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  1. int3man

    Newbie to IQuad V2 Display questions

    When IQuad starts it installs system setting every time it starts!!! Is this normal? Time consuming. Michael
  2. int3man

    Newbie to IQuad V2 Display questions

    No I'm running this on a Samsung Tab Elite. Nice display. Transfer tunes using a Micro SD. Just use it for the IQuad. Michael
  3. int3man

    Newbie to IQuad V2 Display questions

    Hint Hint Hint.
  4. Hi All, Well I got it started. IQuad is installed and running and the MAP Sensor is working (Got up to 20 PSI Boost today on test run ). So now I want to understand. When IQuad starts it installs system setting every time it starts!!! Can you change the background colors? I want to make the numbers white and the borders for the numbers Light Blue. It's hard to see, especially in bright daylight. I have transition lenses in my glasses and they auto darken. Thanks! Michael
  5. int3man

    Quadzilla display project

    Well Sign me up. I bought a Clamp from Amazon and am moving mine up to the dash. I just put a Joying Stereo Head in with a detachable screen and it fit nicer than I thought. So now I don't want to run the IQuad through the stereo head, as the Bluetooth for the phone is primary goal. I wish I could change the IQuad screen a little, I'd like the numbers in white and the borders in Blue. Like Mike said it's hard to read. My glasses are transmission and darken while driving. Hard to read the Samsung Display. I'll get a shot of the new stereo and Samsung tomorrow.
  6. int3man

    Oil Pressure gauge

    Big Turbo and Big injectors take time to get the Boost up. The V2 really helps with it's ability to tie your less that factory fuel level to Boost Level! Michael
  7. int3man

    Oil Pressure gauge

    Just got back from a WOT test and got up to 20# of boost. V2 Tune Works Great!! No Smoke, only in O.D. and laying on the throttle. YEA Baby, So much fun when it works!! Oil pressure sending unit next week and then I can loose that pesky check gauges light. I wish that I had not thrown that original Oil pressure sending unit away. It was probably still good. Oh well lesson learned. Michael
  8. O.K. So I measured at the MAP Sensor. I had 4.98 volts at the plug. Pulled the Aftermarket MAP Sensor and the O-Ring was torn up. Replaced it with the old Factory MAP Sensor and correct O-Ring, and it worked once again, and I was able to clear the CEL. Ordered a Factory Oil Pressure sensor. It also now measures 4.98 volts at the plug. Michael
  9. int3man

    Oil Pressure gauge

    Well It turns out that my Oil Pressure and MAP Sensors was the defective 5 volt source. And the replacement sensors are not working. I replaced the aftermarket MAP Sensor, with the old OEM and it started to work again. I just bought a new Oil Pressure sensor from a member here and will install it next week. I had 4.98 volts from Red to Black wire on both MAP and Oil Pressure plug. Didn't ohm the sensor. Sorry I have a second gauge screwed in at the filter second plug. Michael
  10. It is still working for me!!!! And yes I was able to reset the Check engine light. Michael
  11. int3man

    Oil Pressure gauge

    Well if the electronics is acting up I would screw in a mechanical gauge to verify that you in fact have oil pressure. You have too much invested in that motor to not!!!! My factory electronic gauge is still acting up but I'm thinking Ground on the 5v system. I'm running a second Oil pressure gauge. Michael
  12. int3man

    Alternator & PCM failure

    Yup just bought the similar model on Amazon. $22 free freight! Well the wife pays the freight she has the Prime account!!! Michael
  13. int3man

    Buying a rolled over truck.

    My friends dad used to come and get me out of Sunday school and take me to SIR to watch his son run his 1970 Hemi Challenger. I was eventually allowed to clean the Rubber off the Quarter panels!! Those were the days. Eventually I went to work for him at his machine shop. Good education. Michael His Dad would let me drive his 64 300 on the race track road course when it was closed. It had an rectangular steering wheel. Looked like a 14 in TV Screen.
  14. int3man


    Yes sir! I use a Samsung TAB Elite Michael
  15. int3man


    I bought a LX and I love it. Great Tool. Michael