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  1. i had a true trac put in mine this last summer and i love it
  2. Changed fuel filters and put s&b intake on with brand new interstate batterys
  3. Silverdodge

    Turbo and boost

    My isspro guage and quad are with in 1 psi to 50 psi boost
  4. Silverdodge

    Quadzilla display project

    @Quadzilla Power how is it
  5. Silverdodge

    Coolant leaks - Oil Cooler

    I've seen them out of engine should be nothing behind it just unbolt and fix
  6. Silverdodge

    3rd gen track bar on a 2nd gen

    I got a rare parts one
  7. Silverdodge

    Coolant leaks - Oil Cooler

    Should be fairly straightforward
  8. Silverdodge

    Advice for turbo size

    Yep I run the 62 68 14 I like it for what I do lights hard spools good keeps the egys down low with my high gearing only thing is it's laggy under 1500 rpms not a big deal in my life the 12cm would gain u 150 rpms quicker spool but egts would climb faster then the 14cm I wouldn't even consider a 65 over a 68 exaust wheel
  9. No ifea there's a thread about it on here he was answering lots of questions today about it
  10. Yes I want to see the details and currently I'm running a phone Velcroed on the back of the cupholder I don't fold it up anyway and its out of the way
  11. He said 5 inch that's more then enough lol
  12. Wait till @Quadzilla Power gets the screen up and running
  13. Silverdodge

    Choosing the right turbo

    3.55 gears a tight could converter and 35s equal egts this turbo keeps it in bay
  14. Silverdodge

    Choosing the right turbo

    I like the 14 decent spool times