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  1. CTcummins24V

    Big change in my life...

    Good luck Mike!
  2. CTcummins24V

    How does my turbo look?

    oily. Wipe off the blades and repost picture. Running a BHAF the entire life or did this have another air filter on it?
  3. CTcummins24V

    Husky Liners

    I have the classics in the dodge, front rear and hump, love them and weatherbeaters in the chevy.
  4. Rock Auto has a brand new, not reman, vp44? Is this right? For $2200? I think mine is toast and am looking at pumps. https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=8355604&cc=1366602&jsn=549 Industrial Injection supposedly has new one for $4000 too.
  5. CTcummins24V

    Soldering Cables

    According to what I've read online, yes. Plumbers flux is some acid flux, electrical flux is called a rosin flux, so I've read.
  6. CTcummins24V

    Soldering Cables

    Dip it in rosin flux it is. I guess I’ll have to amazon it since no establishment anywhere has it.
  7. I know little to nothing about wiring...Finally replacing my oem battery cables, need to attach new cable to existing ground on the passenger side with the grey plugs. I want to crimp and solder the connection, I already have rosin core solder wire, do I need to dip the ends in rosin flux to prevent corrosion? Or is the rosin core wire enough? I can’t seem to find rosin flux anywhere.
  8. CTcummins24V

    47RE advice

    I’ll let dynamic chime in but sure looks like a valve body issue.
  9. CTcummins24V

    47RE advice

    The same reason I went with a Goerend valve body and then had someone who knows these trucks/trannies go through it, the 2nd time around.
  10. CTcummins24V

    Cummins grill emblem.

    Bolt on? Isn’t the OEM a sticker too?
  11. CTcummins24V

    Steering Linkage Y, T, ?

    Check everything first. Ball joint test, get 1 wheel off the ground a couple inches, stick a big pry bar under the tire and jack it back and fourth, listen for clunks. Then grab the wheel/tire at 12 and 6 and push/pull in and out for unit bearings/hubs. Then have someone start the truck and move the steering wheel back and fourth while you are looking at the tire rods to see if they are popping out.
  12. CTcummins24V

    47RE advice

    Out of Northeast Ohio?