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  • Starter Contact Replacement

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    Starter Contacts

    1. Disconnect and isolate negative cables of both batteries.
    2. Raise and support vehicle.
    3. Pull back protective rubber boot from solenoid battery terminal far enough to access and remove nut securing battery positive cable wire harness connector eyelet to solenoid battery terminal stud (Fig. 10).
    4. Remove nut securing battery positive cable wire harness solenoid connector eyelet to solenoid terminal stud.(17mm)
    5. Remove battery positive cable wire harness connector eyelets from solenoid terminal studs.
    6. While supporting starter motor, remove three bolts securing starter motor to flywheel housing(8 or 10mm 12 point bolts, use box wrench or suitable socket)
    7. Remove starter motor from engine (certain diesel engines have an aluminum spacer mounted between the starter and the starter mounting flange.
      Note position and orientation of spacer before removal).

    Now some of the basic tools you'll need.


    Now you can take the nut on the other side off(15mm). then a phillips screwdriver removes the 3 cap screws.


    When the cap comes off the plunger springs out. there is a little ball behind the spring(mine didn't come out, but remember it is there, don't lose it). With the plunger out of the way, you can take the out side nuts off the studs. because of the plastic guards, i could not get a good enough bite with a wrench and with a impact gun made short work.


    With the nuts off, you can remove the studs the contacts are press on the studs. Swap the old contacts for the new ones.


    Try to keep the contact touching the back plate while tightening the nut (they try to twist when you tighten). Take the spring off the old plunger and place on new one put the ball in if it came out.


    Insert new plunger and replace cap. Connect the wire to the stud and install starter on truck!

    Article Wrote By: GuessWho512

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