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  1. Edge EZ does boost fooling so adding a Qudzilla fooler will not get you any gains. A boost elbow would help a little. More fuel and custom tuning with an adrenaline would be the next upgrade I would do (with a boost elbow.)
  2. HX35 only wastegates the front 3 cylinders. Take of hx35 and grind down the center divider a little and use a non divided turbo/manifold gasket, or drill a 5/8" or larger hole in the divider from the side exhausting cylinders 4-6 to cylinders 1-3. Also port the wastegate port to 7/8" and you should be able to lower your back pressure by a good bit.
  3. K27 is 60mm compressor, but it is shorter and smaller and moves LESS air than the s300G 57mm. K27 is similar to 35/40 hybrid, and max 75-100HP injector with an adrenaline. 57mm s300GXE is an updated 57mm and flows 66lbs/minute and will support 450HP. 62mm sxe will support 525-550HP HX35 modified can be quick spooling with 62mm or larger compressor, Looks like the Dieselfuture above did nice work. Remember that the 62mm is only part of the dimensions. If you dont have a machine shop at your disposal then a new s300 sxe turbo is just about as expensive Consider and Adrenaline, and a boost elbow or turngate/turnbuckle and raise boost to 30-32psi. You do not need a new turbo with rv275 and an adrenaline. HX35 is fine, hy35 might get a touch warmer. You can mod your turbo for better turbine flow if you have a bench grinder. Call for more help.
  4. Check out here https://www.facebook.com/DieselAutoPower/ and here https://www.dieselautopower.com/early-inventory-savings-going-on-now for delas on open box, overstock and rebuilt parts.
  5. Waste of money. Get this instead its only $30 on ebay! Seriously the electronic spool will help emissions and performance... essentially supercharging vehicle until exhaust gasses bring the turbo up to speed. IIRC garret has it in production, but has not disclosed which vehicle manufacturer will be the recipient.
  6. the SXE wheel and cover are better than the standard s300 cover and 62 wheel. The 65/14 and 68/12 perform similar in spool and flow.
  7. The tune you are running is close to my tune for 7x.012 and high altitude. Add some fuel, especially after 3-5 psi and you will be happier.
  8. Glad to hear you were taken care of. My apologies that it did not get delivered as expected. We appreciate your understanding and your business!
  9. Congratulations! Nick, Please send details and we will get them set up.
  10. Check boost leaks for sure. 2200-2300 seems normal for full boost. I have also seen faulty pyrometer, or one that is grounding out adjust EGT displayed temps. Have you got a temp gauge gun to see if one cylinder is running much hotter? Maybe its a problem with one injector.
  11. Wastegate should open when drive pressure becomes above 1:1 or 1.2 drive :1.0 boost I would definitely check for boost leak. What is the max boost you can hit? Should be 35-45psi with the box turned up.
  12. An exchange would be best. Not much to gain by going to 3rd gen cover except spending money unnecessarily. Looks like it is the short actuator. I dont remember the reason why fitment is more difficult. It has been some time since that question has come up. Anyone here remember?
  13. Keep the edge filters in. Its the last filter in line to keep debris from your nozzle and combustion chamber. Contact us on the rebuild and we can set the pressure to what ever you like (310-320BAR is typical for that size). Since you already bought injectors from us and its our injectors we are working on we give a special discount to go through them 7x.012 or 7x.013 would be a great upgrade if you want more power. Going bigger you may see some haze at idle. With the Adrenaline you can tune the other smoke out and reduce the fuel stretch on the VP44.
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