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  1. Where is the location of the relay tried looking for it , only relay I can find I pull and everything still works so can’t be that one
  2. 1999 Cummins 24 valve , quadzilla , 100hp injectors, nv4500, air dog 150 when I try to start my truck with key half the time it will fire right up other half it will turn over for ever and won’t go . dont believe it’s a prime problem as I checked for leaks and made sure everything was tight , you can turn truck off for half a second and try to start , just turns over but if I roll start it , it fires right up no problem ??????? cleaned all batt cable ends ,and grounds help please it’s geting annoying
  3. moparman thanks I will take out and have them tested/ replaced .. not looking to make huge power , just looking to not get passed by gassers on the highway
  4. Been like that ever since I’ve had it .. yup is stock ..
  5. Ahhhh no haven’t swapped out anything.. I did and no codes
  6. My 1999 24 valve at highways speeds seems to have no throttle response. Up hills truck can drop a bit below speed and when I give fuel nothing .. hit flat ground and away it goes .. truck pulls and shifts flawlessly at non highway speeds .. 23lbs boost, no lower then 10psi fuel, any ideas? It’s embarrassingly be able to be put pulled by a gasser you hill on the highway Check engine light not on
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