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  1. Silverdodge

    Days like today lots of snow

    Can't be only that
  2. Silverdodge

    Days like today lots of snow

    Ya it's been fun to at the only a few people where I work have nice 4x4 trucks and even fewer that any that have any push to them there's one guy that has a 06 hemi and another that has a tundra 2 other people have Cummins after owning mine is never go back to a gasser for snow driving and I usually don't add weight to my rear I'm lazy and yes I keep the 35 12.5 meats of for winter I know a narrower tire would be better but I'm not losing clearance I some times go check fence lines with my truck but in the grand picture the truetrac made one hell of a difference after learning how to drive the truck again it will drive threw over a foot of snow at low speeds in 2wd with some finesse LMAO compares to the open diff it had before I'm happy
  3. Days like today we have total 30 or so inches of snow in the last 2 weeks ish in Wisconsin where I live they don't get to roads vary fast so I end up taking the fiance to work moving my schedule around boss calls me in at 10 am go to work they buried the 2wd flat bed dually f350 gas up against a fence we got probably 8 inches in the parking lot on the ground yank him in the door get some product crated go home take her to work get back to work and a delivery van was stuck in the intersection right in front of work and one of my coworkers was just a slamming on it to try to get it out with the other work truck 4x4 gas f250 needless to say i had him unhook and pulled that delivery van in our shop needless to say everyone's happy that I had a Cummins today but man was that one ton delivery van a anchor
  4. Silverdodge

    Jelled diesel

    My assumption it has to do with the inlet of that fass having a screen if that screen plugs pre pump motor ur screwed there push pumps not suction
  5. Silverdodge

    Jelled diesel

    Sump with return here
  6. With this negative 30 bs diesel doesn't like to stay liquid anymore
  7. I tend to role in to it that was at a vary quick pace
  8. Opened her up a little today got some good numbers
  9. Silverdodge

    Well guys

    Batterys we're brand-new and no chargeri suppose I'll take a 2 hour drive tomorrow with it I literally just put them in December
  10. Well guys I did a damn fool thing I left my key on in my truck last night and it drained the battery is overnight the truck was off but I left the key on I unplugged the quadzilla this morning to jump-start it it took two cars to jump it and I let it run for 30 minutes and drove around the city block but I had 14.2 volts before with the new batterys now it's 13.8 how long would it take to fully charge it idling it was above 25 last night
  11. Silverdodge


    Interestingly enough that black snake in the first picture my Sumatran full grown will be 5 to 6 ft and 15 to 30 lbs lol
  12. Silverdodge


    Snakes are pretty great smart enough life for 30 to 40 years if kept right eat once a week to once a month depending can leave alone for a week and not care take up relatively no room and cost less then 200 a year to feed all they come out when we want them to and don't care if they aren't held much they are great Also sorry to here that friend
  13. Silverdodge


    That must have been before my time here
  14. Silverdodge


    What pets do u all have I personally have 3 pythons 2 common ball pythons and 1 Sumatran short tail python
  15. Silverdodge

    Quadzilla display project

    Hello @Quadzilla Power @Quadzilla_Stephen