. If you were given one like Mike was...then by all means go for it. But if you have to spend money...much better money can be spent on a turbo.
  10. I also coiled up the excess rather than cutting for fear of the same.
  11. Yeah that sounds about right. Mine bounces about the same...no problems. I would consider a mechanical lift pump before I looked at another electric. Do your research on both types before purchasing...I did and ended up going with a Fuel Boss mechanical pump with no regrets.
  12. The 35/40 is old tech...sorry Mike. There are better options out now. If you want the biggest turbo you can get with minimal (if any) lag...get a 62/65/12 and put your 150 injectors back in. You'll get around 40+psi boost, 450-500hp depending on tune, controllable egts and smoke, and it will be a fun and pleasurable daily driver that can tow as well. It's also a great upper in a compound setup with even bigger injectors once your wallet gets fatter. I run a 62/65/12 in a compound setup with a 75/96/1.32 underneath it with only 7x.010's (150hp) injectors and it just flat rips up to around 60psi and spools very similar to stock. It daily drives like a stock truck until you mash it...very enjoyable to daily drive.
  13. I put together my own 'lift kit' cuz nobody offered a kit that would go as high as I wanted to go. But if I were only wanting 3 inches front and back I would consider a body lift for about $250-300 in parts kit and my own free labor. Don't even have to touch the suspension and keeps all original alignment specs.
  14. This pretty much sums it up perfectly. I heard a popular diesel mechanic shop on y-tube once claim that the perfect truck would be a Ford Superduty truck and frame with a Cummins engine and an Allison transmission. I would be very happy if I had my complete power and drivetrain in a Superduty truck.
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