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  2. see how it drives you might have to add more fuel offidle
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  4. it won't let me save it rather than download it and I'm not quite sure how to download the file and then open it with the quadzilla app I'm guessing is the app your talking about??? Well I handed it off to my old lady and and she figured out how to get it all working so all is well I also bought the balls to the wall tune so hopefully tuning is over with for now if you made a economy tune for rv275 trucks I would definitely purchase that as well as for the tow tune 50-75 hp injectors I have 40hp rv275 would you recommend making any changes or just leave it how it is?
  5. you opened it in the browser rather than downloading it and opening with the app. Can you save the file rather than opening?
  6. Bought this tune and downloaded but I reckon I made a wrong turn somewhere because there's just a a bunch of numbers am I reading something wrong? I understand how the tuning works and how to punch it in but if the last bit of numbers is your fueling curve then it's nothing but a zig zag?
  7. Very good article! On my phone, the photos are gone. Any chance they can be reincorporated? May help my understanding of the material.
  8. I worked on your transmission just today, Wade! I'm pushing hard to get it shipped by the weekend for you... You know, I have built literally thousands of these transmissions, and I still get excited for guys to get their new transmissions in and going. Love it...!
  9. I can't leave stuff alone especially when I know something is wrong with it. So I went and looked at my wheels and tires. Not a wheel one has a weight on it. I think I'll start with that.
  10. I have one on order from Dynamic. Can’t wait to get it in and going.
  11. About a quart every 1200 miles here. I am jealous.
  12. It could though it is under no load and does not spin much while 2wd. Carrier bearing maybe also. It should be reasonbly tight.
  13. Just wanted to clarify so that somebody doesn't get the idea they can go to the hardware store and buy an $8 plumbing flare tool and use it on their vehicle. Could be a disaster.
  14. There you go raining on my parade. I liked @dripley's OE seal better.
  15. Same here, but I only put in plow springs, I don't think they are any longer.
  16. 170k on mine and it's leaking. I lose about 1/2qt between oil changes
  17. Thank you. I just went and read it. Seems easy enough. I guess that would cause some vibration with any of that being bad.
  18. That's pretty comforting info for me. If mine makes it anywhere near yours I will consider the gamble a win. If I end up having to pull the tranny before then I'll have to revisit the decision again.
  19. The front should be easy to remove. @Mopar1973Man has an article about removal and rebuild. One end is bolted but dont remember the other.
  20. That's pretty much how I roll as well. If I were paying for it to be done I would have a different view. But since it's my own labor I can afford to roll the dice. I didn't change my rear seal when I rebuilt my trans either. So far so good on the original at 205k.
  21. Yes, typically to SoCal that will cover both ways. We'd get an accurate shipping quote at the time of shipping. Quotes are typically good for 2 weeks.
  22. If it makes you feel any better I had the rear main seal replaced at my last clutch install 110k miles ago. Was not leaking but but was OE. The new one starts leaking 10k later.
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  24. That copper alloy tube is supposed to be for the double flares from what I have read about. But again i have not used any. The kit on RA is supposed flared wit fittings and ready to go, it just comes coil up. But again I have seen the kit to know how good it is.
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