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  1. Could be! Put new gear oil in it a while back and done the figure 8s. It started becoming harder to take out of 4x4 and then this happened so I just assumed it was the in the front. Yes I know what happens when I assume something. Lol
  2. 1999 ram jerks when turning like it's in 4x4 but the front drive is not turning so I know it's not in 4x4. Where should I start looking? U joints?
  3. Unreal Summit

    7 way trailer harness

    Turned out to be the trailer go figure!
  4. Unreal Summit

    7 way trailer harness

    Thank you for your help I appreciate it.
  5. Unreal Summit

    7 way trailer harness

    That's what I was thinking. It should be a trailer wiring issue not my truck. It should be a ground wire in the incorrect position. Right?
  6. Unreal Summit

    7 way trailer harness

    Sorry I should of been a bit more descriptive and clear. It smoked the ground wire on the trailer and the trailer brakes no longer work. Also when this happens my third brake light lit up and stayed on until I unplugged the trailer. When I test the plug on the truck using a test light all poles light up when they are supposed to. Constant hot, turn signals, so on. I use a smaller trailer that uses the 4 way plug that works just fine.
  7. A few months ago I hooked up to a trailer and smoked a few wires and the brakes dont work anymore on it. I been trying to figure out what was wrong with my truck. However using a test like everything is hooked up as it should be. Anyone have any suggestions??
  8. Unreal Summit

    7 pole trailer wiring

    Now that's an idea! I dont know why I didn't think of that thank you!
  9. Unreal Summit

    7 pole trailer wiring

    It seems to be wired up right from a test light but something is wrong somewhere. It could be aftermarket but it looks really close to a factory look.
  10. 2002 2500 with I think factory tow package has both 4 pole and 7 hooks up. The 4 way works like it should. Turn signals and brakes. The 7 way only had turn signals and brake light brake box wouldn't come on either. Checked the 40 amp fuse under the hood for the trailer and it was bad swapped it out. Brake box worked and had running lights. Then the ground wire on the trailer was smoking and my third brake like was stuck on till we unhooked trailer. What is wired wrong on this truck? It ain't the trailer. I think something was odd about dodge wiring but I cant recall what. Any help is appreciated.
  11. Alright thank you!
  12. Sweet thanks! Hopefully I can return the favor one day! https://www.dieselautopower.com/diesel-auto-power-75hp-performance-injectors-7x0-0085-vco-vp7x85vco/ What about these? Is 75hp to much for Stock everything else? Sorry for all the questions guys.
  13. Awesome! Thanks guys I really appreciate the help!
  14. Alight thanks guys. I guess I'll try and baby it around town and work some ot and buy me a set. Rv275s is what y'll would recommend for good fuel mpg and reliability?
  15. It was 32 with strong winds this mornin unknown wind chill. Is it safe to drive or do I need to stop and get new injectors asap