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  2. I know I need it all so a whole front end kit would be cool ill check out the other thread
  3. hello I'm in need of I guess the upgraded suspension I can get like tie rod links and stuff supposively from a newer model ?? I preffer moog ball joints and stuff but what else can I get to beef it up for allignement soon to get a bluetop steering box and stabilizer I have a problem solver trac bar
  4. hey someone linked the npt fittings to replace my trans lines but they are the ones for the tranny to the front of truck I need a size on the on from the heat exchanger to the front of truck
  5. I ended up getting a whole kit all I used was the 2 solenoids and I'm saving the sensor idk what the other stuff is for if anyone knows , also it fixed the takeoff part ! thanks labor was very easy and I didn't spill a drop
  6. well I do believe the alternators good I did all that testing when my injection pump went out lmao all it was a bad in inj pump but I bought a new alt because the test said its volts was high and oriellys said it was good but they sold me a new one anyway haha , idk man I would love to take it to a shop but any regular shop would screw me so I need to take It to cummins tech or so forth with 47re
  7. I bought truck at 239200 miles it has 241500 and I got ahold of old owner and they said it was rebuild with 30k warranty but idk how well that holds up, it just sucks I have payments on this thing and already put a new injection pump and what else pretty much bought someone lemon ! anyhow yea I could use a transmission tech
  8. the shift solenoid is what I was told but I would love to service my transmission, ever so often it seems like it wants to take off in second for a bit
  9. well gentlemen you guys say use the parts lookup but I cant find it useful so if anyone knows where I can find a 47re solenoid or whatever and pretty much service my transmission thanks ahead
  10. psc is 700 on genos lmao, also anyone please give me a parts number for Ball joints Tie rod ends and such for my 2001 ram 2500 4x4 auto
  11. Gentleman, the gear box is pretty smooth still but I know why it had been making sounds today, the loose bolt , there is 3 cracks, gonna weld them , any suggestions geno garage has one for 700 Also it broke when i hit a major hole, oh wait that's any city street here in my hometown
  12. hey guys my box is acting up somehow one of the bolts holding it is a little loose and now it shows signs of cracking in the frame ? any suggestions just started today
  13. guys I have a 2001 ram 2500 4x4 cummins automatic my rear seal is leaking anyone know a part number or what seal
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