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  1. I didn't think it would effect the issue. I know mine need to at least checked when I do my injectors but I got a feeling I'll have a few a little out of spec. I think I'll try 75 over maybe the 100 I was thinking I could just set the can bus pretty low and make up the difference that way. However I wasn't sure how low I could go
  2. On the opposite side of things could I use the quadzilla to tune the injectors down to were the egts are to high? Say some 100hp injectors on a hy35 Turbo? Also did checking valve lash help your trucks issue or just the extra nosie?
  3. Probably best to just wait and get my new injectors before I play around with my timing much then. Makes sense that it will change. Also I keep forgetting they change the cetane from winter to summer.
  4. I'll give that a try and see if it helps my mpg some. What's the most y'all would get up to in cruise timing?
  5. Soo if I don't have head studs it would be ok to set timing advance to get me up to 20* at cruise at say 65-70?
  6. I can see the little actuator work but I reckon I'll have to take out my cup holders to see the door move or if something is wrong with it.
  7. So no matter what position I put my control knob in (face/feet/ defrost) air will blow out at my feet plus whatever else I put it on. I checked today and everything seems to be working as it should. Any tips or where to look first? Thanks y'all!
  8. What would a good pop pressure be for me? I can't decide between 50 or 75 hp. I don't want to kill my egts. But I do have the quad. I honestly need to look at DAP!
  9. I am pretty sure I am gonna buy from Ducky fuel injection. But I want to know should I get new injectors or reman? I got what I think to be a stock trans and hy35 turbo. I want either 50 hp or 75hp sticks. Let me know what y'all think! Thanks!
  10. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/ram,2012,2500,6.7l+l6+diesel+turbocharged,1502371,steering,tie+rod+assembly+(inner+&+outer),7425. This look right?
  11. No lift and stock wheels and tires! I think I'll go with the t style. Not that much more and better stuff why not go for it! I just have to look up 2012 tie rods right??
  12. Squirrel made my day!! Thanks for the part number. I don't understand the y steering either but it works pretty good while it's new. Just don't want to spend a ton or do a lot of drilling! Thank y'all.
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