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  1. I dont have the DAPs anymore or I would, I gave them back and my buddy sold them. So I might just buy some DAP vco nozzles and put them on the DDPs and re pop and be done with it so my truck is not down while I send them to DDP
  2. They were used from a buddy and thought they were the causing the issues I was having, but I was wrong. They were definitely better on smoke than the DDPs, so I'm just going to swap the nozzles and re pop the DDPs and call it good
  3. Will do. Any suggestions for decent nozzles at a reasonable price?
  4. The smoke is much worse with the DDPs. The fuel knock is still there, but not all the time. There is no driveablity issues. Just smokes all the time regardless of throttle. It does not smoke at idle, only under throttle, EGTs are about 750 to 800 at 65mph.
  5. It did exist with the DAPs, just not as bad.
  6. Hot wired the pump and nothing changed, so I'm at a loss... I don't wanna blame the injectors since it did the same with the DAPs that were in it. It's gotta be something with the pump but don't know what, there are no codes.
  7. So, I put the break out box on today and it made no change to the way the truck runs. Still idles like crap and threw a p1693 code. So I'm guessing either a vp issue or something wrong with the injectors???
  8. We will see tomorrow when i put the breakout box on it. Hopefully its a bad pump and i can just get it warrantied. I don't think that the injectors are the entire problem since it ran crappy with both the DAP's and DDP's. would it be worth it to set the POP pressure higher on the DDP regardless of a pump issue?
  9. Yes, but the vp was changed and there was something fixed locally in the ecm.
  10. Will do thanks. If it still runs like crap, should I replace the pump or injectors? I would assume the vp since it ran the same regardless of which injectors
  11. I called ddp and they said there has to be a different issue with the smoke and rough idle. The truck idled about the same as it did with the 100hp dap injectors that were in it and they were matched. DDP said look at the vp or electrical problems. So I could just swap on some dap nozzles and rest pop pressure and be good?
  12. Can I just swap the nozzles? Or set pop pressure higher? If so, any suggestions? These were expensive, don't really wanna ditch them completely.
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