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  1. Congratulations! Nick, Please send details and we will get them set up.
  2. Check boost leaks for sure. 2200-2300 seems normal for full boost. I have also seen faulty pyrometer, or one that is grounding out adjust EGT displayed temps. Have you got a temp gauge gun to see if one cylinder is running much hotter? Maybe its a problem with one injector.
  3. Wastegate should open when drive pressure becomes above 1:1 or 1.2 drive :1.0 boost I would definitely check for boost leak. What is the max boost you can hit? Should be 35-45psi with the box turned up.
  4. An exchange would be best. Not much to gain by going to 3rd gen cover except spending money unnecessarily. Looks like it is the short actuator. I dont remember the reason why fitment is more difficult. It has been some time since that question has come up. Anyone here remember?
  5. Keep the edge filters in. Its the last filter in line to keep debris from your nozzle and combustion chamber. Contact us on the rebuild and we can set the pressure to what ever you like (310-320BAR is typical for that size). Since you already bought injectors from us and its our injectors we are working on we give a special discount to go through them 7x.012 or 7x.013 would be a great upgrade if you want more power. Going bigger you may see some haze at idle. With the Adrenaline you can tune the other smoke out and reduce the fuel stretch on the VP44.
  6. boost correlation with HP would be hard to measure, (variables like turbine size, compressor wheel and turbine wheel size, gated housing or non gated, altitude etc.) hx35 might fit rule of thumb of 8-10HP per psi, but drive pressure and altitude would still affect it considerably. HX35 would be LUCKY to get much more than 54lbs/minute at likely 60% efficiency at 35psi 62mm sxe @ 30 psi could flow up to 75lbs/minute or nearly 60psi at 76% efficiency
  7. Hi, The turbo is aftermarket, but the price is decent. I am a bit late to the thread. 62/65/14 will perform similar to a 62/68/12. great for 125-150HP and turned up Adrenaline or comp. With custom tuning you can go with bigger injectors and reduced teh fuel stretch on the VP44 and have more control of how and when you want the injection event. SXE turbo will have some benefits as its genuine Borg Warner parts. SXE gives you 360* thrust for better oiling and turbo life, Billet compressor wheel that will flow about 77-78 lbs/minute. 62 is more like 66-72 lbs/minute. If you want to run the turbo you have ask them to swap compressor covers and send the 3rd gen cover back. Check the turbine housing it may be a short actuator and 4.4" outlet. If that is the case a full exchange would be better.
  8. Warranty work is #1 choice. If you want to send them in we can help. Scheid under rates their injectors their 100HP is closer to most other brands 150HP.
  9. Many people run a low stall on a bigger turbo ten complain. This one would work well for you. for $600 or so https://www.dieselautopower.com/stage-2-single-disk-torque-converter-low-stall-billet-cover-for-47rh-47re-rated-up-to-850lbft-550hp We have a triple disk for under $900, but with a triple disk you would want a billet input. Upgraded flex plate for about $100 is recommended.
  10. Drive pressure could be fixed by porting the wastegate port from about 5/8" to 15/16" It will almost double the from w from the wastegate and reduce drive pressure closer to a 1.2:1.0 Boost (48psi drive, 40psi boost). There is lost energy overcoming all that back pressure. Our new 103# spring will be ready to go beginning of next week. Matched specs with our new computerized spring dyno. Remember that these trucks move a lot of air and are not very aerodynamic. Drag soaks up a lot of HP. I guessd on some of these but 60MPH is 50HP, and 100HP is 188HP.
  11. 1200 miles each way is a long way (coming from someone with a short commute). I definitely believe you on the MPG and the pleaseantness of driving a 4th gen and comfort. Your old truck has tons of power, but trips longer than 20 miles get me to thinking about a newer truck again. Nearly smokeless and about 500HP is plenty of fun. But I did break the rear end loose (and my wife did not think it was as fun as I did). She did shut down a 6.7L ford on the freeway and was excited to tell the team about it. Guess "driving fun" is contingent upon the driver.
  12. Compounds with s400 turbo is under $2000, but you need studs. Awesome for towing.
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