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  1. dieselautopower

    Testing Injector Pop Pressure in the real world

    Thank you for sharing the Dodge FSM specs.
  2. dieselautopower

    Testing Injector Pop Pressure in the real world

    That is a wider range than the Bosch ESI[Tronic] specs for the stock injectors. Operating envelope given by dodge is broader than Bosch has for parts spec.
  3. dieselautopower

    Testing Injector Pop Pressure in the real world

    300-314BAR is Bosch spec for the injectors on a VP44 Dodge. 315BAR is not going to be much change.
  4. dieselautopower

    Well the Order is in

    Glad the new truck is in your possession. I love the color!
  5. dieselautopower

    Bigger Injectors

    That head comes with stock springs. Head studs are a given for reliability at 500HP and above. Springs and pushrods would be nice, depending on how much more HP and RPM you will require. We can get a performance head, but its more than what you need. Many people pull the head bolts out one at a time and replace with a stud to keep the factory seal in place on the head gasket. This way you can avoid removing the head.
  6. dieselautopower

    Bigger Injectors

    The Screaming eagle turbo is equal to what people would have paid almost $2000 for 3 years ago. Borg warner now offers a performance SXE turbo that is mass produced and most turbo companies are building of the SXE as its core... then marking things up a lot to come to a $1700 price anyways... VP trucks should use the 68mm turbine wheel unless you are trying to get above 550HP. 62mm compressor wheel on the SXE flows like the 63mm on the older box borg units. They are very efficient. a 62/68/12 will support 500-550HP nicely and spool pretty fast. at 500HP you may also consider upgraded pushrods and valvesprings
  7. dieselautopower

    Bigger Injectors

    I would do at least 150HP injectors... should get you to 500-550HP so you will able to play with extra tuning from the Adrenaline to get to 450-500HP
  8. dieselautopower

    Well the Order is in

    Sorry to hear Nick! Definitely a punch to the gut! I know of a white 2000 cummins 2500 truck floating around with makings for a new interior (all ordered, yet to install) if you cant wait and want to go a step backwards....
  9. dieselautopower

    Bigger Injectors

    If you tow a lot or live at high elevation with 3.55 gears and 35" tires compounds will be great. You can do a s475 (with 83mm turbine, or 96mm turbine and 1.15AR housing) and support 550HP with your stock turbo, or go cheaper and do the s464 and support 450-500HP and spool faster. For injectors you will typically stretch your dollar further by selling your performance set and getting a new set from us. Selling used nozzles is a low value proposition, and the value of having them already set up is lost. Good price for a used set of 75HP injectors is $250 or so.
  10. dieselautopower

    Injector Flap on Dodge Cummins Diesel Forum!

    Thank you. We have taken care to update descriptions so hopefully no one can misunderstand what they are purchasing. There needs to be more transparency. We buy parts cheaper than those suppliers in our territory will supply and pass that savings to our customers. There were multiple issues to discuss. Some specific to DAP and others a referendum on the industry as a whole. Unfortunately a civil discussion was made difficult by certain members and vendors and conflation and confusion of multiple issues made discussion difficult. We have been in business for 10 years. Check out the site for our anniversary sale (including no core on 99% of 5.9L and 6.7L common rail injectors. We are adding more to it daily. We want to give back to our customers. We are grateful for your support!
  11. Correct, Speaking to the Service Manager he said that the warranty rate for 2 year pumps was 1.5% and the 1 year pump was about 3%. Midwest has been great to work with!
  12. dieselautopower

    Choosing the right turbo

    Looks like they sent the fitting common for most 12v. 24v will need a different fitting as you found out. We include both fittings with our kits as it is a pin to find the right one when your truck is already torn apart. Part you should need is FS-2404-06-04 Available at most hydraulic shops. We stock a couple hundred Hope you receive this information early enough to get parts today!
  13. dieselautopower

    Choosing the right turbo

    Way more air than a 174430 old style super B. It also has a smaller turbine wheel (61). The new style super B or the SXE 57mm s300 I linked to earlier is good to 450-500HP.
  14. dieselautopower

    +50 Injectors

    That could be a possibility, Cruising temps with +50HP or + 200HP should not be much different.
  15. dieselautopower

    Choosing the right turbo

    Here is the link to the s200GX-E That is direct replacement https://www.dieselautopower.com/s200gx-e-dodge-ram-upgrade-turbo-12769880001 68lbs/minute. Will post up some maps and more detail shortly.