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  1. Darn I'm so old I remember when the Air was Clean and Sex was dirty! After my first winter on the motorcycle, I sold my motorcycle for $500 and bought a 69 Volkswagen. The left front tire pointed left and it had the impression of the telephone pole where the front fender met the hood. A friends dad had a 1966 front end suspension and away we go. Had to shim the frame horn with half a Main bearing, couldn't afford to get the frame straightened. After that I saw the light and started down the Chrysler road. Been on it ever since. Couple of side trips but mainly Mopar. Just brought my 73 Challenger home to start resurrecting it this summer. Michael
  2. I bought a new one got the iQuad instead and returned it uninstalled and got the Bluetooth version. My dad was making noises about giving up his iPad Mini. I'm struggling to connect to my Bluetooth Radio. I need a 14 year old!! Michael You know what for $25 I'll throw it in the glove box and I can connect to my iPhone if I ever have the need.
  3. Hi Tim, Just to be sure, this allows the IQuad to operate with Apple products Correct? And it plugs into the Adrenaline V2? Just hate surprises because I didn't as the right questions. Michael
  4. int3man


  5. Got a link to the Amazon ones Please? I wouldn't know what to call them. Thanks Michael
  6. I was fortunate enough to be trained by 2 military men in Electronics and Avionics. We were taught that before we got into the plane we put watches into our pockets. Nothing like a 24 volt Buss Bar to get your undivided attention!! Airplanes don't use fuses but rather Circuit breakers and conduct a lot more current before they trip!!! Michael
  7. Air, Fuel, Compression, and Transmission. That's where you start. Get the ODB Link LX that Mike was saying I have one. Great tool. I bluetooth it to a small pad. That way I can read it while driving. Old Eyes. Looking at your Photo what dash lights are lit? Not OD Off? Michael
  8. Stupid Question but does the truck make good power? Put you back in the seat if you open it up rolling? If not there is an issue. I was amazed at the H.P. These beasts have when I first got one. Just saying. Michael
  9. Hi All, I bought take offs LT26575R16 to test before purchasing Traction tires. I run in CA on the Freeways mostly at 70 MHP and the Tach is spot on at 1900 RPM. So it's not Tire size or RPM our tach's could be that far off. Michael
  10. Thanks for that! A another source of Power. And this just happened after I pulled the 7 way and towed a trailer. HUMM Thanks again Michael
  11. O.K. Well let's put a Fork in it. I should have titled it L.E.D. Back up lights on all the time. I replaced the Back up light switch with a new one from O-Riely's. The L.E.D.'s remained lit. If I removed a L.E.D. Bulb and replaced it with an 3157 the lights all went out and work when the truck is in reverse. So the problem is only present if I run L.E.D. Bulbs in the back up lights. If I Run One L.E.D. and one 3157 it works O.K. Fine. Sorry for any confusion. Michael When I get the truck back from the shop I will verify that the lights only light in Reverse.
  12. Well I guess when the truck gets back from the headliner replace I'll drop the new switch out and meter it. But when I installed a 3157 the L.E.D. Bulb went out. Just saying. So right now there are no Back up lights on. It has a 3157 and an L.E.D. Bulb installed. Remove the 3157 and the LED will light. So if the switch was bad the 3157 should be lit correct? Boy turns out this is a good question. IBMobile want to weigh in? Transformers still use insulated wires, other wise the length of wire in the winding would be length 0. The insulated wire is what allows the wire to be wound and to have length and create the electromagnetic field. The oil is to dissipate the heat.
  13. Thanks that answers my next question. How often do you change it! Thanks! Michael
  14. Hi All, I've got 3,000 miles on the truck I bought used last August. I was replacing the reverse light switch and spilled quite a bit of fluid and it was dark. So I was thinking time to get the fluid changed and the bands adjusted. So my question is Change or Flush?? TIA Michael
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