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  1. Can you confirm its front end? My limited slip is messed up after a rebuild and it grabs when cornering.
  2. CTcummins24V

    Algae in Fuel

    I was just curious. I took off the super b and sold it. The holset is much better down low but seems to choke out around 30psi and higher rpms. Super b had bad low end but incredible mid range and ok top end. Truck is running great and clean with the holset and pulls strong up to 25psi while 30psi and above isn’t pushing any extra power.
  3. CTcummins24V

    Algae in Fuel

    @IBMobile, off topic, but what can you peg your boost to and what are your normal boost numbers cruising and towing? We have similar set ups, unloaded I can't hold sustain than 15psi and having trouble getting much over 30psi accelerating, with the comp in EZ mode.
  4. CTcummins24V

    Algae in Fuel

    https://www.glacierdieselpower.com/i-1140-fleetguard-ff5079-3-8-inline-strainer.html?ref=category:114 strainer, I think just grabbing big stuff
  5. CTcummins24V

    Algae in Fuel

    Thank you @01cummins4ever!!! I took the bypass check valve off, no visible debris. Used a pick to compress the spring multiple times, blasted it with brake clean from both sides, compressed the spring a bunch more. No matter what she stayed between 15-18psi the whole drive! That valve clogging didn't even cross my mind. It all makes sense now. My fuel was pretty clean, just a nasty fuel filter with debris in the housing. Definitely installing that strainer pre fuel boss and bypass valve this weekend.
  6. CTcummins24V

    Algae in Fuel

    Good call! I’ll take apart the valve and check for debris first. Genos goodies came in today. Adding a fleetguard strainer pre fuel boss after this.
  7. CTcummins24V

    Algae in Fuel

    GDP fuel boss mechanical with isspro ev1 mechanical gauge, fuel boss belt and cogs etc are fine. Pressures have been fluctuating like crazy. Normal driving 16-18psi, letting off the throttle easy it stays. Hard acceleration and the fuel pressure starts dropping, trucks sputters, and then the fuel pressure would drop like crazy, sometimes to 0. Sometimes it would recover, sometimes not. I just checked the fuel filter fine, truck was idling and fuel pressure said 0...I have a fuel tank of fuel and I really don't want to drop this tank. What's the best way to drain a full tank? Could someone post a link?
  8. CTcummins24V

    Algae in Fuel

    NAPA had crc biocon, after 2 bottles and 1 night sitting, I now have 0 fuel pressure after a 15 minute drive. Fuel filter was spotless, so I can assume the sending unit screen is clogged?
  9. CTcummins24V

    Algae in Fuel

    Truck has been garaged or not driven every winter for the past 3-4 years. I don’t think I’ve changed the filter in 2-3 years because I don’t put many miles on it...lesson learned. Only driven once since filter change, and no pinging and panging noise from my truck. Very interesting. I’ve been thinking it was my torque converter this whole time. Maybe it was injector or vp44 noise from inadequate fuel, only in 3rd and 4th lockup.
  10. Just changed my fuel filter, it was black, can't remember the last time I changed it. Fuel pressure was dropping with acceleration and boost wouldn't go much above 25psi, which it shouldn't with the fuel boss. Black granulars in the stock filter housing. Truck sits all winter and doesn't get used a whole lot in the summer, so I'm guessing there's algae. Anyone experience this? What's the best product to run? Bio Kleen? I'm going to change the filter again in a week or so and see what it looks like.
  11. CTcummins24V

    Bouncing Around

    I just replaced some Rancho RS7000MT monotubes with Monroe Reflex Light, much smoother ride unloaded. I spend most of the time empty or very little weight, so a softer shock was better for me. I did some hand compression and rebound tests with both shocks, the Rancho monotubes required more force for compression and rebounded much slower the monroes. I think it comes down to personal preference and use. Ranchos MTs were so stiff the truck rode like a brick on rough roads
  12. CTcummins24V

    Heater exchange lines

    Mine hits my ATS 3 piece as well
  13. CTcummins24V

    Coil Springs

    Aye. Rockauto. Every suspension site has them, increased capacity weight and height.
  14. Back to this topic again. I put plow prep coils/extra capacity coils on my truck a while back, thinking I was going to put a ranch hand bumper on and $1200 for a bumper just isn't in the budget anytime soon. Plow prep coils are just too stiff and too tall, I'm either putting my stock coils back on or putting some new coils from NAPA or Rock Auto on. Has anyone replaced their coils with new stock height coils? I'm trying to achieve a smoother ride. Truck is mostly a weekend warrior and not loaded heavy. NAPA has some for single cabs and extended cabs and I'm thinking of getting the single cabs for the reduced spring rate. I'm also running Ranch monotubes shocks which are pretty stiff. May get some Monro reflexes. Any input? # Coil Spring Coils 8.05 Coil Spring Free Height 18.09" Coil Spring I.D. Conical Coil Spring Load Height 16" Coil Spring Type 1 Tangential End; 1 Square End Design Load 807 Spring Rate 423 UNSPSC 31161903 Wire Diameter .843 # Coil Spring Coils 7.48 Coil Spring Free Height 17.78" Coil Spring I.D. Conical Coil Spring Load Height 16" Coil Spring Type 1 Tangential End; 1 Square End Design Load 648 Spring Rate 400 UNSPSC 31161903 Wire Diameter .828"
  15. CTcummins24V

    Power Steering Pump

    Defective out of the box