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  1. Yea that was poor design. I might do something like that one day. Good thinking as always!
  2. Now that's a dang good idea!!! 1/4' air brake line should work well. Thank you!
  3. I got 208,xxx on her right now. I did the vent trick, where I left um on face and when I got in my truck it was blowing out the defrost untill I started my truck. So I undone the main vacuum line and plugged it. Boom no smoke/vapor as all. I think I already found my vacuum leak I just got to go get some more vacuum line. I guess this would make it drip more oil than it used to as well since it pushing more air around. Thanks everyone for your help!
  4. I can see it coming up coming from under my truck and when the wind blows I can really see it! Idk how to post a video on here or I would. I dont think I lose vacuum after my truck sits. I need to trace all my vacuum lines I guess.
  5. I have noticed a big increase in the amount of smoke/vapor from my vent tube, seems to happen since the weather turned hot. Day time or night I can see the vapor coming out around the truck. Runs fine no loss of mpg. Doesn't smoke anymore out of the oil filler hole. Doesn't use any oil and I only have a drip or two fall into the driveway. A/c controls, 4x4, and cruise all work as normal. I did the moparman mod this winter so it's my first year with it. Is this normal? Or should I be looking into something?
  6. Yea i was thinking that would be more in the top side of things.
  7. It was still pretty cool it had maybe ran for 10mins Max and hadn't drove but 60 foot. Guess I should listen after it's warmed up some. I was kinda thinking it's normal cause they are so loud anyway.
  8. So when I was checking my transmission the other day for anymore leaks I left the truck running. As I could hear a knock as my head got near the bottom of the truck I could hear a knock. Not like a rod knock not really sure what it was. I could hear it on the driver and passenger side. Couldn't hear anything up top. Is this normal? I have never paid attention or been under one while it was running.
  9. Got it! Tightened it down just a little bit more and I drove it to work and back today and no leak! Whoo. Thanks everyone.
  10. Is that for both lines and the correct fittings? That would be the better way if so for sure.
  11. From exchanger to transmission. Might have to get a new line. I was hoping it would be a seal or something on the end of the line or in the fitting. Oh well!
  12. Guess that will be my next step. I'll just take it out and check it out.
  13. Appears to be coming out from between the line and the fitting. Not the exchanger.
  14. Well I tightened it up maybe a 1/8th of a turn. It's a heck of a place to get to. Still leaking tho. Any other ideas?
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