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  1. Hey LorenS..I may have gotten a lot more done but sadly I'm still trying to figure out how to be in 2 or 3 places at once?.....and would you believe me if I told you I was going to pull apart my only running 550 to do this with the thought process of "I'll get it done in about 2 weeks"...thank God I didnt do that.......maybe I should have bought a 6.7 powerstroke but I get this border line insane obsession of always wanting to be able to fix my own crap in a moments notice........ and have you seen under the hood of those new 550s?.......and I should proof read more.. Popping out the ol
  2. Hey guys..I'm curious to know if there is any auto computer builders/rebuilders that could accommodate people like me who did the auto to manual swap and would like to change both the pcm and ecm ...if I'm not mistaken cummins or the dealer wants a vin number before they sell to you.
  3. Getting the zf6 ready ....I had a TERRIBLE experience buying this unit......if you guys want to know the story I will tell it.. ..I hate bashing people's livelihood but when you tell someone what you want and that your willing to pay for it and they still give it to you with no vaseline ...maybe that's why there was no core charge on the transfer case... Damn!! Got to starting hitting the weights again....and also I need to buy a smaller transmission Jack..borrowed this one from a friend but it's for the larger Roadranger units...had to get creative with the strap binders to pull it in
  4. Hey Guys..I know its been awhile but here is an update for that project I started if your interested..and I'm not the best at this documenting as I go..I just zone out into the work.....had to pull the head on the doner engine due to a very small crack in the head .....I dropped and o-ringed head and studded it Here is a video of the engine with the new head but old injectors and turbo first start up 20190718_142557.mp4 Getting ready to pull it out Pulling out the 6.0 ...I'm going to save the injectors out of this and donate the rest to someone I dont like? Cumm
  5. Sorry...I was just showing the example of having an engine mated to a transmission that just maybe not up to the torque requirements of said engine, Maybe not the brightest thing to do but what worked for me was not allowing the engine to "lug" when loaded..I understand that's not a "pickup" engine or situation but Im sure the theory transcends....Mind you I dont drag or sled pull and of course if you beat something hard enough Its going to break sooner or later ....hence why I just bought a transmission but still on the look out for another one..... Merry Christmas!!
  6. I bought a rebuilt unit....I was looking for an outfit that sold beefed up units but didnt really any find ..The clutch i have is the single disk south bend that comes with the conversion kit.......Ive already made up my mind to stay on the lookout for another unit..I didnt realize the general cost of the zf6 and I assume You cant buy a Brand New one from ford......I had a 3406b cat with 13 speed transmission that was way under rated for that engine but I just avoided lugging the engine and It lived for a pretty long time...
  7. Hey Guys, injectors and turbo on order..Ill probably grab the Quad for x-mas.. Still need the to get a few more things like the Airdog and such..Not sure if this post is the spot to update you guys when I start but Ill try..
  8. Now that looks like a Christmas gift anyone would love......I can just imagine my wifes face when she sees this big heavy box under the tree with her name on it .... Looking at the picture Ill have to make sure it will fit with the dps conversion exhaust manifold I still have to confirm with Me78569 if its the 62/68/12 sxe he was talking about
  9. hello Me78568, appreciate the input. Just so you know im not really stuck on any particular injector size or part for that matter but after going through the threads Ive found that the 150s come up often.. Ive also seen a lot of your remarks as well as others on the Quadzilla and it does seem to be the most flexible of the tuners. Im not apposed to a quad and that may very well be the way I go but the last time I messed with an aftermarket ECU (haltech E6k) was about 15 years ago and i still remember the countless rookie hours I put into it trying to tune it without a dyno and after all tha
  10. Hello Guys, This is my first time posting but Ive been a long time lurker. Im about to drop a 24 valve vp44 engine into my 2007 F550 superduty I'll probably start pulling the engines in Febuary. Ive already started to order parts for the swap but I would appreciate any help in pointing me in the right direction When It comes to the Tunner, turbo, injectors.... A little info on the chassis and what it will be doing...The Chassis is a 2007 F550 with a manual ZF-6 transmission 4x4. It is Roll-off truck that I haul dumpsters with and Ive hauled loads up to 10,000
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