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  1. My overcharging saga

    I had this problem on my 01 1/2 ton. Try checking the voltage manually with a DVM. I did that on mine and charging voltage was normal. It did not happen constantly maybe a handful of times during a year. I'm not sure if comparing the different vehicles is valid though. L8tr d
  2. Thanks @AH64ID I always wondered what the actual flow volume was. That is over 13 cycles a minute. That's some oil flow. Not to change the subject but does any one know the flow rate for the 47re? L8tr d
  3. High amp alternator

    This is a great post & I, along with many others I am sure, are watching this closely. Keep up the great work guys & thanks a bunch. L8tr d
  4. High amp alternator

    Man that was a great read and very informative. Unfortunately my brain hurts now. Mike, how did you get a picture from under my hood?
  5. Parking brake failure

    All that work for a $5 part, figures. What's it like to not have the E brake with a standard? I assume the tranny holds good in gear. L8tr d
  6. That's probably what we use (or something similar) at work. You need good solid water tight connections in the marine industry. Rarely do we get warranty returns for bad connections. I personally prefer uninsulated so I can crimp, solder and heat shrink myself. Those are great butt connectors though L8tr d
  7. I keep forgetting I have heated seat. NEW YEARS RESOLUTION (besides more humor) remember heated seats
  8. Only if it takes too long for the truck to warm up. See Going to be in the 30's this week. Have firewood ready for that. Happy new year to all L8tr d
  9. THANKS...

    my response would be all of the above. I wish everyone a very happy new year. Thanks again for all the help & support. Someday when I gain more knowledge from you guys about these magical beasts I hope to pay the knowledge forward. L8tr d
  10. Lost mpg

    To prime I just open the water drain on the filter until fuel comes out. You might have to run the starter for a short while but it works for me. It's not too messy either. L8tr d
  11. Lost mpg

    I think the proper length of the spring is 5/8". Google it and you will see a bunch of info on it. Here's my post about it L8tr d
  12. Lost mpg

    My DDRP was losing pressure so I took it apart & stretched the spring a little bit. I have great pressure now. It's pretty easy to do just remove the aluminum plate & the ball & spring are right there. Take notice if the ball is deformed at all as you might need a new one. Take care of the O ring too. This could get you by until you upgrade. L8tr d
  13. Merry Christmas everyone.

    Merry Christmas to all and thanks for all the help and advice. A big thanks @Mopar1973Man for this great site. I hope everyone has a great new year as well L8tr d
  14. I put a NAPA t stat in about a year ago. My temp is usually 190 around town & 194 on highway. No temp swings at all. L8tr d
  15. Qaudzilla questions

    Try using a cheapo 7" tablet. Much more screen area and can be had for $50 L8tr d