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  1. Well I just had the surging issue again however this time the quad went completely off and wouldn't come back on. So I got to digging and or was the dang add a fuse thing in the fuse panel. So if someone else has the issue check on that!
  2. That's awesome stuff with just injectors and the quad. When I get ready for some I'll definitely reach out and see what my best options are! I had no idea.
  3. Honestly blows my mind that this is a thing with diesels lol. But if I hadnt of been trying to figure out my surge I never would of learned this. Pretty dang awesome ! Y'alls knowledge never ceases to amaze me. Thanks yall
  4. Just the canbus, throttle position, and load all drop to zero at the same time. Everything else stays like it should. the coolant temp is just random as heck but hasnt done it in a day or two now. Odd and hard to track down like that
  5. Just sitting at a light or something I think its showing about 2**to 3** I am sure they need to be replaced. For sure on my list to do. Thanks for explaining it so well tho. It had me worried for a minute. guess I just never paid attention to it when looking at my logs.
  6. All my connections seem good. Should the canbus ever show zero when the trucks running? The surging didnt happen again but looking in the data log I can see multiple times the quad shows zero canbus. Many when no throttle is applied. sometimes its 13, 45 ,0 then back to 145 so on
  7. It was bucking and surging bad this morning coming to work. Put it back to zero on the quad and it stopped. Back to level 3 and no more surging. I'll check all my wiring today when I leave thanks for your help.
  8. What would cause my canbus fuel to go to zero or for a half second second while driving??
  9. I'll have to use my laptop for it. I'll check the wires tmw morning. No codes or check engine light. Seems to only do it when I have the quadzilla with the warm up mode turned on. Really odd how it happens. Seems like it started after I washed some fuel off the engine bay after cracking lose a few injectors to start it after putting on my new fuel pump.
  10. I got it data logged but I cant figure out how to upload it on here from my phone. You think it could be a bad coolant temp sensor?
  11. For some reason my quadzilla shows my coolant temps dropping to zero for a second then jumping right back where its supposed to be. Kinda aggravating when its warmed up then jumps back to warm up mode...any help or ideas other than turning off warm up mode is much appreciated.
  12. Should I unplug my quadzilla before getting the ecm flashed for the factory high idle? 02 truck so it might not need to be flashed just the options selected.
  13. So my brother is about to buy a new lift pump for his truck. He has 150hp injection edge ez and wants a little bigger turbo. Should he get a 95 of 165. Fass or airdog. Any help or suggestions is appreciated!
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