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Hey everyone! I'm looking for any help I can get. We just acquired a 98 dodge ram 1500 sport, 5.2L 4wd auto trans. The guy we got it from is not mechanically inclined, and told us that it "just died" on him one day, and has been sitting in his driveway ever since. Upon looking into it ourselves, we came to find that there is no fuel pump sound and no spark going to the plugs or the coil. The truck is trying to start fine, but will not turn over. We replaced the crankshaft position sensor and tried a new ignition coil as well. Obviously, none of that worked. Also checked all the fuses and relays, including the ASD relay. We even tried wire brushing the mounting bolts for the PCM, as they are apparently the ground for it, and that did not work either. We are now thinking it might be the PCM itself, and are looking into getting one from a junked dodge. I know that the P/N on the PCM (56046343AD) needs to match to be compatible. Does anyone have any other ideas or experiences similar to this? We are desperate. (Also, I've heard that without turning the key on, the PCM can lock itself when removed... is this true? And if so, how would you go about getting one out of a junked vehicle safely...?) Thank you in advance for any help.




Sorry, I also meant to add that the gauges are sitting at zero, the odometer has been flashing on and off, and there is no CE light but we tried connecting 2 different OBD2 readers and one said "No Link" and other said "Error."


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