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  1. int3man

    Sport Headlight conversion Kit for 2nd Gen Ram

    I just scored a Drivers seat cushion and steering wheel from a 67,000 Wreck. My driver was a complete sag at 320K It is SOOO much nicer to drive now. Didn't realize that the passenger was direct swap. Note to self. Thanks Michael
  2. Hi What Year is your Rig? My 2001 has a Blank out plug where that sensor mounts behind the Starter. Thanks Michael
  3. Hi All, Not to question but can't he measure the input voltage to the ECM? If it's not getting 12 volts. Unplug the ECM and turn the key on and what voltage do you get? 12 V or 6.5V Still 6.5V your problem is feeding the ECM. Michael
  4. int3man

    Quadzilla transmission temp.

    Thanks!! I appreciate it! Michael
  5. int3man

    Quadzilla transmission temp.

    O.K. So my question is which is the hot line to the cooler? A 2001 for me. I also followed the instructions. I'm going to see Spencer next week. Going to bein Utah. Would you want to know the temp out or the temp going back into the transmission. Thanks in advance. Michael
  6. I have seen a Delrin Bushing Kit replacement for the "Bearing" that is installed at the lower end of the steering gear. There is a clip ring a preload spring. I saw the fix on You Tube? Michael
  7. Be sure to do the W-T Ground fix if you haven't already. Really smoothed my shift and Lock-up. Plus it smoothed out my Cruise control, it used to Pulse like a Big Dog. Was not comfortable. Michael
  8. In the Picture you can just see the black bar laying on the floor. I tied it to the dash at the top because sticking up 12-14 in it had some whip. I have the 2 amazon Part nujmbers, the long whip did have the clamp to work with the Tablet. So I ended up with a long Tablet and a short "phone on a stick"! (to borrow from Jeff Dunham) Long Clamp Didn't fit Tablet : https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071NHNGS8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Clamp for Tablet : https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0789GJ8T4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 So from the seat bracket it is an L, long leg laying on the floor and short leg sticking up near the cup holder. Michael
  9. Perfect, Thank you for that Drawing that is what I needed to know! Michael
  10. So I bolted a chunk of Steel to the passenger seat bracket. I ran it along the floor and up. Then I used some lacing string to tie the Tablet holder to the dash Bezel that way it doesn't bounce running down the road. If you need help I can supply the Amazon part numbers. PM me Michael
  11. I have a $40 Samsung TabE from eBay, that works great. I found a long necked Phone holder, I had to add a tablet holder. But it lays out nice. Michael
  12. So I might be able to remove them and the fog lamps. O.K. I'll look. Thanks Michael
  13. A ***** to clean with all the crevasses in there but you can probably just pressure wash the whole mess. Got asked the last time up, Why I was coming to Canada, I replied for a decent Beer. He saw I was originally from Ottawa and let me in anyways. Michael
  14. That's because you have access to all that good Canadian Beer!! At least take the rubber pads off the rear bumper before you do. Michael
  15. Hi All, How Screwed am I? So the P.O. coated the front bumper and rear bumper with bed liner, and oh Yea he coated the grill as well. He thought that it looked great. I bought the truck knowing that they bolt on. That said I came home with Stock Front and Rear Bumpers for $200. I was cleaning the front bumper prior to installation when I noticed that the lower front cut out was full rectangular. My bumper has a round hole for the Fog lights. So Crap now what? Also I have seen ads for year conversion bumper brackets (Gen 3 for Gen 2 trucks?), has anyone put a later bumper on? Yes it is 3D, with texture. The good news is that you don't slip off the front bumper kneeling on it to work on the motor. Nor do you work on the motor in Shorts, unless you want to be a Blood Donor. If anyone wants some straight BLACK Bumpers I'm your man. Thanks Michael P.S. Just to make sure I was paying attention he coated the Rubber pads on the rear bumper. You can't make this stuff up, Honest!