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  1. Silverdodge


  2. last year around this time I resealed the tappet cover and the vacuum pump the tappet cover seal was cracked and had about a 1/8 in gaps I was leaking about a gallon a week
  3. Actually I'm thinking about switching to this filter after reading that thread BD7317
  4. I ran one of them systems before on my old truck from amsoil nice pretty kit until issues mine on the filter base split so ya 3 gal of oil on the highway never again threw it in the trash in my area I wouldn't recommend it the filter close to the engine is better summer it's 90 winter last year negative 40
  5. like I said I just started running an s&b style filter with a filter box and it's been fine
  6. Ya when I put my s300 on I started noticing deforming of the filter media that was clean I took it off and have been running s&b
  7. Sounds to me like there's something wrong with the fuel boss itself
  8. I want 45 PSI almost pulled one of them in so no go here
  9. Interesting oil and fuel filter brands seem to be less cut and dry then say s&b or afe air filters
  10. Same with the to each there own previous owner of my truck installed a draw straw and did it wrong so had quarter tank issues so I said I'm done sumped it fixed everything
  11. Any reason on Donaldson over the fleetguard And coincidentally I run Donaldson and Baldwin filter setup and normally buy all my filters through Amazon
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