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  1. I had one of those on my 2001, on the 5 v sensor power wire. The joint measured 1500 Ohms. So much for a good connection. Michael
  2. I'm sure my issue was low batteries and a weak Circuit breaker!! I'll try the Eaton version, as soon as it gets here. With this Covis-19 Crap I haven't been driving the Truck, and the batteries get flat from sitting. Heck we drove the wife's car for the first time in 2 months and the tires had flat spots from sitting. We did practice social distancing for the 4th. Drove up in the mountains and went 14 miles up a forest service road and had lunch at the crest of a hill, no fireworks but a Heck of a view!! Michael :- )
  3. I concur, my breaker tripped after I started the truck after sitting for awhile. Truck reved up to shift and breaker popped. Reset the breaker kept the RPM below or at 2,000 RPM and continued on my trip. Long Term, I'll be looking for the Eaton breaker. Michael : - )
  4. Well if you want to do something nice for your ECM, next time the batteries are disconnected, remove it and clean all the ground connections, mounting points and the electrical plugs. Just a suggestion. Michael :- )
  5. Hi All, Wondering if anyone has a found a list of Brake Rotors by bolt pattern and then diameter and offset? My 73 interceptor has a toasted front rotor and I need a pair. Found some in Australia, that were reasonable but the Freight!! OUCHH!! So I know that they didn't reinvent the wheel but no one stocks them. It is a 3 caliper system from the rebuild kits available. I'll Yarf it apart tomorrow. These guys list them as rear Rotors from Jag but Rock Auto shows all the Rears as being 4 bolt pattern. So it's a 5 on 5 I'm pretty sure, B / E body. https://
  6. Huh I thought that the AC ran in Defrost mode to dehumidify the air. At least the Cadillacs were that way. Michael :- )
  7. Well I was out in the front yard today and found the foil that came out, when I back flushed the heater core. At least it was this color that flashed by in the clear hose. So the P.O. didn't do a good job of policing his trash. Michael :- )
  8. O.K. Bought some hoses and fittings and back flushed. Got a piece of something out of the inlet when I back flushed it. Looked like a leaf or a piece of foil seal that you cut out of a antifreeze container, I didn't capture it. So I took the truck for a drive and low and behold we have Heat. Not blasting out the defrost vents but the face vents are blowing warm / hot air, and at hot higher volume. So I am going to wire tie off the recirculation door so that it stays in the recirculation mode. I can remove the 2 nuts and slide down the actuator and tie it off actuated. Thanks
  9. O.K. Found the post to the HVAC removed. The Heater Runs 24 / 7 weither it allows air to flow over it is the job of the Blend door it controls the air flow from the fan. The recirculation door is vacuum operated. And it looked like the Evaporator was the dirt filter. So HUMM I think I'm back to flushing it. Michael : - )
  10. Yes Sir both hoses are hot! Doesn't the AC use the same air for cooling. It can't because the Heater core is hot all the time. HMM are there separate fresh air inlets for A.C. and Heat? No it would cost too much. HMM Michael: - )
  11. O.K. So I taught the kid about Series and Parallel batteries. I asked if they had a carbon pile tester, to test under a load and they looked at me like I had 2 heads. Next time I'm taking my hand held Snap On Heater (Battery load tester) and BLOW their minds!! So looking at the heater hoses I get it now the heater core is active 24/7 I thought that it was like my normal Mopars and there was a heater control valve but there is not. So I think that my heater core is plugged and possibly the air inlet. When I go on MAX with the AC the wind will blow you out of the truck when I go
  12. HI John, Yea that confirms what I was thinking. The blend door is full over so there is no flow through the heater core. I'll work on flushing it tomorrow. Any one know what the hose size is off hand? I have to take the truck in to get the batteries tested tomorrow. Thanks! Michael
  13. Thank you sir you are a gentleman, in spite of the feathers!! And please see how much air you get through the defroster? Same as the face vents or about 1/3. I get about 1/3. Once I got the Air door to hot I was able to warm the windshield. Michael :- )
  14. Well I did the same thing. I kicked the door to hot and turned the AC on MAX Blew Lots of Cool air. That's why I am confused. Thanks Michael :- )
  15. Hi John, That is true, there is air movement but nothing like the A.C. Blowing on max. And MAX recirculates the air. HMM I wonder how to get the MAX feature on while the heater is on. I tried it with the Blend door moved over but it was cold air. Defrost is moving air but not at the velocity of the MAX A.C. Hope that is clearer. Michael
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