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  1. CTcummins24V

    47re help

    Make sure you the hd borg warner solenoid
  2. CTcummins24V


    Are you currently running smokey or hot? I was running clean with 100s and a wh1c, then I put a super b on, gained some midrange, lost some low end. Wasn’t a big improvement for cost and hassle of install.
  3. CTcummins24V

    Powder Coating Wheels

    running 3rd gen brakes
  4. CTcummins24V

    2016 Silverado Mileage

    @dorkweed how is your range afm deactivater treating you? I’ve got a 2018 now and can actaully use 6th gear with 3.42s but I don’t like v4 mode and like you don’t want any motors issues associated with afm. Seriously considering getting a range.
  5. CTcummins24V

    Powder Coating Wheels

    3rd gen 17s
  6. Hmmm, I just reused mine. But now you have me second guessing myself
  7. I put electrical tape on the tube to make it thicker so the dipstick has a harder time riding up
  8. CTcummins24V

    01 cummins trans problems

    99s and 01s have different electronics in the tranny/valve body. Did you swap the tcc solenoid and pressure transducer from your 01 tranny? Governer solenoid is the same.
  9. CTcummins24V

    I Need Some Advice

    Keep it stock
  10. CTcummins24V

    Dash cover

    Cover or full replacement dash? Im running LMC bezel, replacement dash and grille. Pleased with all of them.
  11. I had the stalling issue when cold with a low stall. Put a stock stall in there, issue went away.
  12. When the AC spout was dribbling back into my truck and soaked the passenger floor I did just what you did and put a dehumidifier in the fron seat overnight, dried everything. Maybe another night of dehumidifier.
  13. CTcummins24V

    New steering gear

    Blue top, site sponsor
  14. CTcummins24V

    Ground wire location

    Leave it alone. Mine is the same. When I grounded that it made everything go haywire
  15. Lower than that on the fire wall for the AC condensation dribble. Look from the wheel well. Is you truck parked nose in the air?