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  1. jeremyf9806

    2nd 3rd 47 RE tranny Problem

    I know france it's little far for you, but, we have not the same car than you in us, i'm sad because you have a big truck, really different from france! I like us, maybe one day I will come, it's a dream for me and my familly, because we are a big Elvis fans, I know i'm young to know him, but I like! Hi, no I bought my dodge there is 5 years at dealer, it came from US
  2. jeremyf9806

    2nd 3rd 47 RE tranny Problem

    hi, Ive adjusted it, it is correct! I think ti change or the valve body or the TPs sensor, becaue I don't understand why there is only this little probleme with the 2nd to 3rd, and not with the others? I think a valve stuck, but I don't want again remove all the fluid for nothing, because if it's a sensor (TPS0 it's easy to remove, the valve body it's easy but you need to wait the fluid flush! I work like the old mechanics, under the truck , and I don't want to take a bath with oil ! Ok thank you, i ve send a mail, I hope he will answer> It's not a big problem, but I like my truck, and I like to take care of it! I'm not in US, I'm in France, and the mechanics in France are very expensive, and I ve learnd the old mechanic with my grand father, without computer, for me it's better when you have problem you can put your hand, now if you change the brake pad for example you cant because you have the computer he doesn't recognize the new brakes! I dont like the electronics, because it's not sure a 100%, you have always a problem! So thank you very much for your help.
  3. Hi, my name is jeremy Excuse me to disturb you, I have a dodge ram 24V 2500 99 with a 47 RE tranny, I have a little problem with my tranny> All the shifts are good, but the problem is the 2nd to 3rd hesitate, i need to accelerate more to pass this shift, and the 4 is ok > Ive changed the governor pressure only, not the transducer,and there is no changing! but I ask to myself if the problems would be a 2-3 valve stuck on the valve body, or the TPS is faulty! I adjust the front band and the rear too, the fluid was correct, red, and there is no particulate on the filter he was clean! So I need to your help before changing something else for nothing! I have no DRB scan tool, and not pressure gauge! Thank you for your help in advance>