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  1. My oil temp generally stays at or around 197°F. I have used 35x12.50, 265/75R17, and 295/70/R17, with little or no change in the temperature. I'm using the genuine adrenaline oil temperature sensor in the head of the oil filter housing. Is this a normal temp it should sit around? Could my oil cooler not be working efficiently? I'll be switching to 245/70R17 tires here pretty soon.
  2. I got an update, I replaced the oil pressure bypass spring, oil pressure regulator, and my oil pressure has gone up a couple psi. I changed out the regulator first (inside the housing) with no change to pressure. When I changed the bypass (externally on top of housing), it looks like it made a pressure change. It sits around 52 psi @ 65mph with 295/70R17 tires and a 3.54 rear end ~1800rpms. I also had an oil analysis done and everything is looking good in the engine @ 406k!
  3. Alright I have an update; I got the hvac control section from a donor truck at pick-n-pull and it ended up being the vacuum selector switch. Everything works good now and the recirculation vent opens/closes again!
  4. I just got 4 more gallons of the Magna1 again at the Walmart in Woodburn, OR for $7 a gallon! Talk about a deal
  5. Normally I would get the supertech 2-stroke oil but I couldn't pass up the deal for $13 on semi synthetic 2-stroke. Supertech oil was $14.44 for the longest time and just recently changed to $12.83. I wonder why they lowered the price on it.
  6. Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that when I was at Walmart the other day I saw that they had a sale on the magna1 semi-synthetic 2-stroke oil for $13. I thought that was a really good deal so I picked up about four gallons of it. I don't know if this is better than the regular 2-stroke supertech oil but I feel like it might be since it is semi synthetic.
  7. Just out of curiosity, would anything bad happen if you set the timing statically on the Quadzilla throughout the rpm bands? I'm wondering what would happen or if the 24v would then act like a 12v.
  8. The individual lines on the back come off of the rubber manifold? Well dang, I didn't even realize that
  9. Yea I'm not too worried about it, just wondering what exactly changed.
  10. Yea I could swap it, just don't want to because there's nothing else wrong with it. If I can find a good deal on a whole unit I'll probably just do that. The vacuum line has a strange connection to the back of the selector so if it is broken somewhere I'll probably have to get a vacuum splice or figure out a method.
  11. I'm thinking I'm gonna have to get the entire assembly unfortunately. I might be able to strip one apart if I can find it at picknpull. All the other actuators work, it's just the recirculation one that doesn't. I checked the recirculation line from the vacuum selector to the actuator and there is a vacuum on it but it is very weak when the truck is on. I'm almost positive that it is the selector. The only other thing it would be is the green vacuum line that goes from the selector to the actuator but it still seems very plyable and not stiff. I don't know how that would crack and create a lea
  12. The readings I'm getting are from my aftermarket oil pressure gauge, not from the factory one. Yea it looks like I'm still good but I'm wondering what might have changed. I sent in an oil analysis so I will see what they say in the next few weeks.
  13. Alright so I might have done something really stupid. I put 2 bottles of the amsoil engine flush in my engine and ran it for an hour on high idle. I did this when I was checking/charging my AC system. I know that you are only supposed to do it for 15 minutes but the only thing in the amsoil engine flush is just detergents, no solvents so I thought it wouldn't hurt anything. After the flush I changed the oil with fresh 15w-40 and a new oil filter. So afterwards I noticed that when I was driving on the freeway @ 65mph, my oil pressure sat at 49-50psi. It would normally sit around 54-56psi but it
  14. I need the vacuum selector. The actuator is in good condition and seems to work fine when I hook it up to an external vacuum source. I just don't want to purchase the entire climate control section when's it's only the little vacuum selector on the back of it that I need. I'm starting to think that's there's no part number for the vacuum selector and that they would only have the part number for the entire assembly. Hopefully picknpull will have a couple 2nd gens I can look at for it.
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