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  1. Well, I ended up with what DAP suggested on both the turbo (S300GX-E 57-65-14) and the injectors (7X.0085) along with the Quadzilla and a Dynamic built transmission. Going to take it on a drive today. May or may not hook up the Quad for a while. Appreciate all the advice and suggestions. May be asking about tuning next.
  2. I have had a big line kit for the filter housing to the VP44 for some time and want to install it. I have 2 “T’s” to splice into the rubber line in order to install the fuel pressure port. One is for the Quadzilla fuel pressure and the other is to the manual gauge on the pillar. Anyone see a problem with having two taps close together on the rubber line? Right now I have the banjo tapped on the VP for only the manual gauge.
  3. I have one on order from Dynamic. Can’t wait to get it in and going.
  4. View Advert '01-'02 Edge Juice/Attitude NIB I have this programmer that I bought but never used. $500 Advertiser comanche79p Date 08/16/2019 Price $500.00 Category 2nd Generation Dodge Ram  
  5. Time Left: 4 months and 25 days

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    I have this programmer that I bought but never used. $500


  6. Pulling a 9000 plus pound fifth wheel. EGT gets to 1200 really quick if I dont back off.
  7. You mentioned a newer generation turbo. DAP quoted the Borg Warner s300g 57 65 14 t3 gated hx40 and 7x0.0085 vco sticks. What is considered new technology? There is many to choose from on the website but I was telling them my use and application, that it has to pass Colorado emissions and has to pull well in the high altitudes. My place is at 9500’. Thanks again
  8. If I keep the hy35 will I still have EGT temps at redline pulling in the Rockies? I have to really keep an eye on those temps with stock settings and the HY35.
  9. Thanks, i'm planning to move to your state and will need to pass emissions. Will that set-up work for that?
  10. I have had the itch to trade up to a newer model but after talking to several owners of different brands, most say just keep what I have and sink a little money into the 2001. 2001 automatic, HY35, 4.10, 119,000 miles. Driven 10,000 miles a year and retirement coming in a couple of years. Here is my plan so shoot holes in it. BHAF, gated HX40 turbo, 4" exhaust, 75 HP DAP sticks, re-build transmission. I have a Edge Juice with attitude that I might add. Opinions?
  11. comanche79p


  12. I have had this programmer for some time and have been reluctant to install it, afraid I might end up damaging something. The truck had a Superchip programmer and I set it back to stock and have been running stock for a while. Towing my camper (9000#) or flatbed (8000# +) is the trucks purpose and I don't drive it like I stole it at all, and was looking at level 2 on the Edge. Any advise from anyone? I have gauges on the pillar for egt, cht, fuel pressure, and tranny temp. I do have plans at some point to have my tranny built up, replace the HY turbo, possibly replace the exhaust, and change injectors. I know many have the Smarty but I already have this one in a box.
  13. I found a cherry ‘97 12 valve quad LWB 3/4 ton auto with less than 150k for sale. What should it be worth?
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