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  1. joecool911

    Alternator Question

    Maybe just a cheap harbor freight press.
  2. joecool911

    Alternator Question

    Can the bearings be lubricated?
  3. joecool911

    Alternator Question

    Ok, is this everything that would be done on a rebuilt alternator from the store? Got to be some bearings in there to replace.
  4. joecool911

    Alternator Question

    Is there an easy way to tell which one you have? Does changing out the diode bridge take care of a/c noise?
  5. My alternator output is less when warm out than when cold. Now it’s putting out 14.3 on average. When it’s hot it’s more like 13.7. Is this an indication of trouble ahead?
  6. joecool911

    Bought a Real Estate Vehicle

    I’ve been getting 20-21 mpg with country driving short distances. Immediately following a fill up and freeway drive it was 24 mpg. No troubles yet. One quart of oil and gas is all I’ve put into it. Got all the car fax maintenance records. New brakes, real axle seal done recently. Very pleased with performance and economy so far.
  7. joecool911

    Bought a Real Estate Vehicle

    That's not worth it.
  8. joecool911

    Bought a Real Estate Vehicle

    Well, this is weird. This is what I got when I posted my photo.
  9. My real estate career is taking off. Decided to get a more appropriate vehicle for driving for real estate sales. I was driving a lot of miles on the diesel truck. So I got a Dodge Magnum R/T 2005. Has the Hemi in it. I'll get a pic up soon. But it's kind of a sleeper rig. 345 hp. Very comfortable. 5 speed automatic transmission. A lot more creature comforts than I am used to. After a week I am really pleased with it. Getting over 20 mpg average combined city/hiway driving. Has that system that cuts down to 4 cylinders when cruising. Still figuring out all the features. Dual exhaust...has a bit of a rumble to it. Wouldn't mind a bit more. 😜
  10. joecool911

    Bought a Trailer

    Been living in the trailer for 2 weeks now. Working out the kinks. Right now it's A/C. Heat of day it's cutting in and out. Once 6 pm or so and it works fine. It is 104 here today. 😛
  11. Since I blew my serp belt I've noticed I'm dripping some oil spots. Maybe the overheated situation caused some kind of change to the gaskets? Any ideas?
  12. joecool911

    Bought a Trailer

    All hydraulic slides, electric jacks, electric awning. More pics... More pics...
  13. joecool911

    Bought a Trailer

    Here are some pics. This one is a stock photo...not mine but same model. It is NOT open concept. I wanted separation between living room and kitchen. Most units it feels like you're living in the kitchen. Also no bunk area to eat up living space. Only a hide a bed in living room. Even with sliding doors in the open position it feels good in the living room. Has white and black shades for each window. So you can get privacy or darkening as you desire.
  14. joecool911

    Bought a Trailer

    Roof has been inspected and sealed where necessary. Slides all have awning type covers on them. Sewer system is in a hatch. All weather resistant.