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  1. Unreal Summit

    7 pole trailer wiring

    Now that's an idea! I dont know why I didn't think of that thank you!
  2. Unreal Summit

    7 pole trailer wiring

    It seems to be wired up right from a test light but something is wrong somewhere. It could be aftermarket but it looks really close to a factory look.
  3. 2002 2500 with I think factory tow package has both 4 pole and 7 hooks up. The 4 way works like it should. Turn signals and brakes. The 7 way only had turn signals and brake light brake box wouldn't come on either. Checked the 40 amp fuse under the hood for the trailer and it was bad swapped it out. Brake box worked and had running lights. Then the ground wire on the trailer was smoking and my third brake like was stuck on till we unhooked trailer. What is wired wrong on this truck? It ain't the trailer. I think something was odd about dodge wiring but I cant recall what. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Alright thank you!
  5. Sweet thanks! Hopefully I can return the favor one day! https://www.dieselautopower.com/diesel-auto-power-75hp-performance-injectors-7x0-0085-vco-vp7x85vco/ What about these? Is 75hp to much for Stock everything else? Sorry for all the questions guys.
  6. Awesome! Thanks guys I really appreciate the help!
  7. Alight thanks guys. I guess I'll try and baby it around town and work some ot and buy me a set. Rv275s is what y'll would recommend for good fuel mpg and reliability?
  8. It was 32 with strong winds this mornin unknown wind chill. Is it safe to drive or do I need to stop and get new injectors asap
  9. 187,000 stock injectors as far as I know. So I take it the blue haze ain't normal for cold start then?
  10. No sir. I don't have a cle on or any soft codes.
  11. Terrible pic but where the muffler ends it's rusted off and then u see the smoke. Like this till the grid heater stopped cycling. Normal?
  12. Naw I don't mind at all. Thanks
  13. I'll have my wife get me some on her way home. Thank you so much! Hopefully my white smoke wasn't anything to worry with and I can get a fuel pressure gauge asap
  14. Got ya! Thank you. I'll do anything to add to the life of the truck.
  15. Alright thanks y'all! I am going to keep an eye on things and see if it smokes again anytime soon. Bout a quart per tank sound right for the 2 stroke oil? I appreciate all of the help!