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  1. Compounds with s400 turbo is under $2000, but you need studs. Awesome for towing.
  2. k27 can require a bit of work too. better as drop in for 12v..... but still nothing close to the newer billet 57mm borg s300. K27 is slightly better than stock and not more compressor flow than a 57mm s300 (even the old style or he351). Keep in miond also that the k27 for the dodge were modified from the factory for fitment. I would not expect one from the car application to do well. Yes if you are going to do custom tuning and s357 billet then go with 7x.0095 or 7x.010
  3. That is us. Call in and lets get you a package deal. Let the sales person know that you are a referral from Mopar1973man.com and JKIDD.
  4. Its the older style. Its proven to last a long time and are reliable. The new pumps are supposed to be an improvement. Its my job to help people spend money! Need any more reasons? Seriously though you are probably fine with your existing pump. Warranty pumps will likely be upgraded to the new pumps by Fass
  5. you could sell mounting bracket/ wiring harness and lines on ebay for $150-200. People sometimes will pull the pump off a wrecked truck then realize its about $300 worth of fitting and install parts.
  6. We sell shims here https://www.dieselautopower.com/diesel-auto-power-24v-injector-pop-off-pressure-shim-kit-24vshim If you just want a few of a specific size we have as small as .05"
  7. Not directly... But we are subsidizing 0% for 12 months with AFFIRM, or if you are paying with check/money order we can often include a cash discount of 2% (not a lot, but if its a big ticket it can make sense.... credit cards charge fees and I would rather discount those fees back to the customer where allowed by the MFG map pricing policies.)
  8. Superseded is a better term for the original series. The new pumps in production at Fass are the Signature series. Fass has a strong policy against discounts on their products, but superseded discontinued products are allowed to be discounted so we are selling them for a lower price
  9. I have at least 2x pallets of the original FASS pumps and have them on sale on our site (discontinued = no MAP). The signature series makes sense if you have a late model diesel as they are quieter. Not convinced the value is there for a VP or 3rd gen or even early 4th gen truck.
  10. We still do the rental for those who cannot find anyone local who can help. Better than going to the dealership. https://www.dieselautopower.com/smarty-s-03-rental-sr-s03a
  11. nice find for the truck. I recently sold my 6spd as well. 2wd in the snow is not practical. Get some better headlights https://www.dieselautopower.com/standard-to-sport-edition-headlight-conversion-9402spchl Quadzilla Adrenaline Gm solenoid conversion https://www.dieselautopower.com/gm-solenoid-conversion-upgrade-kit-d-cf1 1 1/2 deep trans pan for $245 and the band anchor, apply lever and strut here https://www.dieselautopower.com/catalogsearch/result/index/?brand=314&q=dtt
  12. For towing Stage 1 Quadzilla Adrenaline, buy the fuel pressure sensor add on. All gauges, custom tunes and more power than Timing box and 75HP injectors that is easily adjustable. Boost Elbow (assuming lift pump is already done) If you want more power Stage 2 (all of the above +) 100-150HP injectors Clutch to hold extra power (Valiar Organic HD single 400-450HP) (DD Valair Organic 550HP) 2wd low kit (allows 2wd Low by locking out front wheel power in 2WLO if you have 4wd to crawl back at 1.5mph instead of clutch in / ou tto stay under 5mph) better headlights https://www.dieselautopower.com/standard-to-sport-edition-headlight-conversion-9402spchl Turbo (57/65/12 or 14 SXE turgo (good to 450HP) or... do compound turbos with head studs and valve springs (about $650) (kit $1300, turbo s464/83/1.10AR $650) support 500-550HP and spool super fast, and get 60psi, and sustained temps of about 1150 when loaded going up hill.
  13. I noticed the 2010-2012 is not in this link. I have asked our web guy to update it today. https://www.dieselautopower.com/catalogsearch/result/index/?brand=436&q=cummins+tuner+ With emissions becoming more enforced and tuning with emissions present becoming better its a good idea to look at custom tuning with emissions present tuning.
  14. Emissions present custom tuning is a good option as well. You can turn off the EGR and Regens go down to almost never. We offer them and would recommend many look this direction to avoid future headaches with registration, risk of fines etc.
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