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  1. Make sure you use TCW-3 two stroke oil as well L8tr D
  2. How are all your electrical connections especially grounds? Might try cleaning them up. I'm going to throw this out to see if anyone knows. Is it possible the pcm is not regulating the alternator correctly or possibly reading a wrong temp from the battery? L8tr D
  3. SilverMoose

    Power seat switches/functions

    Are you asking about the switch on the left? That raises and lowers the front of the seat.
  4. SilverMoose

    Bipolar HVAC fan.

    I replaced the motor and got to do the resistor. Is the resistor a PITA to replace? My hands are probably too big. L8tr D
  5. SilverMoose

    trreed's upgrade thread

    I knew you would come back with your reply. That's why I was careful in my wording "replacement bulbs"
  6. SilverMoose

    trreed's upgrade thread

    LED headlights or fogs? I think there are few, if any, legal LED replacement bulbs for either. Most are labeled as off road only. LED headlights can't be used in reflector housing as they scatter light too much. L8tr D
  7. SilverMoose

    Cursed DEAD PEDAL!!!

    Does the truck start right up or does it have to crank a little longer? I had the same dead pedal. A new vp44 and all is good. Hopefully it's something less expensive than that. Definitely get a gauge for fuel pressure. I once blew the fuse for my lift pump and it would not run. Maybe low pressure is causing your issue. Unfortunately that could lead to vp44 failure. Are you adding 2 stroke oil to the fuel? L8tr D
  8. SilverMoose

    trreed's upgrade thread

    It is just a weird combination. The fogs did help the headlights look whiter. On my truck just the opposite, 5000k headlights & stock fog light bulbs. Next upgrade is new fogs wth 5000k bulbs L8tr D
  9. SilverMoose

    trreed's upgrade thread

    Now that I have mine adjusted correctly they are pretty much the same. The only difference was the 300 had 3500k+/- bulbs and I do not prefer that yellowish color. Plus the fog lights were like 6000k. L8tr D
  10. SilverMoose

    trreed's upgrade thread

    That's why it took me so long to get them adjusted. I don't want that to happen. So far so good. Probably passed 50-75 vehicles last night and no high beam flash. Driving the chrysler 300 we rented helped me see what a factory HID looks like. L8tr D
  11. SilverMoose

    trreed's upgrade thread

    Hids are awesome and you will be very pleased. I think I just got the final tweak done on mine. Test drive in a few minutes. L8tr D
  12. SilverMoose


  13. SilverMoose

    trreed's upgrade thread

    I was wondering how your headlights were coming along. Almost there. L8tr D