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  1. SilverMoose

    new turbo hot and laggy

    You can't go wrong here. The guys here have tons of great knowledge. Myself excluded of course. L8tr D
  2. SilverMoose

    Speaker Replacement

    I do have the steering wheel controls but did not spend the extra $80 bucks for adapter for it. I've never had steering wheel controls so I can't say if I miss it or not. L8tr D
  3. SilverMoose

    24 Valve ECM overheating?

    Glad to hear the good news. L8tr D
  4. SilverMoose

    Good times and bad times.

    You could get a Obdlink for $50 and then have extra gauges after diagnosing. L8tr D
  5. I'm along for the ride with this. I will be doing the same thing next tranny service. L8tr D
  6. SilverMoose

    Speaker Replacement

    A new stereo was the first thing (well second after a ddrp) I put in the truck when I bought it. The adapters you can get to connect to factory wiring makes the job easy. A new head unit with the Infinity amps sound pretty good but the speakers could be better. When I get new speakers, I will still use the amps and then I'm sure it will sound much better. L8tr D
  7. SilverMoose

    Speaker Replacement

    You can keep the factory amps too. I'm pretty sure there were some posts about it but may have been a long time ago. L8tr D
  8. SilverMoose

    Speaker Replacement

    I use Bluetooth quite often with the phone and no issues. I do have the mic on top of dash right in front of me. L8tr D
  9. It's Monday, I can't think that hard.
  10. SilverMoose

    24 Valve ECM overheating?

    Very good info there L8tr D
  11. SilverMoose

    I need help spending some money

    I have to apologize about the overflow valve question. That was a big brain on my side. I completely forgot about the banjo bolt there for the return. Anyway, Things went real well and replacing the VP44 was much easier than I had anticipated. Here's a timeline of my progress 10:30 Started the process 12:25 VP44 out 1:20 New VP44 installed 2:00 everything hooked back up. I hot wired my DDRP and let it run for 10 minutes and verified fuel flow to VP44 2:11 Cranked for probably less than 10 seconds and the Silvermoose fired right up. It ran rough for a few seconds but that's it. Everything went real smooth. Installing the new pump and aligning the key was pretty much a none issue. It went on real easy. I was very paranoid that I would drop the lock washer inside as I usually do stupid stuff like that. The magnet tip and something else I thought of made it pretty fool proof. I got a piece of cardboard and put it in the opening to keep things from falling down. The biggest PITA to me was getting the two inside mounting bolts off. I'm glad I had some wobbly extension for my 1/2" drive. I knew I would not have too easy a time getting them back on and I had a brainstorm. I fired up the hot glue gun and tacked the bolt to the socket so it wouldn't fall off. That helped tremendously. All in all, the process went real smooth and I had no major issues or obstacles. I think my old pump had been going for a while. The Silvermoose starts up real real fast now. That surprised me quite a bit. It definitely runs a lot better and smoother. I also have been having a lopey idle at start up which is now gone. That's been happening for a long time. I Have to thank everyone for all the input and appreciate it tremendously. Thanks again L8tr d
  12. @Scottfunk I just went out and did some highway driving after installing a new VP44. With my 285/75/17's I was turning 2060 rpm at 71 mph. I was probably mistaken in my last post about turning 2100 at 71 with my 285/70/17's It was probably 2150. L8tr d
  13. SilverMoose

    I need help spending some money

    Thanks too all for great advice. Will be starting in a few minutes. Going to have my laptop out in the garage with me with @Mopar1973Man's post about removal out there with me. L8tr D