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  1. dieselautopower

    Turbo Install

    BTW...Get yourself a Quadzilla for your next mod... and another hoodie Sell your mechanical gauges and other programmer and you will be halfway there.
  2. dieselautopower

    Turbo Install

    I will slow your spool up a little as it will reduce the pulsing from the manifold, but EGT at WOT and back pressure will go down. If you want to enlarge the wastegate passage to relieve additional drive pressure at WOT you may be able to get to 7/8" IIRC.
  3. dieselautopower

    Quad struggles

    Thanks for the heads up Nick. I will send a link to the thread to Spencer and Marco.
  4. dieselautopower

    Turbo Install

    Glad you are up and running. Its a little late, but its a good idea to drill or notch the divide on the turbine housing to allow the turbo to gate both volutes of turbo. In stock form only the front 3 cylinders are gated on an hx35. How much did you see your EGT drop by going to the bigger hx35?
  5. dieselautopower


    Super 40 is a decent turbo. 60mm with 16cm turbine. Its a bit slow/lazy, but will support 450-500HP consider it a little less than 62mm cast for peak flow and a litle slower to spool and convert/ base your tune on someones existing tune with 62mm turbo or start from scratch.
  6. dieselautopower

    Sport Headlight conversion Kit for 2nd Gen Ram

    I switched to sport headlights on my truck 5 years ago. My top 3 non-power upgrades are: #1 Sport Headlights - Nice to be able to see better at night and not be held hostage from streetlamp to streetlamp. #2 Tape on, or glue in the piezo speaker that dings when the keys are in the ignition (the one you can hear from 2 football fields away...) #3 Swapping the seat cushion from the passenger to the driver seat. 4 bolts and its like a new seat. Had a butt in the drivers seat for 200k miles, passenger maybe 1/4 of that. Not I don't have to keep my wallet in my left pocket to sit up straight while driving
  7. dieselautopower

    Testing Injector Pop Pressure in the real world

    Thanks for the update. I want those injectors to run good for you. I would like you to send them back in. Check with warranty@dieselautopower.com and lets get it fixed for you.
  8. dieselautopower

    Testing Injector Pop Pressure in the real world

    Did we do the initial setting of pressure? We use a digital gauge that gives very accurate max pop off pressure.
  9. dieselautopower

    Performance Upgrades

    Stock injectors will not get you there. Neither will a stock turbo. 325-350HP is about as much as you can hope for with a programmer (ADRENALINE!!!!) and stock turbo/injectors. Your truck will likely make 400-450Hp with a set of 100HP injectors and a super B turbo. Its a great responsive set up. Consider doing 150HP injectors and custom tune the quadzilla.... then if you ever decide to go with a 62mm turbo you can hit 500HP with the quadzilla turned up. .....(shameless plug for quadzilla and injector combo with discount) https://www.dieselautopower.com/dap-vp-truck-performance-bundle
  10. dieselautopower

    Thanks to diesel auto power

    Wow! You got those installed already! They were must have been built and shipped October 1st. Glad you like the new power.
  11. dieselautopower

    Preferred vendor for diesel parts...

    Thanks for your response. Drive safely.
  12. dieselautopower

    Preferred vendor for diesel parts...

    I am sorry you are not happy. Our core form states 30 days for full credit https://www.dieselautopower.com/media/wysiwyg/Core_Return_Form_2016.pdf If you would like to call in, send the core injectors in for full credit towards a fuel system and a free extra set of filters to go with your purchase.
  13. dieselautopower

    Preferred vendor for diesel parts...

    Many shops do 1/2 credit or no credit after 30 or 60 days. We often extend full credit on cores to 6 months on request. A year is a long time. Some methods of payment will not even allow us to refund orders that old electronically. Sorry we did not meet your expectations.
  14. dieselautopower

    Preferred vendor for diesel parts...

    Bob, We stock the parts you are looking for here and if you call in we have sales guys that all drive diesels. Shipping to California is 2 days for most items and shipping is free for most orders. Happy to help a fellow forum member.