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  1. A hx35/ super B special (64/71/14 .80 gated) is a little small for a primary, but you can make it work. Peak HP would be lowered to about 450-500HP, but spool up would be very fast. The BD towing kit is 57/65/14 over a 66/74 with a larger turbine housing like 1.10AR and rated for for about 550HP max. Ironically the superB special is rated at about 600HP max as a single turbo, but is not very happy towing at high elevations.
  2. Nozzles should last much longer than 7500km. I looked up your order and saw that you bought nozzles. Contact Mitch and we can get something worked out for you.
  3. 60/s475 should be good for 600-700HP. You should be fine with a set of 7x.014 sac for about $600. S475 and compound piping is under $2000 for the set.
  4. Thank you @Mopar1973Man I responded to his PM
  5. dieselautopower


  6. It could be related. Low pressure could cause problems for sure for higher end power. Check to see if the snubber is installed and if its a needle valve that it is open.
  7. Thank you. Would you like to mention a specific sales/tech that helped you?
  8. he351cw 60mm is the same wheel (or its previous part #) is most often used to build 35/40
  9. Sorry to hear about your turbo. Unfortunately I do not think the he341 will work.... iirc its 58mm and your hx35 is 54mm or 56mm.
  10. 62/73.4 will fit in your T4 .91 and would be less expensive as you would not need a turbine housing (save about $160, or $210 if its hx40 cut) Would be better to do a 62/68/.83 T4 for the faster spool up, and you can sell the 66mm with a housing if you decide you want to keep the 62mm. Felix can get a discount on the parts for you.
  11. Correct, It will help top end power. Low end spool up will be slightly inhibited as you will lose some of the pulsing of the twin volute. Reducing back pressure is important. 1.2psi back pressure or lower to 1.0psi Boost otherwise you are leaving HPon the table. Running a waste gate or getting a larger turbine wheel or housing will reduce back pressure. You add more exhaust gasses/ from fuel/ boost/ higher RPM and it gets constricted. The stock hx35 is about 58mm exducer on the turbine (25.4mm = 1") =2.3" figure you have a 7mm shaft, + hub (lets say 2x 3mm=6mm) and a number of blades on the shaft. So with bad math we get to about 45mm with blades in the way. So thats about 1.8" with blades. Enter the wastegated housing... 17mm to 22mm are common sizes, S300 turbos usually have 2 of them. So with the wrong size turbine/wastegate/ turbine housing its common to have over boost (less efficient), over speed of the compressor wheel (reduced life from centripetal forces on the wheel = deformation, oiling problems, less efficient, more wear), and restriction to the flow of the exhaust). Its about flow in and out of the engine (boost does help). Think of a water hose. Low pressure... high flow. Kink the hose and you get 40-60psi.... and no flow. There is a sweet spot and a good place to start is 1.2back pressure to 1.0psi boost. No one would recommend ditching a 3" or 4" exhaust and putting a 2" exhaust on just to overspeed the turbo, make it less efficient and wear out your turbo faster to create greater pumping losses in HP and a pressureized engine/box). But that is what blosking off the wastegate can do for you if you do not know your boost /drive pressure ratio. Who has measured their back pressure/ drive pressure and lowered their boost to bring back pressure to a more beneficial #? Please post your experience. Manimalmother, Looks like you did a nice job. The more you pull out of that center divider the more the sides can equalize pressure and gate from both sides, but the more it disrupts the pulsing and therefore the spooling of the turbine. If more power is your goal do aggressive machining as pictured. If you want a small reduction in drive pressure/ with less reduction in spool go milder. Again the machine work looks great.
  12. Without a compressor MAP and turbine flow its hard to do a side by side comparison Looks like a good turbo and hope it works well for you. Something to be said for modifying an hx35 or he351 and doing it different. I am sure there are benefits to both a custom hx35 and sxe turbo. FYI I have seen maps for 60mm compressors that varied from 56lbs/second to about 68lbs of flow. Those of you who have sized a prop for a boat may be familiar with more of the differences.... blades, pitch, inducer (usually the only one measured) and exducer diameter, hieght of the wheel, tip extension, extended tip, and the AR of the compressor. the 66mm SXe with larger compressor AR gained about 9lbs of flow by going to the larger housing. SXE 64.5/88 exducer outflows the older design 66/91 exducer. Maybe a turbo engineer or someone who is more familiar is reading and can offer details and pictures...
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