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  1. So how would I tune the hr vp44 and these dirty injectors with the bd super b turbo I can’t find a decent tune that works until I get some daps
  2. Yeah I wish the dude I bought it from would’ve never put them in but oh well I’ll have to buy some daps and does the hot rod vp44 matter a whole lot when tuning with the quad?
  3. Ok so just order some dap injectors 150hp and that should help with the egt/smoke issue ?
  4. I just bought a quadzilla and have a hard time controlling the smoke the turbo is a bd super b single with Schwitzer compressor housing on the highway at 65-70mph the egts are about 800 and you can see a fine layer of smoke out of the exhaust
  5. Should I get 6 hole or 7 hole 150hp injectors ?
  6. My truck is used as daily driver and hauling about 3-5 cattle around
  7. Ok sweet thanks for the info I’ll look into buying a turbo of that size in a week or two and see how she runs
  8. Will a non waste gated be fine for a manual truck sorry if this is a dumb question
  9. What size turbo would y’all recommend for my set up in my sig
  10. So should I upgrade the turbo first and see what it does with the ddp injectors or get dap 150 injectors and see
  11. Will the adrenaline help regulate fuel from the hot rod vp44?
  12. Can’t find any serial number or anything for the schwitzer compression side and the exhaust side of the turbo is a bd brand with no markings either it does have an hx40 down pipe on it though
  13. The turbo I have is a 60mm schwitzer turbo 150 ddp injectors and a hot rod vp44 I bought the truck with all of this and all have less then 6k miles I’ve driven the truck for about 1k miles and notice the turbo doesn’t spool past 8psi until about 2k rpm is this slow? Also the most the turbo has spooled too is about 25psi because it runs out of rpm and smokes really bad down low in third fourth and fifth gear
  14. One other question would these injectors and the hot rod vp44 cause the engine to crank over a couple times before starting?
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