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  1. all good and @dripley depends on ur backround if u know hout to run bridge ports and lathes well u could manually opperate a cnc to do programing u need to understand the language ect and know what ur going do theres 1000s of ways to machine something with 100s of different tooling the possibiltys are endless now if u want to set things in vices and push buttons thats easy but making custom things or one off things is hard
  2. Ya we have vices lol bad news and speeds and feeds
  3. Just need the right tooling and s-f
  4. To big ? How big are ur tables
  5. I'm aware I just figured I'd see if anyone had one off
  6. I'll end up doing my own cad so I can do some things I would like move oil fill and one other things different threads custom fill cap I'm going completely one off
  7. I need the length width height from front to back and how wide the seal is how deep it is just overall messurements The point will be for me to program the cnc at school and make something useful might as well make something I want
  8. Full billet life
  9. Well I'm going threw machine tool and thinking about making a 24v valve cover and am hoping if anyone has one off can I get some measurements length width height depth seal surface width ect I was talking to my instructor and he also suggested running a worm is what I known to call it along the center of the seal to make it seal better ect any thoughts and I was thinking about making a tappet cover and trans pan ect and if I made more then one any interest?
  10. Silverdodge

    D80 ring and pinion

    Keep laughing @Dieselfuture machine tool program is no joke I'm in school to be a machinist
  11. Silverdodge

    D80 ring and pinion

    Guys my brain hurts lmao I was in class all day
  12. Silverdodge

    D80 ring and pinion

    Not whole tooth part of a tooth say a 8th
  13. Silverdodge

    Good tune for 7x.010 63mm turbo truck

    The tune I sent u as I stated should at least give u a starting point
  14. Silverdodge

    D80 ring and pinion

    I did that yesterday when I changed sensor long story short I pulled the cover and that came out located where it came from it was the back of the pinion most of the tooth is still there and everything is quiet and turns smoothly so ing going to run it