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  1. Thanks for the link to the ACME setup. I had only looked at the Morimoto kit earlier. Does anyone have any experience with the ACME kit? Any concerns with the component quality? Using the retrofit kit, any new housing with a clear lens will work? Any brand better than the others for fit and quality? Thanks for the other responses too. And agreement about using HID bulbs in non-projector setups. I don't know that I have seen any LED replacement bulbs in use yet.
  2. I am looking for the best sport headlight available. I can't afford the RetroFitShop Mini or D2S setup at this time. What are the best sport replacement unit available? TYC, PERDE, Something else from Headlightdepot.com? I will most likely be doing the relay/harness setup found somewhere here to update the wiring. I am looking for the best fit after the best pattern available that is non Morimoto retrofit. What is your experience so far with the best replacements? I currently have the standard 2 bulb setup that doesn't produce much light due to age of the original housings.
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  4. I will pull it off the truck tonight and run through the process again if that will help. Nothing in the quadrillionstaller.pdf mentions disconnecting it from the truck to do the steps. While im at it should I also update to the ADRv2.8.4 flash file?
  5. I have an Amazon Fire that I use for the IQuad controls. Last night I loaded the Quad Driver and Quad V2 on my Windows 7 laptop. Followed the instructions in the "How to" post. I'm wondering if something didn't work right. While it was on the command prompt window (black box) I heard relays clicking and the interior chime started going. The keys were not in the ignition at the time. After all was complete I started up the truck and pulled it in to the garage. I noticed the check engine light was on. Then went to shut down the engine, it did not turn off when moving the key to "off". It was at
  6. Agreed, the site is quite helpful to us Cummins owners. I do have the CAD axle. Seems the vacuum setup is the preferred. Any difference between BD and PacBrake? Pictures of the 2 kits look roughly the same.
  7. I think it has the CAD. Option on the truck are the shift on the fly 241 transfer case and Dana M60/248MM front axle.
  8. I'm looking to add a 2wd low setup to my 2002 HO 6speed. From what I found so far there are 3 kits available, BD, Pacbrake, and Posi-Lok. Is there a preference of one over the others? is there anything else I missed? Two are vacuum based and the other is a mechanical setup. I want it for trailer maneuvering, taking some stress off the clutch.
  9. Looking at one of those (Fuel Boss) as well for my next lift pump. I got about 60k or so miles on my first Raptor. How do you like that Fuel Boss setup?
  10. Is the seal internal? it never leaked. When it went out I had zero fuel pressure, the truck would only idle. Was only a block away from home when it failed. I attempted to contact Airdog and no response. Not surprised as I suspect they would rather sell new ones than parts to rebuild. I was just out of warranty, had I actually sent in the registration card on the first one. I did for the second one though. I guess I will take it apart and tinker with it, for curiosity's sake.
  11. Is it possible to rebuild a Raptor FRRP lift pump? I had one go out a while ago and its been sitting in my garage. Has anyone been successful with rebuilding one if it is possible?
  12. Update: I received the ECM back from ACS and installed. Everything works normally. The only bad thing I can say is they use UPS to ship. I am not a fan of UPS. I also installed the new +75 horse injectors while waiting for UPS to find my package. And did a valve adjustment. Truck started up ok but poor idle. Tracked it down to a still loose injector line. Tightened that one and verified all the others and then it was very smooth. Runs so much better. Ran it for a week like this to ensure the ECM was happy before any other changes. The injector change made such a difference
  13. Alternator is here. Working on the battery cables to get them to fit tight on the negative posts. Had to cut through the bolt to get the old one out and allow more clamping force on the post. ACS acknowledged receipt of the ECM late last week. Hopefully they can repair and ship back this week. I did order some +75 horse injectors from DAP this last weekend too. Going for the Quadzilla too. CFO has not said no so that is as good as permission to me.
  14. I now have a Nations 180 amp alternator on order. I have a Bosch OEM alternator, not so easy to rebuild myself. I have also sent my original ECM to Auto Computer Specialist for their repair services. ACS is one of the recommended ECM vendors here so giving them a try. Going with their service to repair my ECM and return. Takes a couple of extra days to ship my ECM first but a bit less expensive and I am supposed to get my original unit back. Still in process of checking the grounding points. So far it seems the battery cable connections were the worst. Not very tight on the posts.
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