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  1. Trip meter. That's the name. I don't know why I couldn't think of it! I heard a lot of good about ducky. A little slow on custom service but I like the injectors so far. Other than wondering where my fuel mileage went
  2. Got my ducky 7x9's in the other weekend. Working on my tunes a little at a time. Seems as tho my fuel mileage has fell pretty bad. Now that I think about could my mileage have reset when I unhooked my batteries??? Anywho the lie o meter seems to think it's not to much worse than it was. I have finally made my self stop getting on it every time I get in the truck! I have put about 300 miles on it since putting um in so I don't have a lot of data on um. However I can cruise at about 65 and timing is 18.56ish. Egts are at around 660. Add more timing or just give it some time for me to adjust to the new power? Mainly will the odometer reset with batteries unplugged. That will answer a lot of my questions as of now lol
  3. Awesome!! I am glad you got it done. Injectors make a huge difference! Wish I would of went bigger!
  4. I am gonna find out soon. I am very sure it should work without an issue.
  5. Alright y'all fellas I am 90% sure the squealing I have is coming from the tie rod so I am gonna upgrade it when I change it all out. I had some tell me that I need a different pitman arm? I think the kit I added above should just bolt right in. Right?
  6. Been working a lot lately but tired out the truck yesterday. Had it started at 105% and went up by 1% the whole way up the canbus scale. Floored it from a stop maybe a small puff of smoke. I will try a little more till I get some smoke. Then back it up a touch. Just feel like I didn't get 7x9s having to turn it up that much without smoke.
  7. Don't know why but I had to hammer down on the ol truck. But I do have my limits set for it. I'll give her a try today when I get home.
  8. I hate to hear that Mike had his quad fail. Any idea why? I just installed 7x9s this weekend on my hy35 and I wish I would of went bigger. Even with my quad off its nothing to drive and keep everything in check. I think that with the hx 35 you would be ok with 7x10s unless you are towing or just not paying attention while you drive.
  9. Put the quadzilla up to 150% and it's just a little puff. Happy with how it runs so I ain't mad that it don't smoke. However I was just concerned I did something wrong or the VP was going out.
  10. I am trying to get my tune right for my new injectors. I got some 7x9s(100hp) that we put in yesterday. I had my quad set to start at about 74% fueling. That was too low. Well long story short I got it at 100% starting and it don't smoke or haze much at all. Call me crazy but shouldn't they be a little smokey at 100%???
  11. I wish I could post the video of it. (Posted a video on Facebook 2nd Gen Cummins page)
  12. I don't know that this truck has ever had the power steering flushed! Good idea!
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