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  1. Silverdodge

    Head gasket blown - Coolant leak

    Still cheaper then my rear end
  2. Silverdodge

    Head gasket blown - Coolant leak

    Cap studs are the step in between head bolts and studs there's a few 5 to 600 hp trucks running them around me Socket head cap screws are 190k psi vs stock of 165kpsi and arp of 220kpsi and u should be able to get socket head cap screws local make sure there the good ones if u go this way and I have no idea on size but unless someone here has had an issue with them if ur on a budget and no plans on big power I'd run them
  3. Silverdodge

    Head gasket blown - Coolant leak

    Could do cap studs for half the price
  4. Silverdodge

    Head gasket blown - Coolant leak

    I wish I could find a material harder then arp studs but I have not been able to better locate better so I can not make better but u can get cap studs which are in between arps and stock for less then half
  5. Silverdodge

    Head gasket blown - Coolant leak

    Studs and a new head will fix it right up maybe o rings
  6. No idea I was told it will handle more then I can put to it
  7. 355 still if I change ratios I'll just put a set of aams in out of a 3rd gen to 373s I wasn't about to crack the front housing
  8. Silverdodge


  9. I got 400 miles on my rear end after putting the truetrac in it and I seem to like the gear style lsd the word that comes to mind is smooth I had to go up a small 30 degree incline today to take parts to a shed in wed grass and it did what it was supposed to locked stayed locked went at a crawl in 2 wd ect on the road it's like it's not there I'm impressed so my rear has the eaton/Detroit truetrac revolution gears timkin bearings heat guned it today after 1hour of 65 125 degrees hmm
  10. Silverdodge

    D80 ring and pinion

    Well they were in there the carrier had abnormal wear from heat I guess they said some one set the gears up previously and ya well she's getting a true trac and fully done pumpkin wise but ya ugh never easy blah I will have truck tomorrow
  11. Silverdodge

    compound set up

    Sounds what mine used to do @CUMMINSDIESELPWR
  12. Silverdodge

    D80 ring and pinion

    Pics of pinion had to be removed with a fire wrench