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  1. Yea it helped a lot! Wouldn't of thought to see that big of a difference. Maxes out that hy35 pretty quick lol. Thanks for all ur help!
  2. that would work. But I just wanted to give it a little more juice if possible with the quad. Which it did and worked really well. No lock up switch or anything. Lol
  3. I was trying to mainly keep it from down shifting while making the pull. I might be at 25 to 30% throttle. The adjustment from 1.5 to 2 max load helped big time. Big difference! That will what I use on my fun tune and maybe tow tune. Daily will be 1 as it seemed to help my mpg according to my lie o meter. Thanks mopmar man! Yet again you are the man! Makes boost super fast now lol
  4. I thought about the headstud thing about 2 hours after I sent it lol. I think dropping the max load to 1 helped the fuel mileage not drop as much on hills but didn't really make a improvement on more power. I'll try going up to 2 on the way home today. I'll try and add my tune today when I get home. Don't think I can do it on my phone.
  5. I have the file exported but I can't seem to figure out how to upload it. I'll try switching the max load to 1 and see that that does. No headstuds but that shouldn't hurt anything should it?
  6. Yea I got a quadzilla and a bhaf, no muffler, and a fass 150. Sorry I ain't sure how to change my sig! Just wondering should I try and add more fuel from can bus cause I don't use wire tap. Or take more timing away Figured out the sig. Sorry about that Timing is Max load offest 1.5 Low psi 5 Timing reduct scaling 60 Light throttle 2 Max timing 15,18,21,23, and 25 Fuel is 109, 111, 113, 115, 118, 121, 124 and so on
  7. I am wondering if I can tweak something in my tuning to give me a little more power on hills. If I am running 55 up a decent grade it's like it's stuck between wanting to down shift and just not having the power to pick up the speed I want it too. Kinda hard to explain so I hope I make some sense. I know some bigger injectors and turbo would help more than anything.
  8. Would the one way check valve be the round diaphragm that comes off the main line of the vacuum pump
  9. I got most of mine switched over to air brake line. It still reverts back to defrost after the truck is cut off and sits a few mins. However no more smoke coming from the vent tube and I haven't had a drop of oil from it in a couple of days now. So I'll call that a fix. Thanks y'all.
  10. Yea that was poor design. I might do something like that one day. Good thinking as always!
  11. Now that's a dang good idea!!! 1/4' air brake line should work well. Thank you!
  12. I got 208,xxx on her right now. I did the vent trick, where I left um on face and when I got in my truck it was blowing out the defrost untill I started my truck. So I undone the main vacuum line and plugged it. Boom no smoke/vapor as all. I think I already found my vacuum leak I just got to go get some more vacuum line. I guess this would make it drip more oil than it used to as well since it pushing more air around. Thanks everyone for your help!
  13. Good idea. Warm weather shouldn't make it worse right?
  14. I can see it coming up coming from under my truck and when the wind blows I can really see it! Idk how to post a video on here or I would. I dont think I lose vacuum after my truck sits. I need to trace all my vacuum lines I guess.
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