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      Profile Changes   11/23/2017

      I'm going through and cleaning up the profile system. You'll most likely see a complete your profile bar at the top. I've made signature and location required. This is to help the other family members help you resolve your vehicle issues and possibly be able to do it in person if they see where you live. Avatar and background photos are totally optional and just to give your account some color. I dumped the social media links being no one ever uses it so no need in holding placements for them. I've also pulled the Real Name from the public side being if your customer of the store your actual name is given there and we can contact you by your customer info now. 
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      Back to TOP   11/22/2017

      I ran across a fun little plugin for the site which a lot of folks will like. It's a back to top function. There is now a little ^ icon on the lower right of the screen (this includes mobile devices) so when you click on it the screen will scroll to the top and bounce like a rubber ball. which is kind of a neat effect. No more of that constant scrolling with your finger on mobile device or rolling the mouse wheel to the top.
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      Accepting All Major Debit and Credit Cards   11/16/2017

      We've upgraded our payment gateway to include all major debit and credit cards. This upgrade covers donations and store purchases. 
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      New Products In Store   11/09/2017

      Make sure to take time and stop over at the store and check out the new products we are now stocking. We are now carrying alternator diodes/rectifiers, Timbo's APPS sensors, even Cummins vacuum pump rebuild kits. Make sure to spread the word with your friends.

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  2. Headlight upgrades

    ok so I think I got it, here are the lights they use https://m.ebay.com/itm/94-01-Dodge-Ram-1500-2500-3500-Crystal-Black-Headlights-Pair-Left-Right/382119162938?epid=1739529294 That I just got and the link above is for D2S, I ended up not going with halo option for few reasons. Total was $410 we'll see what it turns out like. Thanks for the help everyone.
  3. Yesterday
  4. HyperX Fury DDR3 8GB RAM

    Time Left: 11 months and 30 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    This is two 4GB stick of RAM. 1600Mhz DDR3 it used memory but in working order.


  5. Front Axle ABS Sensors

    Time Left: 11 months and 30 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    I've got 2 sets of ABS sensors for the 2nd Gen trucks with 4 wheel ABS system. They are lightly used for the most part.


  6. TorkLift Stable Load

    Time Left: 11 months and 30 days

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    I've got a Torklift Stable Load kit. It brand new it was given to me by another forum member that didn't want it. Basically a rear spring modification kit.


  7. Sport Headlights

    Time Left: 11 months and 30 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    These are a set of sport headlights for a 2nd Gen Dodge Cummins. They are about a year old and used. The lens are still very good condition and clean yet. No leaks or scratches. Does not include relays or wiring just the headlights and the four bulbs.


  8. rear axle spacer blocks

    how about rolling the axles over on the trailer? lets you get it off road easier. the pin box on the trailer isn't adjustable? mine has 3 settings.
  9. OEM Stock Headlights

    Time Left: 11 months and 30 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    These are my OEM original headlights. The lens needs to be polished and lacquered to put them back in service. The lens are not damaged nor do they leak. They are good units for someone that needs to make a truck repair.


  10. FCA (Fuel Control Actuator)

    Time Left: 11 months and 30 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    I've got a nearly brand new FCA for sale. It was purchased for a local gent and when I installed the FCA it didn't resolve his issue. So I removed it and kept the FCA. It only been used for like 1 hour and removed from the vehicle. I can't sell it for new but it nearly brand new.


  11. Alright guys I have been putting in a few hrs here and there when I can. Got around to cleaning the head and the block in preparation to put the new head gasket on and found this guy... this is on cylinder 1. Time for a new head, or what??? I took it while it was “dirty” to be checked for flatness and it was good. However in the shops “30 second” inspection they missed this. I’ve done some short reading I guess cracks in the exhaust side are common? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you
  12. Arduino climate control

    @kzimmer your drawing led me to this. It's pretty rough cuz I'm at work but I think it might do the trick. Four transistors. This way if it's pwm I'm still in business. Since this motor only turns 90 degrees there's a good chance being able to control the rate of travel will come in handy. What does everyone think?
  13. Hello all so I have been doing a lot of reading and trouble shooting, still no solutions. My truck is defueling itself at 1900 rpm then comes back to 1900rpm sometimes even revs up at 1900 no idea why not throwing any codes . My sensors are buzzing all over the place reading high . Here is what I’ve done. Checked vss and neutral ground,New cam sensor , disconnected pcm to just run on Ecm still problem is there . Then I tested my map sensor with ohms to ecm checks out fine checked apps checks out fine . I’m now thinking ground problem I checked them all and double checked. I was just messing around with ohms and tested my 5v on map to my double connector , the one that splits to fuse box and pcm. I got a weird resistance of .5 from map 5v pin to a solid orange wire in the white locking double connector. I then traced that back to the ecm pin #46 witch from your wiring diagram is the crank sensor sending wire. The only time I get this reading is with the ecm wiring plugged into the ecm, when unplugged I have no ohms at all ? I then thought I would check my oil sending unit beings it shares a 5v wire with map . I do not have a oil sending unit it would appear ... there is a sensor below the ecm but it only has one wire gry/Black I will try to attach pictures it goes to pin#26??? Witch makes no sense because that is the pto pin according to your schematics ?? And on top of it pin # 6 which is where the oil pressure sending wire should go is empty ? Why would this be? I am about to buy a new engine harness and ecm I just don’t want to spend the money if it is not the problem? I’m sure I am missing more but just can’t remember at this point . I am in great need of everyone’s expertise! And I just wanted to say I am very grateful for all of the info everyone has contributed to this site wouldn’t have got this far without it. oh and fuel pressure is good never drops below 11
  14. Arduino climate control

    There are various arduino relays that trigger off of 3.3v for a 12v pin I use it to control my lockup switch and eb logic
  15. Tyler's 4th Gen

    I heard the DEF rumor myself also. We'll see.
  16. Arduino climate control

    I'm still waiting on it to arrive but I don't see why it would need to be. Just has to go from point a to point b then stop. I think I can build the circuit @kzimmer drew and replace the coils with transistors. Basically create one path from positive to ground when one pin goes high and a different path (opposite) when another pin goes high. Thanks so much for the help I'll update when I get it worked out. I'm hoping to offer this as an upgrade to the old style lever system when it's done with the added bonus that it doesn't require vacuum
  17. Arduino climate control

    If it's PWM you might be in trouble.
  18. rear axle spacer blocks

    Here is another picture. It rides mostly level. Goes down to the overloads and stops. It appears we have about the same space between the bed and trailer at the hitch but not at tailgate. If you lower the rear you might end up looking squatted while towing. I think I would agee with @01cummins4ever on trying to raise the trailer instead of lowering the truck.
  19. Arduino climate control

    Actually that just might do it. It's probably a stepper motor which shouldn't need speed control only off and on. I'll try it out
  20. Arduino climate control

    Here is a really fast and crude diagram on how this could be accomplished. I apologize for the chicken scratch. There is definitely more than one method to accomplish this. This is one.
  21. Arduino climate control

    Do you think there's a way to accomplish the same thing but with some transistors and a couple diodes? I don't think an arduino will even power a relay. The power I'm dealing with here if so small, plus I believe the motor is pwm which can be problematic through a relay.
  22. Arduino climate control

    Basically. the two relay in neutral look like this one. So when neither relay is powered it will have ground on both sides of the winch motor. So now if the switch is grounded on the green leg now that will trigger the first relay and the green lead to the winch now is POSITIVE while the blue lead is NEGATIVE. So if it reversed only the blue wire of the switch is grounded now the blue wire to the winch is POSITIVE and the green wire is negative. There can only be 3 states on the switch. Neutral - Both the green and blue wire of the winch are NEGATIVE or ground. GREEN GROUNDED - now the green wire to the winch is POSITIVE. BLUE GROUNDED - now the blue wire to the winch is POSITIVE.
  23. Arduino climate control

    I promise I'm bout trying to be dense here. I see how this circuit provides power too the wench, but on the negative side what is providing the ground? Is the 87a providing connecting to ground when the relay is not energized?
  24. Headlight upgrades

    I just requested the D2S headlights. If you want you can call him and talk to him directly and he'll make anything you wish.
  25. Headlight upgrades

    @Marcus2000monster if you don't mind I'll ask a few questions here as I'm now also looking at Morimoto's and don't want to start a new thread. I've looked on TRS site where @Me78569 and @jlbayes and few others got their kit. They have a sale going on now and I would love to know exactly what to get as this is all new to me. Kit mentioned above is for mini h1 do these guys have d2s by chance. I also called Retro Shop where @Mopar1973Man got his and left him a message asking if they got deals today. Mike do you know what housings you got with your d2s lights, I like the idea of one piece and the look of it, not like factory 2 pice with turn light separate. Sitting here wishing I knew more so I can get the ball rolling but don't want to make an expensive mistake. Thank you all. OK little update. I think I kinda know what to get from TRS site. I found the D2S kit now just trying to figure out what to chose. Can someone look at this link and see if I got the right wireing and also I'm confused on halos what size to get, do they all fit just different width. I like the idea of them being driving lights and turn signal lights. Just not sure how many millimeters. Thanks again. https://www.theretrofitsource.com/projector-kits/retrofit-kits-universal/bixenon-morimoto-mini-d2s-stage-3.html?preselect=51537%2C47668%2C51865%2C49468%2C47310%2C50242%2C50173
  26. Tyler's 4th Gen

    Yeah, it's because it will be Electric lol.
  27. Quadzilla Adrenaline shut down while driving

    Other than the random times where the screen stops updating. Rare but has happened.
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