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6.7L Cummins Alternator Mount Type

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Does anybody know the type of mount for the second alternator on the cummins engine?


Is it "Pad Mount" (like the big trucks) or "Swivel Mount" (adjustable bracket)


The reason I'm asking is I've found a 200A Alternator with inbuilt regulator here https://www.diamond-gard.com/a200


It gives high output of 130A at only 800 RPM, and I'm trying to assess if it will fit. I'm avoiding the RAM OEM as it doesn't have a regulator and fitting it after market would require a lot of extra wiring.


The other details of the project can be found here:



I called Mitsubishi and sent pics of the mount and it is hinge mount.


Looks like I'll need to find a hinge mount alternator, which is brushless, with high output at low RPM and has an inbuilt regulator.


A bit like a golden unicorn but maybe it is out there...some pics are below of the existing alternator and of the second alternator mount point.





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Shayne...I was browsing this morning and ran across your two posts...I thought I was off the deep end until I found what you were doing... I feel better now because you're more insane than I am. :ahhh:


Cheers my friend !

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Ha ha, LOL - I completely understand!


We almost bit off more than we can chew on this project, but now have a path to completion.


Some of the seemingly simple tasks - like running cable can be excruciatingly long when done properly - just dripping the belly mat on the RV and putting it back is an enormous task.


We ended up with a very satisfactory solution to the alternator from DC Power Engineering - model DS-270-XP which puts out 27A at peak but most importantly puts out 200A at idle.


Despite buying the extra long serpentine belt, we also discovered an extra bracket is required between the alternator and the top of the engine.


Have attached a pic of the install showing the second alternator. The big cables zip ties to the RV ladder will run to the bolt on trailer behind and plug into the golf cart which gives an extra 6 batteries to enlarge the house battery count to 10.





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Nice Job! You're certainly accomplished and the design is first class...VERY NICE!


I see you found your way to DC Engineering out of Riverside CA...Indeed, I too recently selected the XP-270 platform and I've not completed the incidentals to actually run the system yet. My requirements are not nearly as demanding as yours so I must say bravo my friend...your selection in iron is well thought out !



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