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  1. Your turbo is surging with the triple disc because you are actually putting the power to the ground, transmission isn't slipping any more. Direct connection no slippage=load on the engine=boost.
  2. CTcummins24V

    Boost Leak Tester

    I built mine from lowes/hd. Fernco ruducer to 4” pvc with cap, then tapped it with air line fitting.
  3. CTcummins24V

    Injectors (confused)

    A nice 65hp programmer like the quad xzt or edge ez is what really makes the truck much more driveable with the added timing=increased throttle response. Those coupled with rv275 injectors is all you "need" and is time tested and proven, that should put you around 300hp. Then again 100hp injectors with a 120hp box is nice too, but those definitely require a triple disc torque converter and a billet input shaft and other transmission goodies. What year is your truck? If it's a 2000-2002 with the Holset HY35 turbo, you'll need to upgrade if running larger injectors and a wire tap box. I ran both setups, both were great, but back to smaller numbers for ease on the drivetrain. Need vs want and budget. Either way an upgraded torque converter and valve body is needed for fueling modifications.
  4. CTcummins24V

    Well the Order is in

    Dont I feel sheepish
  5. CTcummins24V

    Well the Order is in

    I think that was a southern spelling of SOB. Im in the same boat with my new company truck. Been hearing for 2 months delivery was anyday. Yesterday I found out the order was accepted but never “full-filled”. And my current company truck needs work and my company won’t pay to fix it. And the crappy valve body that I paid a local shop to redo on the dodge took out another torque converter and possibly contaminated my rebuilt trans. I ordered a goerend vb and tc and now trying to find a decent used tranny to beef up or rebuild. Happy
  6. CTcummins24V

    Injectors (confused)

    What do you have for a transmission? 47re? Stick shift? What chip?
  7. CTcummins24V

    Transmission Behavior

    Verify what has been to the trans before adding 100hp injectors and a tuner. Or you’ll ne dropping the tranny for a rebuild and upgrade.
  8. CTcummins24V

    EGT Update

    unloaded EGTs still seem a bit high
  9. CTcummins24V

    Aftermarket injectors?

    Stock 47re can’t handle those injectors
  10. CTcummins24V

    Aftermarket injectors?

    My recommendation, get Bosch bodies, new or reman. I've run new and reman bosch bodies, never had an issue
  11. Either get a new aftermarket pan or weld it. I tried the plug, it leaked.
  12. CTcummins24V

    Auto trans slipping

    Take your truck for a drive on a 50mph road with a hill. You should be able to feel 2nd, 3rd and then 3rd lock up with OD off. You should take off when the TC locks. Then climb a hill in lock up.
  13. CTcummins24V

    new turbo hot and laggy

    Turbo is a little big for rv275s, no surprise it’s laggy in the lowers rpms. Also, with larger injectors, it could be smokey too till the turbo lights. Smokey with edge off? I think you said you already did a boost leak test? A low stall torque converter could also play a factor.
  14. CTcummins24V

    Good times and bad times.

    A slipping torque converter in lock up is noticeable. Grab slip grab slip grab slip. Truck shakes, feels like going over small bumps, especially going up hills.