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    You'll need to get 4 12v or higher, 1 amp diodes and 1 12v, 125 ohm resistor, all of which can be had from The Source I believe. 


    Solder them together like this: 


    I pulled the bezel off and pulled the headlight switch right out because of my OCD, and if I can recall correctly (didn't tear my dash apart to check), I tapped the 'park lamp replay output' black w/ yellow tracer wire for the park light power source, as seen on the headlight switch connector here:



    You may be able to trace the wire down near the steering column area for easier access, but I thought it was pretty well buried, which I why I went up the dash to the headlight switch. 


    Lastly, the right and left turn signal wires are very easy to get at, right on the steering column. They are the small, tan and light-green wires respectively, just be sure to check everything beforehand with a multimeter. 




    The original idea was from a gentleman, can't remember his name or find the thread, on the CF who did this to his 3rd? gen ~ credit goes to him.

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