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  1. This applies to all diesels from 12 valves all the way till brand new it is technically a federal crime to adjust timing on a 12 valve same with deleting a DPF they view it the same ppei got a 8 digit fine over this it's targeted at all trucks and cars if we lay down and get ran over now it's the end of Motorsports look up the diesel podcast on YouTube all info is there EPA is watching all socal media I wonder if there here also
  2. Sold the second gen and jumped to a deleted tunes 4th gen 2011 has the air valve delete h&s tuning trans mods ect not perfect but a good price
  3. I'm buying a set of dap new to me injectors local there 7x.012s I have worn out 7x.010s I plan on sending the used 7x.012s in to be repoped then putting them in with new cross overs and o rings I'm pretty excited I'll probably drill the edge filters out tho we will c
  4. I really need to put a e guage in my Piller for this sigh lol I run a sump half inch line to air dog half inch return to sump half inch to motor fps in top of airdog on port reading way over recommended pressure but all good lol 2 years of super high pressure
  5. I've ran all 3 same truck quad is better by far fyi edge smarty quad
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