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  1. I have eliminated the quadzilla I've also tried multiple tunes but they make I worse, I've went through that whole diagnostic page and cant seem to find anything out of spec but when I go to freeze frame it shows nothing. I messed with the map sensor harness and replaced it and now it will rev higher while driving but still pops and won't go past 2300 while free reving?
  2. Hello there's everyone, hope y'all are doing well I've been fighting an ongoing issue that renders my truck useless, it will not rev past 2300 rpm no matter what you do, once you get past 2000 it pops and misses terribly here's the codes are 1698 ive had forever with zero issues and the p0230 is from my air dog. my grid heater is deleted so I believe that's the other two but the p0251 makes me wonder. It's not the VP as I thought because I got it warrantied with no better results any help would Be great thank you 61619919762__5C17D84F-A4A4-46C2-AA6C-40B6342BFF4C.MOV
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  4. So after some digging, I finally found the issue, the vp44 finally threw a code. P0251 checked all the wires, all came out good. Sent it back for warranty Monday to blue chip and I should hear back soon
  5. So i found the issue to be as stated before the headlights are ground controlled fixed, still no turn signals but today I was driving around and got a no bus on the dash and the truck will not rev past 2000 rpm. I have no clue where to even start. I’ve cleaned all the grounds and checked all connectors. IMG_2032.MOV
  6. That sounds accurate, I pulled the light switch out of the dash and ran power to the wire that goes to the lights, forgot the color of course but do you know which wire would be the current “ground feed” that I could cut and change it to a “positive feed”
  7. So it seems like a possible multifunction switch and possible wiring issue for the positive side of the lights? Today while working on it the turn signals have now stopped as well so now only brake lights
  8. I swapped my 1998.5 drivetrain and engine wiring harness into a 2001 1500, all fuses and relays are good, I only have reverse, turns and hazard lights the rest of the lights do not work including dash, tail, running lights and headlights. The high beam indicator on the dash always stays on no matter what. I have ground to all lights just no power any ideas?
  9. Hey there guys, so I got an update, I receive my turbo Monday but I received an s400 Schwitzer (Borg Warner) with a t6 turbine from a friend, got it for free it was brand new in the box! Just has some surface rust from sitting a while does anyone know any specs on this turbo or where I can find any? he said he bought it for his 12.7 Detroit but never put it on. Could I use this for compounds with my SXE362? the top part number is 167735 And another Update... after some digging I believe I found some specs!! Looks like it’s a 69/83/1.58 AR
  10. That looks like it turned out really well! I just ordered the 62/68/.7 and a 5” hx40 downpipe so hopefully by this weekend it’ll be here and I’ll let y’all know how it goes!
  11. I think I’m in the same boat, I have a super tight tc so I think the .7 will be way faster off the line. The 7x.12 will be enough fuel right?
  12. What’s a 62 single capable of? Would you go the .7 or .8 housing?
  13. Howdy there everyone, hope everyone is well and healthy! So during this “pandemic” slow days at work has given me more free time to mess with the 24v so I have some 7x.12 nozzles that I’ve had laying around but I know they’re way too much for my he351 because as of right now I still get tons of turbo shutter, looking at new turbo options, on Power Driven Diesel my preferred place to get parts, they have upgraded he351’s 62,64,67mm anyone have any luck with these? Or I’m looking at an sxe 362 or 364.5 if I was to go this route would I go a .70 or .80 t3 housing? I’m looking to be around 550-600
  14. So update, I tried to reflash my unit and when I plug it into the computer it doesn't make any sounds or anything. the mini-b cable I bought says charge/sync on it so it should work, When I tried to install the driver 'devcon failed'
  15. I’ll try to reflash tonight, see what happens and then send it in it’s just weird how this happend out of nowhere. Never had any issues in 6 years
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