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  1. I thought you had a chicken guts shooter out the rear of yer truck.
  2. I worked for Montgomery Wards for a summer down in Monterey. We were delivering appliances and furniture. One ranch we delivered to their driveway was paved for the whole 29 miles long. It was a beautiful place, could not believe how long their road was so we clocked it while going out. Never forgot that.
  3. Things keep going the direction they're going and a nice second gen be worth 100K. It's a crazy world isn't it?
  4. Only thing I know is when doing a study on types of sealant, whether made into a coating or caulking, it is the polyeurathane (sp.) base types that have the best performance. Looking at topside paints for boats(very exposed to the elements) and roof coatings for high rise buildings, The polyeurathane was the most money and performed the best. I tend to want to avoid a lot of the DIY products so readily available. Commercial roofing supply houses are great places for info. I have talked with a few high rise roofing contractors about various products but have no other information other than to t
  5. planned failure incorporated into the cost of keeping it running. Deiselfuture can keep a truck running for years on returned beer cans. Ever notice there aren't many stores selling LR parts? That's because there's so many broke down the side of the road abandoned, you just take what you need. Sorry Will440
  6. My hearing must be bad... you say they're making engine parts from reinforced plastic?
  7. I think I read somewhere that since the original owner passed away that Cascade Trans parts has not been good to deal with. Look up their reviews to see if they good to the customers or not. You may want a new source if your not in a hurry. Your lucky man to be living away from the rat population up there
  8. You won't need all that unless your hobby is power mods, just make it reliable and take care of it. It money in the bank if you treat it right. The reason your timing piston wore out is the diesel fuel is low in lubricity. You need to add a quart of 2 stroke oil to every tank of fuel. It will love you for it and you will feel the engine just thanking you for the real fuel oil it supposed to get.
  9. Want to see if it sticks to glass real good and then try tearing the membrane after peeled off to see if it has a lot of stretch/ strength before tearing. Two real good signs if good.
  10. I like that because it allows for making a very neat tidy job. However, after many years in the sunlight I have seen the vinyl surface tape curl. I prefer a good sealant, brushing it back and forth, helping to work it into the surface. I use masking tape to keep a straight line around each vent while doing the brushing.
  11. I would like someone that has some Flex Seal to do small a test. If you could place a thick layer applied on a piece of glass, after it has cured go ahead and peel it off and then see how easy it tears or is very tough. This I would like to know. If its really a great product it won't peel easily and will be very tough to tear or pull apart. Be interesting to know.... I'm all eyes and ears.
  12. IBMobile did my new heater core and evaporator. Replaced all the seals and parts to the AC system while we got started on his roof in my driveway. Before my AC never worked. It's nice knowing people that help like that. So many on this forum have helped so much over the years. W-T needs mentioning...... how he significantly reduced the damaging AC ripple to our trucks, helping so many around the globe.
  13. I have been wanting a diamond plate toolbox mounted on the rear of my truck camper to use as a deck when you walk out the door. The steps would then be attached to the toolbox so I could step off from there. I would make brackets that hold the toolbox to the jacks mounts on each corner of the camper. My camper has a gen compartment and the little Honda eu 1000 fits in there. I go to the mountains for my air conditioning and eat all IBMobile's food, it's great to see what he's got in there.
  14. That is one straight looking camper. I like it a lot, your lucky, by now the cabover usually starts to show some degree of sag as wood members start to loose their strength and integrity from moisture. It's a nice one!
  15. I have replaced around 5 starter motors on my first and second gen/ Cummins dodges. Usually it is the starter. One had an internal short and could draw down the batteries in very short time. Thought it was weak batteries so jumpered it to the truck with new batteries. It took all the juice out of those as well. At that point I bought another starter, a good brand of rebuild checking the reviews. Some say if you have the original ND starter don't let it go, just hang on to it for future.
  16. As far as I know they are sort of under the battery but, more in front really. Don't have to remove the drivers battery..... With double extensions you can get to the one down low on the inner flat part of the fender. A lot of times well hidden by wires over the top, it is an important one to find and service. Don't just stop at 'looks good and tight', you need to take them off and do the sanding/ cleaning and checking the factory terminal weather crimped correctly holding the wire ends. The other one is up a bit higher screwed in on a vertical surface on the side toward the fender
  17. @CSGAMINGIf you post up a new thread with the symptoms/ what it's doing etc. that would be the right place and you'll get good responses. This area is for comments about the article.
  18. I can see mine flowing and the flow is a very smooth flow down the neck, not an agitated or one in which it might create much foam.
  19. There is a lot of good help around here and IBMobile has helped lots of us.
  20. I like the return 'T'ed into the fill neck on both my 01 and 02. When I pour in 2 stroke for lubricity it also helps mix when running.
  21. Thank you Tractorman for going over that again. It helped.
  22. John, could it be said then that having higher that 14 p.s.i. is a benefit at idle for helping with cooling? What happens at higher rpms when the VP44 is using more fuel and say you have 10 psi during a fuel pressure draw down when going over the long grade and towing? Does the return flow/ cooling diminish during those events because the overflow valve only opens when reaching 14/15 psi ? Just asking not trying to contradict.
  23. Just slightly off topic; I drove IBMobiles truck with the Dynamic Transmission... I will have to say it drives like a dream piece of equipment. Then have to go home from camp with my stock 'slusher'... what a bummer. Im still having withdrawals. In my early days I have had a lot of bad luck with shops doing work for me. I think another important aspect is they do not like being pinned to doing particular work requests because it gives them no wiggle room to charge much more if they so desire. There are many angles used to gain added charges that are often used today.
  24. Tractorman, I quoted you above John only to get your attention, are you saying that cooling/ return flow increased in gpm when you ran the return line into the filler neck 'T'? And therefore discovered less restriction in flow? Thank you in advance. An important aspect to this discussion if so.
  25. Interesting topic. Someone please correct me..... the circuit board on top of the VP is called 'ECU' or is it 'PSU'? Thank you in advance
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