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  1. Thanks everyone! I reckon I'll just hold on to my money for now!!
  2. I got the famous 2inch sloppy steering I figured it was worth it to make my steering box last longer and maybe make my steering a little bit stiffer. Everything under the truck is good shape! Just a little sloppy steering.
  3. Looking at the dodge off road steering brace. Is is worth it? Or should I buy else where or save my money all together? Heard some bad experiences from the customer service..
  4. Awesome! I think it will be just fine like it is too!
  5. Yeah it taped perfect. Had a bunch of threads. The fitting got tight and looked good. Just worried me having extra material beside it removed. I don't want it to crack or start leaking later on.
  6. So I got it installed today. However when I started drilling either I moved the bit off the hole or I had it leaned over a little. I removed a little extra material from the side of the hole that I didn't need to. I went and ahead drilled the hole and installed the probe. Everything else went smoothly. Y'all think this is something to worry with or naw? No exhaust leak or anything as of now. I tried to post a picture but I can't from my phone.
  7. Gonna do this tomorrow. Drill it most the way start the truck and drill the rest of the way. Thanks everyone!
  8. Running or naw? I should just do it and stop overthinking it lol.
  9. Very good idea!!! Awesome idea. Thanks y'all!
  10. So I am finally going to drill and tap for a egt probe this week. My question is should I start the truck or just let er rip and use a pen magent after I get the hole drilled? Wouldn't running the truck suck the shavings instead of blowing them out the hole? Just wondering what's my best plan of action as to not cost myself more later? I don't want to take the turbo off because I am sure the bolts will be wonderful to take off.
  11. Awesome! Thank you all for the help! I love to learn all I can.
  12. Thank you! I was hoping you would chime in! I didn't think it was a bad temp. Just had a odd feeling about it. I am weird like that sometimes! Do u think the derale deep pan is a good one to buy? I like the price on it!
  13. You think the deep wasn't worth it? I can see how getting the reading from thar would be better!
  14. So the temp I am getting is kinda late information or showing hotter temp that it actually should cause the fluid isnt moving around? I can see why this is not a good spot for it
  15. Right mine takes forever to show anything when it's colder! I think I'll go with an aluminum deep pan with fins and a spot for a temp sensor Did you have to lower the filter as well with the deep pan?
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