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  1. FWIW I planned to upgrade to the platinum package when the time came simply based off the amount of mature and helpful people which roam this website. I have received more help here than any forum in my past, if the price is $100 a year sign me up!
  2. Brand new filters with the replacement, once the weather calms down I plan to check the FASS pump doing the 5-gallon bucket test on their site. Awesome thanks for the info, I'm going to recheck everything I worked on this past weekend tomorrow hopefully!
  3. Just went and idled the truck again and I’m hovering right around 795-805. Guess I have to big of a range earlier
  4. Engine load at idle is between 10-15% Engine RPM is 750-800 on my quad. There is a disparity between my quad and gauge cluster as the cluster reads about 500RPM at idle. Currently have a new cluster on the way. No error codes.
  5. I have not hooked up a true mechanical gauge at this time, I may have to find one and try however, having both sensors reading the exact same numbers in two separate locations makes me believe they are working as they should. Fuel issues seem to be the current flavor for my truck, ever since I installed my injectors I've had a stutter under light throttle and idle. With hurricane Sally circling over me right now i'm unable to really get out and trouble shoot but I've uploaded a video of the idle and light throttle application. Plan is to reset the APPS check all lines a
  6. Curious if anyone running a sump vs a straw system has seen a drop in their fuel pressure after install. I have FASS 165G that would always see 16-18 psi no matter how hard I step on the skinny pedal. I just installed a sump into my 54 gallon metal tank and now my pressure sits at 14 and dips to 12 at times. Currently one fuel press sensor ~1 foot before the VP, and the Quad FP sensor is in the FASS pump, both reading within 1 psi of each other.
  7. You can read my google reviews regarding Auto Computer Specialist. Absolutely terrible customer service the second they are at fault or questioned on anything. Overall the product they produced was adequate and I have not had any issues in my limited use of the repaired items however, I would pay double the price for a company that values customer service and interaction in the future.
  8. I'm not to sure where to place this post as it deals with a company which many of us have dealt with in the past. I've attached my Google review of Auto Computer Specialist (ACS) below as I feel our community needs to know about how terrible the customer service is with these people. I'm not sure if there was a recent change in ownership or management but it has been beyond childish. To the point they are claiming via google reviews I was never a customer and must be mistaken. See attached photos, I have also posted in my original review. All I wanted to do was speak with the owne
  9. Both of the front brake lines have been replaced, I threw in the towel and took it to a shop today for some other work on the transmission and asked for the brakes to be inspected. Hopefully they find something.
  10. I did a bleed on the rear brakes this past week, it wasn't a high flow but fluid was coming out until it was nice and clean. I will have to look at this valve as I believe this is the same set-up I have (4x4 w/ABS in rear only drums) The nose does tuck when hard applications however i'm still scratching my head why the passenger side is dragging while the drivers side is not. I'm able to do this by lifting the front end and spinning the wheel with a good kick. Both brakes engage however when off the pedal the drivers side rotates freely while passenger does not.
  11. Thanks I plan to call today and talk with them, it's a very weird stutter. As soon as I give it some throttle the stutter goes away however under light throttle is stumbles. My EGTs are also hanging out around 800 (manifold temp) while cruising 45-50mph boost leak maybe?
  12. The brakes are not pulling at all, I'm going to check the rotors today to ensure they are looking strait etc. I just replaced the caliper and greased the slides in the process. I just flushed the entire system, the caliper has been replaced again. I'm trying to not throw to many parts at it right now, I don't see replacing the drivers side caliper as an option either as the wheel rotates freely!
  13. I assume this requires them to be sent back to DAP to be tested?
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