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  1. CTcummins24V

    Exhaust manifold

    That looks like a 12v california exhaust manifold with egr. You have a 24?
  2. CTcummins24V

    Muffler or resonator delete

    FTE resonator eliminated drone on my 5" exhaust. With resonator and muffler, the exhaust is quieter than the engine
  3. 2001 with CAD and vacuum actuator, has anyone replaced this with a factory or store part and what would you recommend? No, I don't want to the cable, just replace what's broken. Rock Auto has a standard motors unit,a dana unit where the part numbers don't match anything online...
  4. CTcummins24V

    Abs/brake idiot lights

    Have a buddy with the expensive snap on tool read it
  5. CTcummins24V

    Muffler or resonator delete

    Cut it off yourself and buy some strap clamps and 3” pipe for $30
  6. CTcummins24V

    Exhaust manifold

    Oem vs dorman. I haven’t been impressed with dorman in the past. Then again his OEM did crack
  7. CTcummins24V

    Exhaust manifold

    https://www.genosgarage.com/product/manifold-5254373/exhaust-manifolds might try local cummins for better price
  8. CTcummins24V

    Injector swap

    Putting stock injectors back in? Might as well throw some rv275s in there at least
  9. CTcummins24V

    New guy here

    Hyde Park? I've been on some jobsites down in Fishkill and Newburgh and a couple other areas around there.
  10. CTcummins24V

    Diesel Newby From Central NY

    only 4 hours away from me in central MA!
  11. Running 5/8” napa oil restistant hose with 90s
  12. CTcummins24V

    Utility/Landscape Trailer

    It has EZ lube, guy told me they are a step up from bearing buddies. Supposedly you can pump them full of grease and not blow out any seals.
  13. CTcummins24V

    Utility/Landscape Trailer

    Got my company to pay for it, picking up Mike's trailer in Maine on Monday. Big Tex 70TV-12, tandem axle, 7,000gvwr, 30" tall sides, perfect for what I need. Next question, is it critical for me to torque to spec 450 ft-lb on the 2 5/6" ball to mount? I have a 250 ft-lb wrench, then I could cheat it with my 3/4" breaker bar and a pipe? Or bring to a shop?
  14. CTcummins24V

    Covercraft Carhartt seat covers

    I have them in both my trucks, grey ones. I’m happy with them. After 100k miles and 2 years, they are holding up with just a little color fading. Autoanything can have them on sale