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  1. Fixed it! Front drive shaft was fine. Rear drive shaft had a bad u joint at the rear end. One cap had nothing but dust in it. Replaced it as well as the one at the Carrier bearing and she is good as new.
  2. Haven't heard it do it since that day. Idk what was going on. I will check the back of the head today tho. I am glad u said that. I haven't even thought of checking on it.
  3. Wheel bearings where good when I last had the truck apart for leaking axle seals. I am going to take the front shaft out tonight and see what happens.
  4. I think mine has the cad. It's a 02 would that make a difference if I am going try and disconnect the drive shaft?
  5. I had the tires installed. No beads in these. I need to fix that u joint on the front drive shaft but I don't think it's my issue the more I think about it. I can spin the drive shaft by hand out if 4x4. I'll see if it spins or not when driving.
  6. I can't leave stuff alone especially when I know something is wrong with it. So I went and looked at my wheels and tires. Not a wheel one has a weight on it. I think I'll start with that.
  7. Thank you. I just went and read it. Seems easy enough. I guess that would cause some vibration with any of that being bad.
  8. So I got a bad vibration starting around 15mph until 40mph. Shakes the drink holders, mirrors, and feels like it's under the floor board. Almost like front drivers side. I think I got a bad u joint. The one that comes from the transfer case to the front end. (No idea how to get that off). I can push that drive shaft up a little bit and it clunks. Also my carrier bearing has some play in it. Idk how much is ok or if it needs to be tight. Any help or ideas is much appreciated!
  9. So I hauled a small trailer and some lawnmowers today and after I got everything unloaded I went to unhook the trailer well when I shut off the truck I can hear gurgling from the fuel tank. No pressure was relieved when I unscrewed the fuel cap but I can hear the fuel moving when it gurgles. Then it did it again when I got back home and parked it. Normal?
  10. Well I reckon it was just a little rust build up. Drove it yesterday and hauled the tractor and bushog today. No issues at all. Glad it was nothing!
  11. Think I should be able to take them apart and clean them up and be ok if this is what's wrong?
  12. That's what I am hoping for. We shall see! Thanks for the reply!
  13. I drove the ol Dodge some today, cause it hasn't gotten driven much lately. Maybe 20 mins on back roads. I may have done a little "fun" driving but not much. I am not hard on it at all. Anyway I am pulling back into the driveway and I catch a wif of hot break. Both of the front breaks are hot enough I can feel heat coming from um. I replaced rotors, pads, and calipers about 10,000 miles ago. It didn't pull left or right while stopping. I think I'll drive it around again tmw and see what it does. But what do ya think it might be? Master cylinder? Flexible break lines? Or just because it sat for a little while??
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