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  1. Hi All, I added 2 stroke for the first time this last weekend. And I agree that the idle sounds different. Not as Clacky as before! A Bonus!! Could just be wishful thinking but I don't think so. Michael
  2. Do these have a separate tag that Identifies the gears internally? The old Dodges and Chryslers did, it was on one of the cover bolts. My Automatic 2500 has a Dana 80 in it! I was assuming that the gears were what was in the Vin Sticker. There is that word!! Thanks Michael
  3. Have to Chime in here. Just a side note. I just purchased a ODBLINK XL at Mopar1973Man suggestion. I was impressed when I set the Boost gauge up on the Android screen and it read 14 PSI with the engine off. Seeing that I am 60-70 feet above sea level that is pretty dead on. I was going to diagnose my intermittent Oil Pressure Gauge on my 2001 but after looking at the loom I think that I will wait for the started to take a break and then work on the loom from below. Michael
  4. int3man


    Hi 2000Ram2500, No expert here but I (2001) chased an intermittent 1689 only to find out that the Fuel System Relay in the PDC was / is Bad. Making intermittent contact, random cut outs, getting worse, and worse. I just swapped it with a spare relay and the problem went away. Your mileage may vary. Good luck with your hunt. Michael
  5. HI All, Mine is a federal and the Grid heaters have been off for a long time. No Codes. Michael
  6. Passed Smog and Truck is now in my name!!!! Yippie!! Thanks All Michael
  7. So am I looking at more meat around the dowel pin, or just the end of the hole smaller? Is there a casting number somewhere on the cover that allows us to tell from the outside? Date Cut off? Nothing that organized I assume.
  8. So my question is. Is it possible to look with a borescope and see if the plate is in place? Go in through the breather hole. Thanks Michael O.K. Thanks for that. I appreciate it. Now I'm new to this so I have to ask, can you remove the breather and look down in there with a bore scope or something to get a peek and see if it has been done? I bought this second hand and I don't know what has been done. Thanks Michael
  9. Is there a link to the KDP? Now my knees are knocking! Is there a fix that prevents catastrophic failure? Thanks Michael
  10. O.K. Truck is running strong. I passed Smog today. Life is good once more. For me P1689 The FUEL SYSTEM RELAY was causing the grief. My problem solved. Your mileage may vary. Michael
  11. O.K. So I'll bite how do you tell if you are lucky enough to have a KDP option. And keeping in mind that this motor was gone through. But the way my luck has been running. Thanks Michael
  12. Yes it could be as easy as that. P1689 The FUEL SYSTEM RELAY was causing the grief. I swapped it with a spare relay and have driven it for 3 trips no Hick-ups. I'll post again in a week to verify. If it was in there since new it had 318,972 miles on it. So I took the old relay out and checked it out, it was greasy internally. If it was dielectric grease that explains a lot. Relays have contacts in them that need to make good contact, when you coat that contact area with non-conducting grease you shrink the surface are able to contact. This increases the possibility of welding or arching. When the relay or contact releases the current wants to continue to flow and it will arch as the two surfaces separate. Once the surface area gets small enough they will weld together at higher current. We used to have trouble with this on the 120 amp contactors for D.C. Power units. The bus garage mechanics would coat the cable ends at the contactor with the red anti-corrosion battery terminal protector. It would seep into the non IP67 contactors and dirty up the contacts. That treatment is only for the Battery end not Starter motor or elsewhere. Now to get through SMOG. Michael
  13. Nope Somebody is still pissed! Can't catch a break. Drove it this morning after sitting overnight to put a heat cycle on it. Died leaving the driveway, Coughed in route, stalled during cool down and threw the CEL. Got home pulling P1689 Communication to VP44; P1693 Code in Companion Module; P0622 Generator Field. I replaced the Generator and was clear of this code. New ODEBEC II scanner arriving today. Michael So I'm searching P1689 and found this little jewel. Brought to us by Mopar1973man. Thanks Mike Could it be as simple as all that ? Now to play relay mechanic! Michael Swapped relay with Spare. Will test drive. Got 4K ohms to ground on the relay. Seems High! 12.5 volts from battery, need to check across relay. W-T has been done but the Alt output still runs to the drivers side. Measured 43 MV with my fluke from the battery terminal to the Alt post. I have to look that one up. Michael
  14. Yea I was looking at the Vent blockage. I saw a truck for sale and the guy had an Ipad on a Windshield gooseneck, I found a 4 foot clamp on Gooseneck that I have attached to the seat base. I was trying to place the screen above the cup holder. I just need to fabricate a bracket and move this over to the passenger seat. Just need to get past smog. I want to own this before I get more monies invested in it. It has skin cancer on the hood and front fenders. and the Left rear Drivers door. Thanks for your time. I'll google fold down screen. Michael
  15. Hi all, getting closer to getting the Piggy to Smog and closer to ownership. So I am planning on Quadzilla. I see that some of the Motorized screens offered Android screens Single DIN mount. So my questions are what fits a 2001. Are Android apps installable from the google store using your phone as a hot spot? I guess that would require WIFI as well. Bluetooth Phone Must Bluetooth Quadzilla Possible ODBEC II reader Bluetooth Back up camera would be another option. So that's what I'm looking for. Any one with experience? Thanks Michael