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  1. Will the engine wiring harness from a 01' 3500 2wd manual transmission work on a 01' 3500 2wd automatic transmission. If so is there any modifications that need to be made. Thanks in advance
  2. Can the data link wires be spliced or replaced with regular automotive wire provided the connections are soldered and heat shrink applied?
  3. I'm in the process of removing injector pump from a blown motor. I can't get the motor to turn to get pump to TDC before pulling the gear. What are my options if I pull it as it sets, which is about 90° out. I assume TDC is for timing of the pump. If the pump is reinstalled on a working engine, would I install it the way it came off, 90° out, or is there a way to time pump to TDC once it is removed.
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