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  2. @jlbayes, that's the same company that I posted the info for above, the only issue I had with the whole transaction was that his website said that you may have to sign for the package, and it's not a "may" it's a "definite", and at least at the time of my purchase it could only be sent to the billing address, I was working at the time of delivery, long story, short, I was able through Fed-X to change that arrangement, and had it sent to the tranny shop doing the work, and they signed for it..... Other then that hic-up it's a great deal for an extra capacity finned pan ..... http://www.lpwrac
  3. I used to use Never Seize, it works well, but the terminals don't always want to grip the posts, I now use Fluid Film, or PB Blaster's version of corrosion inhibitor with good results so far and years ago I always had a dedicated jar of vaseline in the tool box for batteries .......
  4. @Ed ke6bnl ..... Flex-A-Lite Flex-A-Fit Copper, Aluminum Oil Cooler Part # 45901 Line: FLX That cooler comes with a fan attached that I haven't hooked up yet, and probably never will ....
  5. I had my tranny rebuilt last fall in late Sept., my heat exchanger (on the side of the block) wasn't leaking, but it was really crusty, so I had the tranny shop eliminate it (cost prohibitive through the dealer to replace) and I went with a large cooler from O'Reilly's that was bolted to my bumper ... I went with a deep sump pan from LPW Racing Products-phone # 717-394-7432, I used a GlowShift temp gauge and the sensor is in the pan, I drove the truck up until Dec. when the ECM went out, I only towed a light load with it in that time frame, and the temp never went above 150, other then that, t
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