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  1. IBMobile  had the trans built so well. it's like driving an expensive piece of equipment.


    I drove my 1st gen as a DD for almost 22 years. I've had my 02 since 06 and my 01 for 3 yrs now. There's no way I would get a newer truck. 240k on the 01 is nothing when it's been properly worked on with better aftermarket parts and better workmanship thanks to what this site has taught me. My 02 only has 107K on it now. To get a new truck would be a down grade for me (just my opinion) since I like buying stocks and funds every quarter that keep making me money. It's cool to watch money grow. :thumb1:

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  2. On 7/20/2021 at 6:23 AM, Mopar1973Man said:

    I always love the guys with the desire to have 35 to 37 inch tires without any planning. When I do find them I always challenge for race and typically win. What good is it to go to the gym for leg day if your shoes are both tied together at the track? You still lose the race. When I might have a mere 30 inch tire (3.69:1 ratio) but product more power and torque to the ground that anyone with 35 to 37 inch tires with 3.55 gears which is 3.00:1 final ratio for 37 inch tire. 


    Then flip it the other way those same guys with 35 to 37 inch tires will be parking there trucks because low teens MPG. (12 to 14 MPG) and the price of diesel heading past 4.00 a gallon. McCall ID is 4.109 a gallon today at Maverik. I'll go back to hypermiling and still twist out 20 plus MPG. Physics simply states you can add more spinning mass and gain power and torque. The bigger mass spinning on the axles will take a percentage of power and turn it into heat. (axle oil, tires, etc.). Since I don't have all the spinning mass I gain more for the power output and the MPG's too!


    I'm like that skinny buff fighter that just beats everyone. David and Goliath who took down the giant with a slingshot. Hmmm...  

    Get those free wheel spin hubs for sale on the site, :thumb1: get us all a good deal and watch the MPG savings roll. Dynatrac is one comes to mind.


    If you ever get a chance to figure how much money you save with even just a 2 mile per gallon increase..... its incredible how it adds up to a lot.

  3. 12 hours ago, Dieselfuture said:

    It's been mentioned for the past year or so every so often by some key players, no one knows what it means exactly, food shortage, power outage, cyber attack, all at once, who knows, but they must tell us ahead of time what the plan is, part of this seek game. When its going to happen we don't know, I think it's like playing chess, depending on how we react to what they do they decide the next move, but as everyone can notice it's been going down hill slowly every year and they are very patient. All I can say is try to get ready for the worst and pray for the best, still the more we leave like there's nothing going on the better for us, others see you happy and not scared and it gives them same feeling, monkey see monkey do sort of thing. 

    Yes, I see on the news where the first case of the Monkey Virus infected a guy traveling to Africa. He is in the hospital in Texas. They are attempting to track down others he came in contact with on the plane and inside the airports.


    I have noticed the bird populations are greatly diminished, in fact almost non existent compared to what was only 10 years ago. Many are simply gone or never show up anymore. Same with the bee population, it is greatly diminished..


    Moss growing on trees is very sensitive to air pollution and that is almost gone in my woods.


    It was just 5 years ago I became aware of a strange turn of events, small as they were yet astonishing in their own way, such that it impressed on me a beginning of a downward spiral in our world. Forgive me if I seem odd .... I'm finding more things in the Bible becoming so amazingly,  more applicable today than in the times past when they were written. Keep the faith everyone.

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  4. 5 hours ago, Dieselfuture said:

    Few guys I work with always get flue shots and pretty much always get seek few months later, no difference last year, other than they were diagnosed with bs. I was next to them for few days before they were told to go home for 2 weeks and never got seek. I do get seek once in a while but it's usually for a day or two and I'm back at it. Vitamins need to be taken in winter months especially D at least 2000 ul or whatever the measurement is. 

    its well known vaccines boost your immune system against the strain or type of virus targeted but, it looses all ability to fight off other types that may contact you. That is the trade off... you know, like no free lunch so to speak. The Corona Vaccine activates the only two main weapons that exist in your immune system to act upon and attack the Corona Virus but, is at the cost of ignoring all other types of virus attacks. It must be noted here that a well known research doctor said there are virus literally everywhere everyday attacking our immune system, that it is a very very amazing system if we stay healthy. She also states she is not getting the vaccine.

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  5. I skipped vegie gardening this year and been enjoying more candy an doughnuts. Man is it ever fun to get a big gooey chewie and coffee in the morn. Now my belly is bigger but I'm happy. Not taking on big responsibilities anymore and enjoying more time off. Now back to normal eating with the oatmeal and fruits again, I feel better. We been doing whatever we want going wherever we want all thru this worldwide Virus Mania. No wearing of the stupid mask as much as possible everywhere. Not sick probably because I breath well, outdoors most of the time and not thru some kind of synthetic fabric made with chemicals. I also excersize well, work well around my place and on the job. I do not stress one little tiny bit about the virus. Not going to hide in a shell... I want my immune system to get to work fighting all the daily attacks and stay strong.

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  6. 5 hours ago, IBMobile said:

    How much money is the drug companies making from the government with complete immunity from liability on an unproven/general population tested product.  A sweet deal. 

    You got that right. Stockholders doing well too I imagine and perhaps a ton of conflicted interests therein. I don't trust the whole situation. The stats show the same death rate for many flu seasons already experienced. They say 600,000 have died in the US with a population of 315 million people, that divides out to 6 people per 525. That is a small percentage and is comparable to many of flu seasons in the past.



    I am sorry about getting off the subject of weather I couldn't resist asking for thoughts on the Vaccine.


    Our weather in Oregon in spring is usually heavy to light showers with big dark clouds, hail, thunder, wind the whole gamut but, the last three years were not like that. Rain has diminished and the amount of energy in each of the storms have been significantly weakened. We have had so little rain I'm irrigating 75-95 yr old trees, along with the younger ones to help them along. Hoping our weather comes back it is very dry and fireworks were banned.

  7. 1 minute ago, IBMobile said:

     postpone using heat-producing appliances like the oven, dishwasher, clothes washer, and dryer

    my mistake, it's 78° for the AC all so turn off all unnecessary lights, use fans for cooling, and unplug unused items.


    If you do have a light on do they dim when a neighbor plugs in for a charge :duh:

  8. How many you guys gettin' the Vaccine? So far I haven't because they don't know if there are any long term side effects. Plus while testing random unvaccinated people in Vancouver B.C., they found 40-50 % of those tested were already naturally immune to the virus. Don't know about the Variant though.

  9. I like moparMan style.... pizza cutters, lawn chairs and beer.

    3 hours ago, Silverwolf2691 said:

    31s/33s on 20s or larger. Oh and 12.5 inch wide tires on 14 to 15 inch rims.. 




    Almost always paired with a lower lift.. if any


    It looks wrong, like the trucks skipped leg day at the gym..


  10. 20 hours ago, dripley said:





    You better clean that up Dave, you might get kicked out of the club for that .:lol:


    Hey you know there is a ground hiding down low under a section of wire harness in front of the drivers battery. Hard to spot until you move the wires a bit.

  11. Glad you made it. It tells me there is a small Gremlin still in there that you never chased out. I hope you make it home too Dave. Let her idle in the driveway and wiggle some wires around see if it makes a difference. Remember to stay away from the fan and belt Bud. It was real good talking with you the other day.:thumb1:

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  12. I personally like companies that have a long history of paying consistent dividends that don't have much debt and their dividends didn't stop during the last recession. It a test of time. Also their price charts aren't radical rocket ship style trajectories either up or down. Just a slow upward movement with reasonable corrections that recover in not too long of time.


    I buy companies that I believe are doing good for the country.

  13. He indicated he has lots of experience when he said entered congress 180 years ago and spent 10 yrs as vice president. I'd feel bad for him except he cut off so many jobs for families it's hard to feel sorry. Then there are other things he is being investigated for. I think they are hiding a lot of indiscretions We stand here and :spend:still never will be enough. It's a shame the things going on.


    How can you trust a gov't like that? One that incurs many indiscretions and poison our children with them. There is no education without discretion toward God and his law and love for us.

  14. Mopar Man will have to jump in on this to help. Was everything working before upper and lower dash were replaced? If so it is something left undone or changed around, but I think it is a ground. A ground screw and wire perhaps. Did you check all fuses to make sure none are blown? I can only shoot in the dark on this one and hope you don't have to tear all the way back into it. Keep us up to date and I hope Mike will jump in here soon. 

  15. 39 minutes ago, Mopar1973Man said:

    Only find those in North Carolina... @dripley most likely has a private farm out there somewhere... Most likely takes them out in the "Chicken Caddie" for rides at night. 


    Scientists worried about Dripley's 3 legged chickens taking over the planet since no one, not even chetas can catch one.

    44 minutes ago, Mopar1973Man said:



    Yeah its been a real task to keeping water flowing here this year. More down time than up time. I've got to find a new sand or sediment filter for my 1 inch supply line yet. I've only band-aid the problem for now. I found one in Tractor Supply I might just order it and get it coming. Funny part I bought the filter last time in Lewiston ID at Home Depot and they no longer carry it or the filter cartridge.



    Try an irrigation supply or plumbing supply Mike but, call first.

  16. Troubles with water shortages are just beginning, according to what the Farmers are saying. Down south they are really in for some problems that will affect all of us. 


    I been praying pretty fervently about this. Around here it's as dry as the end of the summer. Conditions are like when you would normally expect fall to bring rain very soon and feel okay about that but, it's still 3 months away   :wow:


    I am irrigating my trees which I never had to do much before but, the tips are scorched on many of them. While watering my two Aspen trees twice so far, for 24 hr periods, I have 28 more Aspens coming up all at once trying to make a new grove. Never seen that before, some are growing 6 inches a week. That's the only great news about this drought I can offer! 


    Mike I'm glad you got your water fixed... Have you caught any of those three legged chickens yet?!

  17. 59 minutes ago, Dieselfuture said:

    Generally you want to do it 2 times, it's called drawdowns. Once before the well kicks on so the water had time to fill the void space called cone of depression, then second time right before the well shuts off to see the lowest that it can draw down. It's probably more important on big city wells like we have some are 1500 feet deep, but same principle can be used on house wells to keep an eye on water levels and pump condition. Lots of things can be done to get more water/yeld it of well, one is simple chlorination and recycling the water back in the well, called well shocking. The other more expensive is using acid to get the formation cleaned up.

    AAAmazing, Thank you Dieselfuture. We hit water when drilling in 1995 at 51 feet it yielded 50 gallons per minute at the time. Then driller said I'm going another 10 feet for summer drop off. I said go another 20 feet for extreme drought conditions just in case. He said okay it's your money and fired up the drill and kept going. Glad I did. :thumb1:

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