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  1. Ok. I have it apart at the bundle. I have cut off the grounds stripped the wire and was getting ready to solder. Then i thought what about the big black charging wire. Then i read disconnect it from the pdc. I thought thats a lot of work fishing it out of that bundle down the side of the block and back up the side. I am half tempted to cut it off down in the bundle and up by the pdc. Lol. Maybe it will just pull out.
  2. 1998 1/2 5spd. I am doing the w-t ground mod. I dont understand why I need to remove the alternator charging wire going though the bundle to the pdc. Why would i not just leave it? I am doing this in hopes to fix my grounds to get rid of a dead pedal issue. So what am i missing?
  3. That means what? Lift pump? What about the voltage being low. I read a article by blue chip diesel. Its stated get an analog meter hook it up and run it in side the cab and drive it. If the voltage stays the same then its the pump. I only have a digital meter. Ill have to read it. Make sure i got that right.
  4. I agree. Let me give you some history. I bought this truck in 2001. Replaced the pump in 2014. Then last year the apps started its stuff. I talked to some guys on a forum they told them what was happening. They told me man its your apps sensor. I go buy a 50 dollar one. I mean its got 300,000 miles i figured it probably was out. Didn't fix it. Working 12 hrs a day no time so i took it to a shop 2 months they couldn't figure it out took it to another shop. They said it was the pump. I replaced it. I picked the truck up he told me the alternator wasn't charging i sent in the pcm. One shop or th
  5. I am going to have it back together friday. And ill see what codes come up. The po122 was what it had. But i have thought what if it is the pump. It has only 100 miles at most on it. It is a thoroughbred diesel 2 year warranty. And the computer on the pump is brand new. I called and asked they told me new computer. But anything is possible.
  6. Yes, i got a timbo. My scan tool has a the live data on it. But as of right now i have the truck apart. The computer i had tested is out and i have already begun the WT ground and thats all apart. So thursday I should be back at it. I thought about opening the bundle all the way to the ecm. Maybe there's a bare wire i doubt it. But what a mess that will be. The only thing that keeps bugging me is why when i turn the key off then on, while it is rolling, it runs like a top. That means its can carry voltage but its not getting a signal. Trust me I have been watching scanner Dan Videos. Trying to
  7. I have the pedal issue. It will go a mile or two and lose the pedal. I can turn on off the key and it runs great. I checked for continuity of the wires and they were good. Low voltage less than 2 volts at the apps. It has a new apps sensor and the Ecm was checked out and was good and the Pcm was rebuilt 50 miles ago. Along with a new vp44. I am checking grounds but I am at a loss. Any ideas?
  8. Yea, I figured it would eliminate future problems. I'll let you know how it turns out when I get the ecm back in about a week or so. Thanks for your help.
  9. Ok, I check all of the wires. Using a check this, now go onto the next step chart it showed that the ecm is bad. So i sent it to solo auto in miami. I have used them before. All the wires showed no short. While it's gone I am going to check all the grounds I can find.
  10. Thanks for replying. Yes it is getting a code po 222. Low voltage it has a brand new timbo tps. When I installed it I was getting about 3.5. Drove it and it did the dead pedal. Brought it back home checked the voltage 0. Orange and black has 5 volts. I have wiggled the harness nothing. I guess it's time to unplug it check continuity. I think it's strange how I can turn the truck off then on and it runs great. Maybe ecm? Thanks
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