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  2. I bought them used. The back tires had been regrooved, so I wound up putting some better used tires on the back. To have them balanced, which I did twice, it was $25 per tire. And lowering the psi to 70 helped smooth the ride out a bit, but there's still some vibration. And that is also the reason I had over $500 in front end work done because I was trying to smooth out the ride and wanted to fix any issue that could be causing it.
  3. I'm sorry, but I think shifting points was the wrong phrase for what I was trying to describe. I have a 5-speed. It just seems like my engine was ready to shift at a lower rpm than when I had the other wheels on. I used to shift between 2200-2500, but now it more like 1900-2200 with the bigger wheels on. Just gave the whole thing a different feel. I've also been playing with some of the custom tunes, but so far I haven't tried too many. Had a setback after the storm and smashed my windshield and dented the hood up a bit. I got the windshield replaced, but I haven't got a new hood yet even though it's really just cosmetic. Anyway, I hope everyone is doing all right with all the storms and fires out there. Be safe.
  4. Thanks for the comments about the balance beads guys. I'm going to look into it and maybe go that route. I can't deal with the vibration issues I'm having, but I love the wheels so much that I'm going to do everything I can to keep them. I was a little nervous about putting them on and spending them money, but I'm so glad I did. And that's one of the reasons I wanted to post the pics is because I couldn't find many 2nd gens with them on, much less with the flatbed. We're having some weather down here, but when it's over I'm hoping to get some better pics so people can see what it looks like. Anyway, I was wondering if any of you guys had a quadzilla tune specifically for these rims/tires because I noticed a couple of things since I put them on. And I'm going to talk a little about the iquad stuff, so if anyone can help I'd really appreciate it. The main thing I noticed is that my engine load went from around 33% with the 4th gens to about double 66% with these. And it seems like my shifting points are a bit different too. I used to shift around 1800-2200 with the other wheels, but now I'm shifting at 2400-2700 with these wheels on. And there's not much smoke at the beginning either. It used to give me a good puff of smoke, but now it's just a light haze. Also, my mpg went to sh#t. Which was to be expected because I've mostly been driving in the city. But I'd like to compensate for that if I could. So those are my main two issues. There are some other things I want to ask about the quad, but I don't want to mix up too many questions here. If anyone has any input, I'm always appreciative. Also, here's a pic of the 235/80/17 vs the 245/70/19.5
  5. Well I haven't posted here in a while, mostly because I was super busy and hadn't had time to play with the truck. But I did put some used 19.5's on it a couple of weeks ago, and I couldn't find many pictures of these on 2nd gens so I thought I post a couple here. I have to say that I have vibration and the centramatics didn't help that at all. So I'm thinking either the tires are worn unevenly, or I have other issues I'm not aware of. Going to start working on that soon. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos. The top is the "before" with 4th gen 17" 235/80, and the bottom is "after" with the 245/70/19.5.
  6. Update. After taking both batteries to get charged, I got everything connected/secured. No leaks that I can tell, and I got her to fire up only after a few cranks with bleeding only 3 and 4 injectors. I can't believe how much trouble I had with this fuel line install. I do want to thank everyone for all the help and suggestions. That really helps when I have no one to ask about these things in my day to day. I got my fuel pressure sensor from the Adrenaline hooked up, and I noticed that I was only running 12psi at idle and down to about 8psi at wot. I always assumed it was running at 15psi at idle because that's what the Raptor is supposed to be set at from the factory. I adjusted it up to 17 at idle now and it drops to 12 at wot. The Adrenaline flashes yellow when it gets below 10 I think. Anyway, I noticed two things about the Adrenaline. One, the boost sensor flashes yellow when it gets above 20psi even though I have the settings set to defuel at 35psi. And Two, when I have it set on power level 10 and I'm accelerating hard, it automatically drops down to level 5 or 6 for a second and then goes back to 10 once I reach speed or back off. Just thought I'd mention that in case someone could explain why those two things are happening. Thanks again for all the help and support.
  7. I've been out there cranking on it. Every now and then it almost turns over, but so far it hasn't fired. Just killed the battery doing it, and now I'm about to try to jump it. I can't tell how much fuel was coming out of 3 and 4 because they weren't fully unscrewed/disconnected, but it seemed like a good drip. Not spraying out, but some good air bubbles and a steady drip.
  8. I've just been cranking for about 10 seconds. I did it a few times, but nothing. I didn't want to burn the starter or anything. I'm also getting 12psi of fuel to the VP44. If it makes any difference, the needle valve has a small leak at the connection.
  9. I've looked up all I could about this, but I really need some quick info. I replaced my fuel line from the filter to the VP44 with an upgraded fuel line. After the install, I tried bleeding the lines by cracking the number 1, 3, and 4 injector connections. I got fuel to the number 3 and 4 lines after a couple of bumps of the key, but number 1 won't bleed fuel no matter how many times I try. The truck won't start. Could I be doing something wrong, or is this a sign of a bad VP44? Any suggestions?
  10. Just an update on my ongoing install. I purchased the Vulcan big line fuel kit and had one of the threaded connections break off while installing it. Had to get another one shipped 2 day express, which took 5 days. Then the hose itself leaked and had to run out to buy some hose clamps for that. Now, after finally getting everything together, I had to tighten the needle valve because it was leaking, and sure enough it broke and it spewing diesel everywhere. So I decided to come in and have some ice cream while I contemplate my next move. Looks like I'm going to pull all of that junk off and put my original fuel line back. I can't believe I over tightened those two things when all I was using was a small adjustable wrench. Either the quality is bad, or I'm a lot stronger than I think- which doesn't seem likely. Either way, I'm bummed. Sorry for the rant, it's just been nothing but problems trying to get this stuff going, and it should be easy.
  11. Yeah I definitely would have bought the stealth if I would have realized it at the time. The timer itself was a big expense for me because my truck isn't a daily driver, and to be honest, it did everything I needed it to. But I knew I should have gauges, and I really wanted better power at take off and up through 4th gear so I started looking heavily at the Black Friday deals. I kept saying if I could get an Edge for 800, is do it. But even then I was hesitant. Then I found all this info on the Qaud, and not only did the price sell me, but when people were mentioning that it cleaned up the smoke but still gave the power I jumped on it. I definitely would have bought the cover though, even for the price. I know something is wrong because I went through the power levels yesterday and there was very little change. I left it in 8 because I was thinking that maybe at 10 it would just be radically different or something. But when I put it in 10 earlier, not much difference at all. I think you're right. I need to get back in there and fix it. Its such an easy install that I've been sitting here thinking there's no way I could mess it up. But now I'm having my doubts.
  12. I wonder if you're right. Because I was expecting a major noticeable difference, but I'm just not getting it. I put it on level 10 earlier, and it had very little difference from 8, which is what I was running it on. I think I need to take a look at it and double check that I connected that thing on there right. Thanks for for mentioning it. I'm starting to get the feeling that I didn't twist the green wire in correctly. And it did say something about winding it back a few turns so when you screw it on it will adjust properly, but I couldn't really make sense of that.
  13. Yes, it came with the positap. I liked that better than what I saw on some of the install videos. But I would have bought the stealth cover if I had noticed it when I ordered the Quad. I like that it's cleaner and doesn't damage anything. I know puncturing the wire isn't a big deal, but why not just make it all clean with no intrusion whatsoever.
  14. I see that. I was happy with the set up that the Quad had with its wiring harness, but the wire tap it uses now seems a little less polished than the rest of it. It seems like they put a lot of effort into making the thing presentable and not like someone made it in their garage, so I think that last piece would really step it up on that front. I'm sure it would up the price too, but if it were an option, I think I would have went for it.
  15. Yeah, I'm going to go through it once we get rid of this rain. Hopefully I can get it all worked out by the end of the week. I was hoping for a big improvement with the tuner, but I really haven't noticed much difference from the Smarty except that it cleared up the smoke some. The boost elbow would have been nice. Even a mention of it would have helped. The main reason I registered to this site was because I noticed all the info on the Quad when I was researching it before I pulled the trigger on buying it. I was actually planning on buying the Edge Attitude, but I was on the fence about it because of mixed reviews. My next option was the FMS from blue chip diesel, but they're out of them, and price was a big issue on that one. I made a couple of videos with my truck running no tune, and then again with the Smarty in anticipation of comparing them to the Quad. But it doesn't seem like it makes any difference since my turbo wasn't up to par. I'll probably still make one once the turbo is fixed/upgraded, but I'm kind of over it now. Also, my only complaints about the instructions, besides the boost elbow of course, is that there are no pictures of every location of connections, and the fuel pressure gauge just said something to the effect of install it as close to the VP44 as possible. The only other thing is I would have liked to have the stealth plate for the VP44 wire tap, but I didn't know about it until after I ordered and it had already shipped. I didn't want to order it later and have to wait for it to come in to install the Quad. It doesn't seem like it's worth $70 either. How hard would it be for someone like Quadzilla to provide one with the tuner.
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