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  1. Spike48


  2. Spike48

    Electrical gremlin

    Check your grounds. I was having an issue with torque converter unlocking randomly. I could trigger it by quickly turning the heater fan on high as well. I pulled and cleaned the ground on the frame at the front of the truck on the driver's side as well as unplugging and inspecting the inline ground connectors at the batteries. Problem solved.
  3. Spike48

    P0216 - Sad but true...

    My vp44 has 200,000 miles so I imagine I'll be replacing it as well one of these days.
  4. I turned in the adjusting screw on the boost elbow and am now getting 31 psi. I realize that the boost elbow is basically a metered air leak and that it was supposed to be set to 30 psi when purchased but who knows what conditions were used to determine the initial setting. There is some play in the turbo and I am seeing a little oil film but it is not rubbing yet. Looks like I better be think about doing a rebuild in the near future. Thanks again.
  5. Ok, I'll do both this weekend. Thanks
  6. Yes I have an adjustable boost elbow installed and it was supposed to be preset to open the waste gate at 30 psi. I could try adjusting the boost elbow or just clamping the line as a quick check.
  7. Hey guys, I have 50 hp injectors and the quad installed but not wire tapped because the transmission has not been upgraded yet. I've been running the quad on level 2 most of the time with occasional level 3. I have never seen the boost on the quadzilla app go above 22 psi and am showing 1 psi at 55 mph. I did a leak check and found a couple of small leaks at the lower boots which i tightened. Seat of the pants says the truck is putting out more power but the MAP reading seems low to me. I do not have a boost gage on the truck to compare with the quadzilla reading. My question: Is the boost readings that I am getting for my current setup low or is this about right? If this is a low reading and assuming I have taken care of the the leaks where else should I look for the problem? Thanks
  8. Spike48

    Headlight options

    The 9004 and 9007 bulbs have the same sockets but are pinned differently. The way the 9007 bulb was wired put both elements in series when high beams were selected causing dim output. Attached is a photo of the correct wiring scheme. The 9007 high beam connector is on the left.
  9. Spike48

    Headlight options

    I just installed the sport lights from DAP along with the harness with the relays. My harness came with all of the plugs wired for 9004 bulbs. I had to change the pinout on two of the connectors for the 9007 bulbs. I did call them to make them aware of the error. I may replace the lamps that came with the housings Otherwise I am happy with the kit.
  10. Spike48

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas All. Trying to warm up and rain here in Michigan. Would rather see it stay below freezing. Kids are coming home today. FedEx man brought me a set of sport headlights and 50 hp injectors yesterday.
  11. I had a 95 Buick Riviera that had developed a squeaky rattling sound. Initially I thought that it was one of the idler pulleys for the serpentine belt. Turned out to be the harmonic balancer. The rubber had broken loose and was slipping.
  12. Spike48

    Fuel return line

    Does it have to be a corrugated line? Why not any fuel proof hose with a sufficient amount of slack? Dripley ya beat me to the keyboard.
  13. Spike48

    Going Crazy with Quadzilla Install

    Having installed the Quadzilla just today I noted a couple shortcoming in the instructions: 1. No mention of the boost elbow by Quadzilla but I had already installed one in anticipation of installing the Quad. 2. Data link location: The instructions state "On 1998.5-2000 trucks the Data Link is a small gray triangle shaped plug located near the driver’s side motor mount." Not true, in my case on a 1999 vehicle it is actually located at the front of the engine on the drivers side. Other than the two points I noted above everything else went very smoothly and I am quite happy with the installation.
  14. Spike48

    Quadzilla Adrenaline V2 Testing

    I was able to get the Quad installed on my truck today. It was dark and sleeting out by the time I finished the install so I only drove it around the section to make sure there were no problems. Looking forward to the morning drive to work.
  15. Spike48

    Hello from Mike in Michigan

    Thanks Me78569, when I was doing research on chips/tuners on the internet it was the activity in the mopar1973man forums that swayed my decision to go with the Quad. Hello dripley, thank you for the welcome.