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  1. We are in south east Wisconsin it's used to install piers and boat lift but due to Memorial day deadline and account volume we are launching end of February early March we've had guys go down for a day due to hypothermia we try to rotate guys so you don't spend to long in sub 40 degree temperature water but you can only tag out so much if they wanna keep going let em. Most of us are farm family so we don't worry about osha and don't stop for nothing. Heck if osha saw Otis we'd be shut down in a heart beat.... but ahh um send it lol Btw we do wear mustang rescue suits that early 5mm neo
  2. That's Otis a 30' crane barge we use the crane to break ice then the flat deck follows behind All home made using a old weed cutters hull for the base
  3. As soon as I can figure out my head from a hole in the ground I will be able to donate and be around more but 10-12 hour days starts to wear on you (especially being on a barge) first weekend off in 3 months. We were breaking ice this spring with the barges to get a head start and I'm glad we did this heat is brutal being out there with no shade.... lol
  4. Well bad starter caused the truck with brand new batteries to overheat the cables that feed the starter and burned them right off causing the main positive feed to short to ground new starter wiring and motor everything seems good. Thanks for the pointers always seems like K.I.S.S is always the answer for electrical issues
  5. I'm stuck probably going to need a tow. Here's the deats 03 3500 dually mostly stock besides air cleaner muffler delete. Problem started as slow cranking condition so I replaced the batteries and got no where come to testing the starter I find that to be over drawing. Went to make it home so I tried to restart the truck. Long short cranked super slow then I heard a pop and the truck is completely dead red light on the dash ( it's on the upper left side of the coolant temp gauge)no interior lights no nothing. At this point I have verified voltage at 13.45 even on bot
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