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  1. you can get 4 280 amp hour cells and a BMS for $500 and make your own 12v lithium battery. It’s easier than the ground wire mod. I’m building my second battery now and I’ll say lithium lives up to the hype in my book.
  2. Thanks, I keep learning. Any advice on those filter numbers?
  3. My fass started giving me issues yesterday, blowing the 10 amp fuse, so I’m sorting that out. Had about 15000 miles on the filter so I want to change them out. Been reading for a while and my head is swimming. Could I get a recommendation for replacing the 2 filters on the fass and 1 for the stock filter on the 24 valve 2nd gens? Thanks!
  4. Thank you. I was trying to figure out which bulb and I ended up on mopar1973mans YouTube channel. When I watch his video I don’t think the 4wd indicator lights up while doing the test. All of my other lights do which leads me to believe the bulb is good. Autozone just told me they couldn’t get that bulb so I’m hoping I can find one. Anyway here is the video.
  5. Finally getting around to some of the smaller stuff and this one has me stumped. 4x4 works, but the indicator light does not. I’ve checked the switch on the CAD and it works. When I run an instrument cluster check, no light. Advice?
  6. That looks nice dripley. What’s the gvwr on that 5th? Asking because I wonder what I could haul at Some point.
  7. Here’s my 01. Had it 6 years. I grew up with these and the 12 valves on a farm back in Michigan. When it came time for a truck, I knew which ones could take abuse and keep on delivering. That said it’s been a long road getting this one back into spec. Couldn’t have done it without this forum. I’m very grateful.
  8. This article is incredibly well written and very valuable. This site rocks!
  9. Ya. Dealership told me my pcm should be replaced. That didn’t do anything except lighten my wallet.
  10. Replacing my pcm didn’t solve my cruise light issue. Dripley had said it was an Ecm issue and was right. I was told my ecm was for an automatic. Again, you need more technical help than I can provide, but if sharing my experience helps, I’ll do it.
  11. That link should get you moving in the direction of AC noise issues. I’ll keep chiming I with knowledge from my experience but when it cones to procedure, other guys here have incredible expertise, so I have to leave it to them.
  12. Alternating current noise from your alternator. Long story short, after replacing and checking so many things trying to get my cruise control to work correctly, I replaced the Functioning ecm. But the new ones kept failing instantly. After three new ecms I finally replaced the functioning alternator. Haven’t had an electrical problem since. Cruise control works as designed. If you click on my profile you will find the thread where I describe all of this in detail. But yes if you aren’t familiar with AC noise and it’s effects on these trucks and you have electrical issues, you’ve come t
  13. I struggled with my 01 6 speed cruise control for a long time. The guys here were right all along. I don’t know what’s exactly going on with your truck, but I strongly suggest taking the AC noise problem seriously and do the ground mod. Lots of electrical problems that you would never guess will be resolved right there.
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