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  1. Awesome! Let me know what day you are thinking want to make sure I am here to meet you!
  2. Here's the link for the shirt. https://www.dieselautopower.com/diesel-auto-power-moose-mode-shirt @Mopar1973Man Are you an XL?
  3. Congratulations on the new mirrors. Now you need a shirt to go with it. @Mopar1973Man Message what size shirt you want and I will send you one.
  4. The Quadzilla can be easily tested. We have been seeing a lot of issues with map sensors lately. Especially the cheapo ebay and autzone stuff. I get that its tempting to get a sensor from ebay or amazon for $15 instead of cummins/dealer/ Genos for $100+ Anyone have a lead on a good aftermarket sensor that works well?
  5. We still have a set of 150VCO and 150 SAC. And some new 275HPVCO if you want to go BIG
  6. Thank you for the nice write up. While you have everything out you may want to add some sound insulation to the back wall to add some mass and dampen some of the noise.
  7. That is odd. Funny... Friday was insanely busy. Mitch said he got the RMA request in for you. Thank you for your patience.
  8. Call in and speak with any of the sales/techs, Fred, Matt, Lenny, Nathan, Mitch. Reference this thread here on the forum. We are open 7AM-7PM MST on weekdays (friday we close at 4:30PM)
  9. I'd bet a nickel that he just missed a hole when he counted. Many shops dont have equipment in smaller than .0005 increments for hole size. Metric gauges can offer greater sizing accuracy.
  10. Modified HX35 and HE351 have their place, but its not = an s300. bearings are smaller, compressor housing is small. It all depends on the application. Always keep in mind the time to rebuild, and the loss of a core or good turbo to make the hybrid. If one is in love with a project and it fits thier needs then go for it. The SXE is such a good value. Custom $2000 dollar turbos from a few years ago wish they could have been SXE turbos.
  11. HE351 would have to be modifed to address the small turbine wheel and housing to = the flow of the 57GXE. Call in when you are ready and state you are a MOPAR1973MAN forum member and we will get you a discount. Happy to support the forum and its members!
  12. True, some peak HP loss. It depends on the primary and secondary goals of use for the truck.
  13. the 57/65/14 can support 500HP, but would be hot. 450HP is more reasonable. The 12cm improves spool, but decreases peak HP. You are at lower elevation and have stock size tires or close to it so spool should not be too hard with either a 57mm or 62mm. The extra turbo is a nice addtion for EGt control and keeping boost up so the engine is responsive.
  14. The old 57mm cast s300g is ok The new GXE 57mm (57.15mm sold as 58mm by others) is a great spooling turbo. The wheel is lighter than the others mentioned and spools very quick. We can get it in a 57/61/12cm for insane spool up on a max of 400HP that is direct drop in for hx35
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