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  1. Finally solved, a day before I sold it! front axle, intermediate shaft bushing was all worn out. With the CAD removed, I could lift both the intermediate and right outer shaft 1/4”, so both shafts, shift fork and collar were rattling hard with the torque converter locked. Noise would disappear in 4 Wheel Dr.
  2. I have a company truck and am expecting kid #3, it was time to say goodbye good news is it’s going to farmer with multiple cummins and they work on trucks
  3. Just my experience, I have run 6 different sets of injectors. Stock, DAP 60hp VCO, DFI 100hp VCO, DAP 100hp SAC, Contagious 40-50hp SAC and now Bosch RV275 VCO. All VCOs ran great in every scenario, and both sets of SAC injectors gave a rough/choppy idle when warm in park and a stumble when warm at light throttle. SACs ran great with some throttle, but I couldn’t handle the choppiness. SACs gave me a scare I had engine issues, but new RV275s put that to rest.
  4. Should be a super b/s300g. 57/65/14. Borg warner airwerks everyone has the standard s300 rebuild kits, just a matter of getting upgraded 360 thrust bearing
  5. What are these rubber grommets that came with the new Fel-Pro gasket for the tappet cover? Existing bolts only have a sealing washer?
  6. CTcummins24V


  7. I swapped out the mopar adjusting sleeve for a moog, its better. now I only have a finger distance from sleeve to crossmember. Track bar and drag link are the same plain now.
  8. Also, I can't rotate the sleeve without hitting the cross member. Right now, the drag link connects to the pitman arm at the top, anyone connect it from the the bottom? Or get a drop pitman arm?
  9. I took out the heavy duty lift coils and put my stock front coil springs back in. With the lift, the drag link adjusting sleeve was maxed out with the threaded ends butting each other in the sleeve. So I cut 3/4” off each threaded end so they wouldn’t bottom out. Now I have a huge gap between the threaded ends with everything roughly aligned by me. Is this a weak point or don’t worry. This is on my 01 with 2010 T style steering.
  10. FTE resonator eliminated drone on my 5". Still sounds good
  11. I left John's $200 garage set up overnight, I woke up the next morning and it was blown across my wood pile, all the framing bent beyond fixing. Make sure you anchor it good.
  12. 4-10mm screws underneath holding the seat frame/cushion down, easy.
  13. I just did the genos cushion today, huge difference. I must be sitting 4" higher. Had to adjust the steering wheel because it was hitting my legs. So far so good
  14. Could be band adjustment screw improperly set leaving everything too loose, so the anchor falls out. Are you adjusting the bands regularly? No 2nd gear is definitely a front band/anchor/strut issue. Possibly front servo issue. Drop the valve body, everything is right there.
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