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  1. SilverMoose

    Air Conditioning

    I bet if you took a poll about AC leaks, most would say the evaporator L8tr D
  2. I could do the same thing in my old 1/2 ton. Didn't need the key for ignition. Kinda scary. Glad you caught it sooner than too late. L8tr D
  3. You should've added a pic of you knuckles. Bet they are a little dinged up. It looks great but probably a PITA L8tr D
  4. SilverMoose

    Code Reader

    If it reads the same as OBDlink, it won't read boost correctly. A while ago we tried hard to figure it out with no luck. One of those unsolved mysteries. L8tr D
  5. SilverMoose

    What’s it worth?

    Ain't that the truth. I got offered 19k for mine over the weekend L8tr D
  6. SilverMoose

    Muffler or resonator delete

    Below 50% load sounds real good. I can actually here the nice tone of the exhaust. Above 50% still some drone but not quite as much. Man these straight sixes sound soooooooooooooo much better than those V8 diesels. L8tr D
  7. SilverMoose

    Muffler or resonator delete

    I had enough so I added a piece on where the muffler was and the rest in front of resinator. Going to home cheepo for a test drive. L8tr D
  8. SilverMoose

    Muffler or resonator delete

    I will have to add my pic after I put the angle on it today. I have a nice thick piece of 1" angle 3/16 or 1/4 inch thick from my old table saw fence rail. I knew I would use it someday.
  9. Once again @W-T you did a fantastic write up. I am very impressed with your attention to detail. I can only hope some of it rubs off on me. You better be careful with your great and detailed posts...we are going to expect this from now on L8tr D
  10. SilverMoose

    OIL LEAK FOUND Need help

    If I remember correctly (if being key word) I do think the lift pump mounting bolts do need to be sealed to prevent leakage. L8tr D
  11. SilverMoose

    Muffler or resonator delete

    I just got the muffler delete and loving it. I agree with @KATOOM about the sound. Got some drone when under load but nice when cruising. I'm going try strapping a piece of angle to the pipe to help with drone. Of course it's been a while since having a non stock exhaust (and my first diesel) so it could all be as it should be. I now fear my mileage will suffer cause I want to hear it. I'm noticing my TPS on OBDlink is higher than my normal habit. There was a post a while ago about controlling drone but haven't found it yet. L8tr D
  12. SilverMoose

    Muffler or resonator delete

    Thanks guys, I appreciate all your responses. I will update when I get back later. L8tr D
  13. Going to head to a local muffler shop tomorrow to get either the muffler or resonator taken off my stock system. I assume it would be a better idea to delete the muffler and keep the resonator. I would appreciate some input on which to do and has anyone done this. I just want to get a little more sound out of my truck but not have too much in cab drone. A friend did both and the sound is nice. But the best part is the cost. They only charged him 80 bucks to do both plus a chrome tip. Can't even get a muffler delete pipe online for that price. Thanks in advance. L8tr D
  14. SilverMoose

    Idle mode PID?

    I stand corrected and figured that after postings. Thx L8tr D I still have much to learn
  15. SilverMoose

    To replace my VP44 or no to

    You're going to have to sooner or later. If it gives you piece of mind then that is worth more than the cost of a new one. Definitely run TCW3 no matter what you decide L8tr D