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  1. Hey mopar man so if I go to the dealer and tell them I need my computer flashed for the tire size wht exactly do I need to tell them ?
  2. Is that under the hood close to the battery and fuse box ?
  3. Hey mopar man my abs light is on how can I get it to go off ?
  4. I guess all id need to tell them is the tire height right ?
  5. No tuner at all. Pretty much a bone stock truck except for a 4” exhaust thought about getting a smarty so I could change my tire size but maybe I could get my local dealer to do that because I’m not sure how much my speed will be off
  6. Won’t be a spacer because of the offset of the wheels. Probably guna go with fuel Mavericks and I’m on the highway 90% of the time. Will this decrease my fuel mileage? I don’t get the best right now anyway
  7. Was guna do it just really for the looks and the better tires. Best miles I’ve ever gotten on a dodge was 48,000 and that was a set of Kelly safari tsr and yes 2” spacer in the rear. I like bigger tires just hard to fit those on a ton. What about 315s on a ton?
  8. Staying DRW. I’m running 285/75 16 right now on it has it sorta wide in the back. How wide are the 245s when on the truck ?
  9. I am new to this forum and have been thinking about changing from 16x6 eagle alloy dually wheels to some American force 19.5s wanting to get some more info before I turn loose of that much $$$$ to get those and tires.
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