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  1. I thought about doing that too but the direct replacement part was cheap and super easy to install.
  2. Glad to hear it. Mine was pretty much the same...it disintegrated in my hands. I don't expect to have to address any vacuum leaks again...or at least not for many more years.
  3. Just installed mine yesterday...very easy compared to other things I've done to the truck. I'm not sure if the extra $4 will affect install difficulty but I'm gonna guess that it won't.
  4. It sure did...they went up $4 since I ordered. Sorry guys...I didn't see that one coming.
  5. Sounds just like my cabal owned bank...they accept my direct deposits but can't withdrawal cash. They closed up shop while the coronahoax is being played out. Bunch of peckerhands...
  6. Yep that'd be my guess too. I just got mine in today. I'll get it changed out as soon as this heat eases up...98° today and feels like 113°. I'll can only drink half my beer before the other half evaporates.
  7. Thanks for the reply @sooxies! I did some more online digging and found this. It's the entire assembly of lines and fittings with the one I needed all hooked together and all brand new for $13.82 and $9 shipping so I pulled the trigger on it. Mopar part number is 55056421AA in case anybody else runs into this problem. https://www.rockauto.com/en/parts/mopar,55056421AA,vacuum+hose,6908
  8. I popped my hood recently and found the vacuum line that runs from the firewall to the vacuum pump just laying there...still attached only to the firewall fitting that I previously replaced. On closer inspection of the vacuum pump side where it is supposed to be connected I found that the rubber 90° elbow that receives it has now degraded to the point of failure. I've been looking online for a replacement rubber elbow but can't find anything specific to my truck...only come across HELP kits with several generics and ones that specifically fit Volvos and Mercedes. They all look l
  9. Only way to tell is to separate the cartridge from the turbine housing and take a looksee at the turbine wheel. The safe play is to go with another hx35 or similar size to avoid having to get studded and upgrading your clutch. If you don't mind getting studs then you can't do any better than a Borg Warner SXE62. It will increase power further and tow like a champ while keeping temps in check. Your clutch may or may not like it depending on your driving habits.
  10. I agree with this. These are the only 2 reasons this could happen...either a malfunctioning electric gauge or a malfunctioning check valve. It sounds like you have already eliminated one of those...my money is on a bad gauge. As with lift pumps a mechanical fuel pressure gauge is much better than an electric one. Also put a strainer inline before check valve if you don't already have one...that will keep trash out of the check valve.
  11. That's pretty much what I found when I was looking at them. The Dana 70 is kinda like the wicked stepchild...not much of a selection out there for them.
  12. Niiiiiiice! Hope you win enough in Vegas to replenish what that cost and maybe a little more for another turbo! Let us know how it all works for when you get it all in.
  13. I think you misquoted me there big guy. It was Mike that said "We are both in our 50's" not me. And he was referring to him and his significant other, not me and him. Besides getting it completely wrong you nailed it. I'm in my 40's and don't have the wear and tear or battle scars of a married guy...so I still look in my 30's...which means I can still pull the 20's. Oh yeah...no worries Mike...thought it was funny too.
  14. Haha...maybe so. But I think I'm interested in something a little different you are and hence in a different kind of girl. I like the shallow ones cuz they are usually not quite as intelligent and thus much less work. And the kind of qualities I look for in their hips and back have nothing to do with their ability to get into the truck.
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