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  1. not worth killing anyone over $30 or so. These are really low margin items... unless we sell them for $1800.
  2. Its typical to lose bottom end when you go to a bigger turbo, the hopes are that it will lower EGT and get you more air at mid to higher RPM and load. 64mm is really big for 100HP injectors. 12cm is not going to speed up spool time by more than 50-100RPM All the items below will speed up your response on the turbo: smaller turbine housing smaller compressor and turbine wheel Higher gear ratio for axle 4.10 instead of 3.55 looser converter on the transmission Smaller tires Lower elevation Airflow mods (headwork, cam,
  3. Agreed- part of the recipe for a high altitude turbo is a bigger compresor wheel and tighter exhaust or smaller turbine. at sea level where the air is denser (14.7psi vs 12.5 at 4500ft and lower at 7300ft) then the larger compressor wheel can contribute to higher drive pressure issues unless the exhaust side is also modified.
  4. The compressor dimensions are only part of the story. There is tip height that is not included in many measurements. In short the S200GXE is newer development and it was recently adapted to fit the Dodge application with some custom parts. The s200GXE is not as well known. It does have some smaller dimensions than the K27 but it flows more air. The k27 does extremely well for high altitude and quick spooling. Reasons why I like the s200GXE better: S200GXE is newer technology The s200 is rebuildable. More parts for support (k27 i
  5. Its eye candy. Not interested in selling the illusion of power. We want to get you parts that will make a difference. We want to consult with our customers and help find out what their needs are. Wants are ok too! (nobody NEEDS a 600HP truck !!)
  6. this turbo is a bit small for 5x.013 but its great for 400HP. Big upgrade form HX35/40 or K27 https://www.dieselautopower.com/s200gx-e-dodge-ram-upgrade-turbo-12769880001 5x.013 you will want the 62/68/12 SXE. They wont tow as well as your stock turbo, but midrange and top end will be much better.
  7. Intake elbow works great for common rail. Not much of a restriction on the 24v vp44 powered trucks. Tunnel ram would help more. intake1 = 24v, 2= aftermarket elbow 3= 3rd gen Restriction is due to the way they bolt onto the intake plenum. Biggest restrictions will be intake filter, intake plenum (not elbow) too small of wastegate, small turbine housing and small turbine wheel on stock turbo. pics are from DTR
  8. I will check. Started going through emails and forums and started here on this site first.
  9. Isspro is my go to for gauges. The Quadzilla Adrenaline already has 20+ parameters to monitor and data log. Would be cheaper to buy a second phone (or a used donor ) to keep it connected to the truck instead of using the one you receive calls on.
  10. We have a few of the Assassin pumps on sale if you want a Mechanical pump, but not spend big $$. https://www.dieselautopower.com/dtt-assassin-mechanical-fuel-pump-with-plumbing-98502afp
  11. We have stronger springs for $249 High quality steel. if you want 550-600HP you will want bigger than the 6x.011, Go a little bigger to 7x.011sac or 7x.012vco or 6x.012sac ( 7 hole are often cleaner.) 550HP is about the max for a 62/68/12 64/73.4/12 would be better suited, but would not tow as well.
  12. We love trucks! We treat every customer like our brother or neighbor. We don't oversell and want to be honest, even if that means cutting the invoice in half. We prefer to be consultants and help customers get the best value. We even have some take off parts or returns for some items (unforunatley we can't list all of them due to MAP stuff) Most of us here have or had 2nd gen trucks so we know what up with them and the problems they have. You are certainly welcome to call us and tell us what you want and we can help you split your build into stages so you don't have to duplica
  13. Awesome! Let me know what day you are thinking want to make sure I am here to meet you!
  14. Here's the link for the shirt. https://www.dieselautopower.com/diesel-auto-power-moose-mode-shirt @Mopar1973Man Are you an XL?
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