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  2. Once you get high beams working check out post from January 18. There is a write up and pictures to repin the plugs. Makes the lights better.
  3. Friend with 06 auto wants to change to a NV 5600. Will it physically fit the space? He found a 5600 and all the parts. Any thoughts? What are some of the major stumbling blocks? Thanks in advance.
  4. Where do I get one? Could not find on the link to order. Thanks Mike. Got one on the way.
  5. Where do I get one? Could not find on the link to order.
  6. Yes I use one, otherwise needle jumps around.
  7. Also check the big connection on the firewall, it is the one with the white bale. The bale must be to the left.
  8. Katoom Have interstate batteries in mine due to good deal. Been happy so far. 5 months, last three were winter.
  9. Got it Mike. Changed it to protect your lift pump.
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