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  1. Clutch and brake Pedal pads

    Lmc has them too
  2. 24v getting shitty fuel mileage!

    Stock injectors?
  3. Buying OEM Parts online

    For oem engine stuff, cant beat local cummins or a performance diesel website. For other oem mopar stuff, it’s hit or miss. They always get you on shipping and you always pay top dollar. I’ve used dodgeparts, wholesalemopar etc.
  4. Door hinge

    Maybe LMC?
  5. High amp alternator

    I think for 98s you have to call them, might not be on website. Sounds like something else is wrong though.
  6. Dark Garnett Red Pearl(burgandy). It was rust free and what what I could afford.
  7. Lost mpg

    I vote 75s, that way you can drive with your tuner off if you want and not black out the roadway.
  8. 17” 3rd Gen Wheels

    I would have get wheel spacers/adapters to run the 18s thought because of my rear axle hubs.
  9. 17” 3rd Gen Wheels

    Oooo do you have more pictures?
  10. Preparing for 3rd gen brakes come nice weather. Looking for 17” 3rd gen wheels on craigslist now, debating steel vs aluminum. Either way, I’ll get them powder coated black. I like the look of the aluminum ones but steelies are cheap. Any downside to running the steels for now? No super heavy towing, mostly loading my 8’ bed with firewood and an occasional light trailer.
  11. 4x4 won’t work! Help

    There are plastic vacuum lines running by the cowl. Start tracing them. There is a rubber 90 on the driver's side cowl that goes down to the vacuum pump that is known to dry rot.
  12. Making new battery cables

    Did that set come with all the little cables too?
  13. Ball Joints?

    I don't have many miles on them, less than 10k so I can't speak to longevity. I had issues with the lower ball joint nut coming loose. I torqued it to spec on jacks, it loosened. Then torqued it on the ground, it loosened again. Then I drilled it, put a castle nut and pin on it. .
  14. No Airflow from Dash Vents