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  1. His truck has more fuel then mine with the hot rod pump and mine lights at 1500 with 355s and 35s it's a blast to drive and keeps it cool on the highway
  2. I say agp for company they ether have there housings cast for them or cast there own don't remember but what ever it is works lol And there customer service was awesome
  3. I'd say all the gate does is keep it from over spool but as long as u don't hold over 55 psi I'll be fine unnecessary stupid **** I say 64 68 14 would be fun
  4. Well I'm with in 2 PSI of boost mechanical to quad and 50 degrees mechanical to quad
  5. Do whatever u feel is right for ur life style I had one of those and same injectors I replaced the turbo and was night and day different
  6. The Bd Switzers are just absolute garbage a nice s300 sxe
  7. Both are vary close to mechanical guage readings it's a the 14 cm non gated hot side
  8. I haven't noticed my d80 being wider then a d70
  9. No she will pull 30s on hills towing and never lacks power my turbo choice right now is what's limiting me
  10. To proceed u need to figure out what size turbo u actually have 60 what and I have what is in my signature and can build 30 plus psi at 2k
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