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  1. Yes it is crazy competitive in some areas. If you are doing it for fun its a different goal set and budget than if you are competing and an ego is on the line.
  2. 200HP injectors would be fine. I think the 8x.010 sac would be fine, of go a little bigger with the 7x.012 sac Double duty of street and sled its hard to be competitive. if you can do the s463.5 then you will get more top end performance out of it. if you want something in the middle the 63/73/12 gated will flow more than the 63/68/14 and if you decide you want more flow you can go T4 and 1.00 housing with the 73mm turbine if you want to make it better for sled pulling.
  3. Sorry you are having connection issues. They happen sometimes, but it should not be as often or problematic as you are experiencing. Call in to Quadzilla and see if they can offer you support or test the module. I will confirm the IQUAD+ has been shipping out for a while as a free upgrade. It offers WIFI on IOS and BT on Android. Quadzilla only has 2 parts now where there used to be 6. Hopefully that makes it easier if someone switches from IOS to android or the other way around. Also the 2001 and 2002 are compatible for the same kit. The 1998.5-2000 have differen
  4. No need for high flow tubes unless you are running 6x.013 and bigger, have high feed lines and mods to your injector body. Many people do nt replace them and have no problems. Its up to you. New tubes are not necessary unless you have a 1998.5 Consider selling/returning the smarty and getting a Quadzilla Adrenaline... way more features, less smoke and more power.
  5. Is the 68/14 and 73.4/12 supposed to be compared? 73.4/12 will flow more (I think it would compare nicely to the 80/71 in 14cm gated housing that was on the super B special for many years) @Threadzy Speaking of turbine flow. You can see that any s300 option you pick will be a significant upgrade in compressor and turbine flow.
  6. We can go over the injectors and re-pop them. If they are our injectors we cut labor in 1/2. Regarding DDP injectors I recommend working with them directly. They have a good reputation.
  7. Check out the turbine sheet I posted earlier. These are non gated T4 housings. Consider that a T4 will flow more than a T3, and that a wastegate adds about 20% more flow when open. On the map the turbine wheels are referenced by the inducer and in our normal dodge speak we reference the exducer so on the map a 74mm = what we reference as a 65mm 76mm = 68mm 80mm=73.4mm when we switch to speaking of s400 wheels we usually reference the inducer (83,87,96 etc) Turbine flow will be important for higher RPM and HP. you should monitor your drive pressur
  8. Read this on another website. the s464 is offered in a billet configuration and its a better wheel. : [s300]Billet compressor wheel inducer options: 61mm (2.45” inlet), 63mm (2.55” inlet), 64mm (2.60” inlet), 66mm (2.65” inlet), or 69mm (2.75” inlet) [s400] -Cast compressor wheel inducer options: 64mm (2.55” inlet), 66mm (2.65” inlet), 72mm (2.85” inlet), or 75mm (3.00” inlet)
  9. 7x.013 are about 250-300HP over stock injector. the VP44 has a diminishing ability to fuel when you get bigger injectors... they just don't = a matching amount of fuel delivered. S400 are significantly more durable. Larger injectors will give you more control over the tiiming of the injection event and reduce duration. Turbos.... The larger covers also allow for more air to flow. The turbine wheel is a lot heavier and so is the compressor wheel. the 63.5mm is older technology and not as efficient as the newer 67.7mm s400 wheel for example. Its really hard to split
  10. Got it... fun stuff and not intended for dual purpose. Consider some 7x.013 injectors (detune with QZ for daily driving) and 64.5/73.4/12cm for close to support 600HP and it will be way more responsive than a s464 (6.7L can support s400 chargers a lot better). The 12cm housing should let you spool up around 1900-2000rpm and will flow more than a 64.5/68/14cm. by comparison vs a 62/68/12 at about 1600-1700. ( altitude, tire size, trans, axle ratio will affect turbo sizing) Lower elevation you can go bigger because you have more air pressure 14.7psi at sea
  11. Your original post lacks some detail. What size injectors are you going to run? Do you have a HP goal? Sled pulling and street driving are on opposite sides of the spectrum. If you choose a turbo that is well suited for either you will hate it for the other. Sled pulling 2.5 class = custom turbo like s400 (63.5mm for budget, or "65mm" aka 64.5mm in an s400 frame for more competition) Its going to tow like a fat turd but make big peak HP. 62/68/12 S300 SXE is going to be small to be competitive but will drive nicely for 500HP and daily drive and towing. s300 SX
  12. 68mm turbine with 12cm is best for daily driving and for 500HP-525HP. Above that the14cm will allow for a little less back pressure and will support 550HP- 575HP on the turbine side nicely. Turbine size and turbine housing size make a big difference. Here is a chart for reference. Gated housings add an extra 20% or so flow.
  13. It was a 57/61 with 5 bolt flange. They are discontinued, but we have plans.... @Mopar1973man here is a link for the boost actuator https://www.dieselautopower.com/5-9l-turbo-wastegate-control-solenoid
  14. We want to pass on the deals to Forum members, then we will start listing on Amazon and eBay. If someone wants to make an offer on a part email sales@dieselautopower.com. We are trying to make way for new products coming soon!
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