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  1. Alrighty y’all I’ve got a 95 12v 5 speed after about 30 minutes of driving my check engine light comes on and my voltage meter drops too the low side truck drives as normal and starts super easy I’m going to check my alternator today and battery but I was thinking maybe the grid heater was coming on anyone have any ideas?
  2. The truck also does this with the edge unplugged and I’m sorry just newly registered what’s the w-t mod
  3. At 75 mph my engine will cut out like it’s hit a governer or lost fuel pressure but comes back then cuts out and comes back and so on anyone have any ideas? Also fuel pressure on my edge does not cut out stays at the same psi when problem is occuring new fuel filters new o rings in air-dog 165 new check valve in vp44 and clean air filter
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