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  1. Awesome! That's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!
  2. I thought I would have some kinda code. Or heads up about something going wrong. But nothing it just shut down. No lights nothing really weird. Now no white smoke and still no start.
  3. I been driving my brothers 99 truck for work. Started it up today and let it run for just a minute while I got situated in the truck. Then it just cut off like it ran out of fuel. White smoke from the tail pipe. I tried to start it backup. White smoke no start. Now no smoke and no start at all where should I start?
  4. Now that's a idea!! I didn't think it would hurt but I wanted to be sure! Thanks guys.
  5. What's everyones thoughts on using a trickle charger/ battery maintainer on my truck with the quadzilla hooked up? I know it says if I am jumping off I need I need to unhook the quad. Y'all think I'll be ok to leave it hooked up?
  6. Thought about the t style upgrade as well. Anything should help a little bit at least.
  7. I think that's what we will try and a maybe a steering brace.
  8. I don't mean to hijack the op but my brothers 99 is a dang job to drive. A good amount of slop, bumps make it wonder, and it's just not fun at all. Ball joints are good, it's in alignment, we have been wondering if a new redhead box would help or if we should start else where??
  9. Yea I just wanted a fast simple way to give me a some kind of a idea of transmission temps. Thank you!
  10. Thats what i was hoping to hear! Thank you. Ever time I would click on the icon to move it off the screen it would say 71. That makes sense now. Thank you! Guess I'll get a new water washer and try it again. Thank u!
  11. Well crap. I was hoping this would be a pretty simple install and go kinda deal.
  12. That's where the quadzilla instructions say to put it. I kinda thought that would be correct! What's my options?
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