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  1. Way too big IMO. Plan to grab some 200+hp injectors to get it going.
  2. Exactly. x100. I just went through the same quest as you OP but I have no desire to run compounds. I built a HX40 hybrid that is a billet wheel 60/64/12 for about $600 all in. The turbo is amazing and does the job perfectly IMO in the towing application. I just finished a 7 hour round trip towing a 14k 5th wheel and the turbo performed fantastic. Agree with above... towing above level 3 (wire tap) is kind of crappy because wire tap is not conrolled very well and tends to be abrupt/jerky. The one mistake i
  3. Agree..not more than $20 Heres a new one for $45 https://www.amazon.com/Turbo-Lab-America-Compressor-Holset/dp/B082VL66FC
  4. Interesting. Both of you guys are running 7x10s and seeing 30-35 on level 3. This is what im after
  5. How much boost are you seeing on level 3 of the quad on the default tuning?
  6. I apologize for not mentioning that part of all this sooner. Truth is, you'll probably be fine with it how it is.
  7. Quick update, i towed my loaded toybox (almost 14k lbs) 6.5 hours last weekend and absolutely no issues. Turbo worked fantastic.. EGTs on the uphill climbs never over 1100 on quad level 3 with my 7x0085's. I was seeing around 25 psi boost. This makes me think i can go up to 7x10s which will give me closer to 35 psi on level 3 hopefully resulting in even more power with minimal rise in EGT. I really cant complian... truck towed the load fantastic. I maintained 65mph on the flats and never less than 50-55 up the grades.
  8. Ive found that the big name diesel shops usually over charge for some of the bigger items (turbos as an example). Did you end up running yours as is, or what's the plan?
  9. TBH, id have the shop balance them as i described only because the turbo is going to work at 30-40 psi or more. If you planned to use it on a gas car at lower boost (25 psi or so) then i wouldnt worry about it. Just my opinion above..... who knows, it might last a LONG time the way it is.
  10. Correct but they (turbine and compressor) are each individually balanced. The turbo shop will assemble the turbine and compressor together with a locknut and balance all 3 as a unit.
  11. It will be fine. The parts turbolab sells are quality parts. Ive assembled 4 turbos from him in the past 7 years and EVERY one of them is still going. It would be good to have your turbine and compressor wheels balanced before you assemble though, just to be sure. I had that done on mine when i had them open up the turbine housing.
  12. Before buying a new MAP sensor, try pulling it off and spraying some wd-40 inside to break up some of the carbon and grit that may be in there. Use some compressed air to d0uche it out real good afterwards. I believe its a deep 30mm socket to get MAP off. Worth a shot before spending $$.
  13. Turbolabofamerica....thats who supplied my parts too. Great guy, Austin. My billet 60/64/12 just made a 6 hour trip towing 14k lbs without issue. Love this turbo!
  14. On what level did you see 1400 degrees? we just towed our 14k Lb 5er up a 10 mile grade that ranged from 4-6%... on level 3 with 75hp injectors and about 25psi out of my hx40 hybrid... the max I saw EGT was 1100-1150. i feel like I could have gotten into some wiretap for more power up the hill but she maintained 50 mph at the steepest part of the hill so I suppose that’s enough.
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