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  1. Hi Nope sorry, I didn't try as I live in a hands free state! The tablet on airplane mode works great.
  2. I've got an old Smarty I'm willing to part with. Just sits under the drivers seat. My transmission used to knock your teeth out when it shifted. The PO had some sort of Race Tranny fluid in it. Paid to have it flushed as it was new to me and voila shifts nice and tight but doesn't kick you in the pants with every shift!! Michael :- ) OOPPPSSS Sorry just reread this Gen 3 sorry out of my sand box. The Smarty is for my 2001. The tranny did shift better after the fluid change.
  3. Boy I thought that I was really loosing it. I read the Parallel Battery wires and Didn't remember a thing about them. I just put a real terminal on my 2/0 that runs over the radiator. Michael
  4. If you have an android phone or access to one you can connect wirelessly and download the app. I use this one and Mopar1973Man suggestion. Works great. Best $50 spent! https://www.amazon.com/ScanTool-OBDLink-Bluetooth-Professional-Diagnostics/dp/B00H9S71LW/ref=sr_1_11?crid=3UBQURE97AMH0&keywords=bluetooth+obdii+scanner&qid=1563631324&s=gateway&sprefix=bluetooth+ODBII%2Caps%2C217&sr=8-11 Good Luck. If the PCM has been flashed 7 times maybe something is causing it to go bad? Michael
  5. No fun is when you spend a week in freezing weather, out doors, troubleshooting your nephews Toyota Station wagon. Only to finally learn that the Fuel Pump relay gets it's power from the Rear Defroster fuse. That was a chore. Michael
  6. O.K. Fully charged Batteries. Truck running 14-19 amps 13.9 volts. A.C. on Max 33 amps 13.9 volts Brake lights No A.C. 23 amps 13.9 volts. So I have to agree with Mopar1973Man that too high of a heat area, in front of the battery. I will be carrying tools so that I can bypass circuit breaker in the future. And if it continues to false trip I'll replace it with a Brand name Chinese Resettable circuit breaker!! Thanks Michael
  7. Hi All, So truck no start this morning. I put the trickle charger on it (10 Amps) and went off in the wife's car. Came home and it was still sucking down 3 amps. Found the clamp-on Amp meter and fired up the truck. At idle the Alternator was putting 23 amps out. Turned on the AC to Max and output jumped to 46 amps. Still short of the 150 amps that is tripping the breaker. So I'm going to extend the wires to the Clamp on so that I can drive the truck and measure the Amp output. Drive the truck and see what is what. Any other suggestions? Michael Oh the Test stand did not have an amp meter it just reported the min / max voltage dumped into a carbon load I assume. Alt Bad Ground: Voltmeter has never indicated an issue until this event. rock solid. I have a Phone charger that is also a Digital volt meter that runs the Quadzilla tablet. Always 13.9 +.
  8. That is what the test stand reported. I looked over his shoulder. Michael
  9. Looks like the same manufacture!!! https://www.amazon.com/ANJOSHI-20A-300A-Waterproof-Inverter-12V-36VDC/dp/B07H9W7QBV/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 I went with waterproof.
  10. Well Crap Amazon Orders history only goes back to the first of the year. Well I needed something to do tomorrow! Ah Haw Search engine found it December 2018. Thanks Michael
  11. Thanks but this guy will make the ends an Crimp and heat shrink them for me. I need exact lengths and hole size for the Lugs. Michael
  12. Hi Mike, Did that this morning. Alt is fine puts out to 15.6 volts. Might be cheap Chinese Circuit breaker? It was an amazon find. I can always bypass it and see if anything starts to smoke!!! Naw I have a clamp on Amp meter just have to find it! Michael
  13. Well the plot thickens. Got the Alt reinstalled and moved the circuit breaker to behind the battery. Drove it to the post office and dinner. On the way home I looked and again no voltage. Sure enough the breaker was tripped again. So time to find the Clamp on Amp meter and see what the --ll is going on. I've been running the AC on Max but I have done that since I have owned the truck. As WT pointed out its hot in the Central Valley!!! Michael
  14. Hello and Help. Does anyone have the length for all the battery cables. Eyelet size would be a nice bonus!! Battery + cross radiator to Battery + Starter to + Battery Driver Battery to Ground Passenger Battery to Ground Thanks! Michael
  15. Alt tested fine. Well it must be a heat thing, with the AC running raising all the temps. I'll move the CB to the back side of the battery and put the Alt back on. Batteries were 11.88 and 11.89 . So now it appears that it is BOACB time (Break Out Another Couple of Benjamin's time.). Time to replace the battery cables, I did the battery terminals when I bought it. Never been a big fan of friction clamps. Mike do you have lengths and eye sizes listed somewhere? I would like to order them prior to replacing them. I have a customer that owes me one, and has some 00 Marine cable that he bought couple thousand feet of. Thanks Michael
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