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  1. Thanks kzim... just notice I ask in wrong forum.
  2. So.. if that is the case. Does a full rebuild mean that all the components in my tranny are not worth using?
  3. CT.. no issues with 2nd, 3rd or OD. It's 1st that's acting up. I have limited mechanical knowledge/skill... so I wouldn't know what I'm looking at if I were to drop the valve body :-( Basically here to get an idea of what may be going on and not be taken advantage of when I decide to take it in.... Thank you
  4. Hi guys/gals... Last summer (camping trip) I had an issue with a band anchor coming off and wedging itself in linkage.. this was coming up an incline and tranny made a slamming jolt from first to second. Long story short... local tranny guy reattached band/anchor. Drove home with camper and everything seemed okay. This lasted about a month... then it starting doing this double hit into second (like it didn't grab the first time).. then as tranny got warm I'd completely lose first gear. So.. when I first start out.. drives fine.. as it starts to warms (10-15 mins).. double hit first to second.. then when warm loses first gear. So.. winter came and I just parked it... until today. I decided to check things out.. same issue. Found that the fluid looked to be a quart over full tho... drained some out.. no change. Fluid does look somewhat cloudy or marble looking? I bought this truck with the tranny already built... to hold 850hp. The transmission did the slamming jolt one time before about 3 years ago.. Anyone have any insight as to what may be going on? What may be the cause of the jolting shifts happen.. I mean.. it hit super hard those two times. First time 3 years ago scared the **** outa me! Also... I can manually shift into first and it works fine... and 2nd to 3rd to overdrive shift fine. And... anyone know why an anchor would come off? Is this an odd thing to happen? Thanks........... EDIT: Would you just go to a regular local tranny shop in my situation or go somewhere that specializes in builds and diesel truck? The latter is 2 hours away... Anyone know of or can vouch for Muldoon's Diesel in Delaware? I want to go to someone that knows what they're doing and won't tell me I need a complete rebuild when I might not....
  5. Okay.. a little more info. I do get a TPS code on my smarty. I went camping a few weeks ago. We took a day trip/ride to next town over.. when we turned around to go back to campground.. we were climbing an uphill grade and the truck hung in first gear way longer than it should have.. then kicked REALLY HARD into second. I pulled over to let the dog out to do his business and the truck wouldn't go into neutral, reverse or park. Long story short.. tranny guy up there took pan and valve body down.. the piece that holds a band in place fell off and lodged itself in the linkage. He put back together and seemed to shift fine. But on slow take off... Not so fine.
  6. Hi guys.. I'm am having a problem with my truck shifting from first to second.. only on slow acceleration. It seems like it kicks in out of second very quickly a couple to few times. If I accelerate quicker.. no problem. Can TPS cause this or do I have another problem? Thanks in advance! All other gears are fine...
  7. Well.. it took me all day but it's in! I'm so sore.. lol Had a difficult time with accessing the bottom forward bolt where the turbo connects to manifold. I ended up using one of the two supplied hex bolts on the bottom of the manifold.. second bolt in from front.. because I couldn't get a wrench or socket to go around a factory bolt to snug it up. And there was nowhere for me to put the adapter piece the supplied for the coolant line bracket.. so used factory bolt in that location. Truck definitely drives better and no exhaust leak sound anymore! When I came back from my test run and let it idle for egts to come down... It wouldn't drop below 350 after a couple of minutes of sitting. Shouldn't drop a little lower? I believe it did beforehand...
  8. I did not see any mention of the 2 SS bolts. Where are those required? As for the bolts.. whether the stock, all stainless or a stud kit. Should I change them out with new? If so.. which way should I go?
  9. There are a ton of diesel stainless manifolds that range in price. I found this one that is one piece, has one port and comes with gaskets.. for best price I could find. This what you are referring to? Thanks again! https://www.genosgarage.com/product/bd-1045985ss-kit/exhaust-manifolds
  10. Thank you.. can you recommend a specific one? Do they make them that'll be a direct bolt on?
  11. Hi all... I discovered two cracks in my stock manifold. I have searched here and could not find too much... Can someone recommend a replacement for me? I would like to put something in that I do not have to worry about again and perhaps something with a port already installed for my EGT probe. I do not plan to add any performance upgrades... except maybe 75-90hp injectors down the road when these get tired. Thanks in advance..........
  12. Thanks for your reply... I did check the alternator (which is new as of a couple months ago) for AC noise.. and all is well there. There are no other symptoms that suggest it is AC noise. I'm going to do away with the Edge and just run the Smarty.. which I have always favored anyway.. and go up a little bit with injectors and be done for awhile. Thanks..........
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